10 Best Colors For Your August Wedding

Updated August 29, 2023

Choosing the perfect August wedding colors isn’t as simple as it seems. Your selection is plentiful, and each summer wedding color scheme has its unique charm.

From pretty pastels to vibrant tropical shades, summer color schemes are diverse but equally cheerful.

August is arguably the best wedding month. The weather is still warm, and the greenery is lush, but you can already catch a glimpse of romantic early autumn.

Draw imitation from late summer nature – teal waves, warm sand, clear blue sky, lively greenery, and whimsy pink florals.

Choose your August wedding color scheme based on your preferred style, location, and personality. For instance, the navy and white combo will look stunning at the beach, while pistachio and lavender in a garden setting.

1. Rich Yellow & Greens

rich yellow greens

No color combination is more cheerful and summery than sunny yellow and lush green.

Bright, rich shades of mustard, saffron, and sunflower pair beautifully with verdant greens, creating a carefree, vibrant wedding color scheme.

This optimistic color combo is ideal for outdoor August weddings in any style, especially preppy and bohemian. There’s no need to care about the decoration – summer greens and clear blue sky will serve as a perfect backdrop.

Have your bridesmaids wear bright yellow gowns and try to find deep green suits for the groomsmen. Alternatively, tone down the saturation with grey and white elements.

Sunflowers, marigolds, yellow lilies, tulips, and asters paired with white roses and green branches are perfect for your August wedding floral arrangements.

And if you strive for a relaxed vibe, opt for a romantic wildflower crown instead of a bridal bouquet.

2. Blue & Yellow

blue yellow

Blue and yellow mix screams summer, channeling hues of clear blue sky and sunshine. This stunning combo makes a solid competition for yellow and green for the title of the most summery wedding scheme.

These summer wedding colors are highly versatile – depending on the lightness and saturation, they can be equally great for a traditional and preppy style. Make sure to add enough white to balance the palette.

Pastel dusty blue with bright yellow is one of the most popular shade combinations – it’s vibrant and delicate simultaneously. Navy and pale yellow is another common choice that gives off a more formal vibe.

Choose blue groomsmen suits, yellow bridesmaid dresses, and yellow with white blooms for venue decoration.

Don’t forget to incorporate the colors in your wedding cake – the easiest way to do so is to choose matching cake toppers.

3. Orange Sunset

orange sunset

If evenings at the beach are your favorite thing about summer, consider an orange, pink, and purple wedding color combination inspired by August sunsets. Draw inspiration from your vacation pictures – or anticipation of your honeymoon.

You may choose deep raspberry, orange, terracotta, plum, and saffron shades or pastel blush, peach, and lavender combo. The trick is to mix these colors correctly to evoke associations with a sunset.

Use watercolor or ombre patterns in fabrics and stationery and mix blooms of similar shades for a subtle gradient-like effect.

Your bridesmaids may wear gowns in different shades – this way, everyone gets to choose a color they like and still fits in the wedding theme.

Such a tropical summer wedding color scheme is ideal for a beach or garden setting where you can watch the sunset and take gorgeous pictures.

If you opt for indoor reception but admire the color scheme, recreate the sunset look with colorful lighting.

4. Pretty Pastels


Pastels are leading the list of favorite wedding colors year-round. It’s no wonder, as delicate pastel shades never fail to create a fancy, dreamy atmosphere ideal for the most romantic day.

You may pick one pastel shade and pair it with white or ivory – it’s the safest, easiest wedding color scheme of all.

The most popular options are baby blue, blush, and peach, though pistachio, pale yellow, and lavender are equally stunning.

Alternatively, you can mix and match different pastels for a playful look.

Choose lightweight fabrics and frills for your bridal attire, buoyant floral arrangements, and whimsy watercolor prints for stationery to create a truly utopian look.

This dainty color scheme is perfect for any wedding style, from bohemian and rustic to vintage and modern.

It’s all about the details – thankfully, the wide range of available wedding decorations and accessories in pastel shades allow you to easily tailor this color scheme to your preferred style.

Keep it simple and formal with a traditional white wedding gown and monochromatic white-blush color scheme, or bring the party in with a sequined iridescent wedding dress and holographic venue decorations.

5. Navy & White

navy white

Navy color is a timeless classic that fits any wedding season, style, and venue. The navy and white combination can be formal or relaxed, sophisticated, or carefree – it all depends on the setting and details.

Striped patterns, beach venue, wooden boat centerpieces, and menu cards with seashell print – these elements scream a nautical theme.

On the other hand, if you keep the details minimalistic, the navy and white color scheme can perfectly fit a formal reception.

If you consider the combination of white and navy too dull, add coral, peach, red, yellow, or blush pops. Alternatively, use warm neutral shades as the second base color to mimic beach sand.

As white and navy is classic color combination, it pairs equally well with gold, bronze, silver, and rose gold accents.

Naturally, the most appropriate for this palette groom and groomsmen suit color is navy, and no wedding dress shade fits it better than traditional white.

6. Hot Pink & Fern Green

hot pink fern green

Pink lies between white and red, combining innocence and passion. It’s the ultimate hue of romance and is extremely popular in wedding color schemes. In combination with green, pink gives off a playful and joyful vibe.

Pink and green shades are diverse, but this color palette looks great in any combination: blush and emerald, sage and fuchsia, baby pink and mint, or the trendiest option – hot pink and fern green.

Such a cheerful August wedding color palette is perfect for outdoor receptions, where you will be surrounded by lush greenery and blooming florals.

If you opt for indoor reception, find a venue in neutral shades that don’t clash with pink and green accents.

Incorporating pink and green into your venue decoration is simple – these are natural colors common in summer florals. Remember to also add pops of pink and green to table decoration, stationery, and your bridal look.

7. Gold & Ivory

gold ivory

Here’s a wedding color combination for everyone tired of traditional vibrant summer hues.

A summer wedding reception doesn’t necessarily have to mimic the shades of blooming florals and tropics – monochromatic, elegant color themes are no less beautiful.

Gold and ivory wedding color scheme gives a regal and celebratory feeling. Such a dazzling theme is perfect for weddings in traditional, Art Deco, and royal styles held in sophisticated indoor venues.

A plethora of cream flowers, ivory table linen, a sunny venue with large windows, golden furniture, tableware, candleholders, and crystal chandeliers – that’s the imagery that comes to mind when you think about this wedding palette.

Strive to only use ivory or cream elements instead of pure and stark white to create a warm, glamorous look. A diamond-white wedding gown or tablecloth will clash with subtle ivory and gold shades.

8. Slate & Saffron

slate saffron

August is a hot summer month that predeceases moody fall. Embrace the natural cycle of life by combining bright saffron and elegant slate grey in your August wedding.

This creative summer wedding color scheme is ideal for modern and alternative styles and will be appreciated by artistic couples. Mix yellow and slate with pure white without warm undertones to enhance the contrast.

Have the groomsmen wear slate suits and get bright yellow bridesmaid gowns. Classic white wedding dress color is an excellent fit.

However, you may choose light yellow or silver gown if you love to stand out or pure white doesn’t suit you.

9. Turquoise & Fuchsia

turquoise fuschia

Turquoise and fuchsia is the ultimate tropical color combo that’s way too vibrant for any wedding season but summer. Lush August nature is a perfect backdrop for this contrasting, lively palette.

Turquoise and fuchsia color scheme was made for preppy and tropical weddings. Choose beach restaurant or yacht club setting – the water will beautifully match your playful wedding elements, serving as a clean backdrop.

Alternatively, find an all-white indoor venue. Avoid venues with bright interior elements, as this color scheme is already very vivid.

Add a fair amount of white for a lightweight look or champagne and gold for an oriental vibe.

10. Lilac & Pistachio

lilac pistachio

Lilac and pistachio is a chic wedding color scheme inspired by Provence lavender fields.

It’s an excellent choice for traditional, bohemian, rustic, and whimsical wedding styles. A white or wooden indoor venue or outdoor garden setting is ideal for this muted palette.

A lilac or sage wedding gown is a dreamy alternative to white that will turn you into a real-life woodland fairy.

Alternatively, pick an ivory or white wedding dress for a traditional look and get your bridesmaids matching lavender or green gowns.

If you haven’t yet chosen your wedding cake, consider unusual mocha and lavender or pistachio-raspberry flavors.

Lavender is an obvious choice for your bridal floral arrangements. Other options include wisteria, lilac peonies, verbena, and teasel. Pair them with eucalyptus and sage branches.

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