What Are The Best Wedding Dresses For Curvy Figures?

Updated May 6, 2023

Best wedding dresses for curvy figures enhance the femininity of this body type while concealing all unwanted lumps and bumps.

Thankfully, curvy brides already have what most women are dreaming of – a big ratio between hips, bust, and waist.

While other women are looking for a dress that would create an hourglass from a rectangle, you can focus on enhancing your natural curves – no need for magic tricks. Your selection is plentiful.

You can pull off traditional A-line dresses, dreamy ball gowns, dramatic mermaid silhouettes, and elegant corseted styles. Perhaps, the only style that won’t suit curvy brides is the empire silhouette that hides the waist.

However, not all curvy women are the same. You should also keep in mind your unique traits – for instance, a curvy plus-sized and a curvy slim brides will have different dress recommendations.


What could be more elegant and sophisticated than a corseted wedding gown?

A corset improves your posture, supports the bust, and beautifully enhances the waist. It’s the ultimate solution for brides of all shapes and sizes, but especially for curvy figures.

Say goodbye to unwanted lumps – a corset will smooth your silhouette, making it appear flawless. Amazing pictures are guaranteed. And if you don’t like lace-up corset backs, consider buying a dress with a corset on the inside.

The truth is, you can find a corseted wedding dress of any style and silhouette. A corset can be both the main decorative element of your wedding dress and an invisible helper for enhancing your curves.

However, one point is worth keeping in mind when you’re considering a corseted wedding dress.

It is far from being the most comfortable wedding dress style. Even if the corset is adjustable, the dress will feel much stiffer than a regular fabric gown.

Mermaid Silhouette

Mermaid silhouette wedding gowns are irresistibly feminine and whimsical. However, they aren’t the most popular wedding dress style because they can restrict your movement and don’t look flattering on all body types.

While you’ll have to deal with the former if you choose this wedding dress cut, the latter is not an issue for curvy brides. A mermaid cut will enhance your waist and won’t hide the hips as A-line or ball gowns do.

Mermaid silhouette shares the glamour and elegance of traditional princess dresses but is a bit more playful and seductive. It’s a dramatic, unique style that will suit the most confident curvy brides.

Bear in mind that a mermaid silhouette wedding dress isn’t too forgiving to your profile. If you’re concerned about your tummy, consider a different dress style or get some good shapewear.

Of course, there are also corseted mermaid dresses. But since the style is already very restrictive, you may want to go for a more comfortable body shaping option.

Ball Gown

A ball gown will convert you into a real-life princess. This wedding dress style looks flattering on any body type, but yet again, curvy brides are the luckiest since they already have the figure a ball gown is meant to imitate.

You may be confused about the difference between a ball gown and an A-line wedding dress. An A-line wedding dress skirt is fitted at the hips and flares gradually towards the hemline. It’s a very traditional, natural silhouette.

A ball gown, in turn, is a more extravagant style characterized by a voluminous skirt paired with a fitted bodice. This silhouette creates a strong contrast between a narrow waist and a wide skirt, thus enhancing the curves.

Note that ball gowns can make you look shorter and overall bulkier if you’re petite or on the chubby side. In this case, consider going for a classic A-line gown instead.

Accent on the Waist

By definition, the difference between a narrow waist and wide hips and bust is what’s called curves. So, to accent your curves, your wedding dress should enhance your waist, not hide it.

Leave empire gowns for other body types. Your perfect wedding dress should have an accent belt, corset, intricate draping, or other details drawing attention to the waist area.

Draping is a creative way to showcase not only your curves but also your unique taste in fashion. However, keep in mind that waist draping doesn’t look great with any dress cut.

Not every belt will be equally complimentary to your curves either. Narrow, contrasting belts tend to make the waist appear wider. Opt for wide belts matching the dress colors instead, for instance, a blue bow belt.

Although embellishments will also draw attention to the waist, they will most likely make it appear bigger. Avoid three-dimensional, overly shiny decorations – they look best on the bust area or on the skirt.

Flattering Neckline

If you’re proud of your bust, choose dresses with a sensual neckline. One of the most popular wedding dress neckline styles is the sweetheart – it’s especially often used in ball gowns and mermaid dresses.

Dresses with a sweetheart neckline are typically strapless, but you can find one with spaghetti or halter straps if you need bust support.

Another great wedding dress neckline type for curvy brides is the portrait – it’s characterized by a wide scoop from one shoulder to the other. It will enhance your bust and collarbones while providing coverage to your arms.

Square, scoop, and V-cut necklines are a timeless classic that goes well with any skirt style and complements any body type. However, if you want to cause a wow-effect, you may go for a plunging neckline instead.

Of course, if your wedding dress has an accent décolleté, you should balance the look with a modest skirt. Otherwise, some guests may consider your look overly provocative.

Layered and Romantic

Who said that dresses enhancing the curves should always be restrictive and tight? Layered, flowy dresses are a perfect option for curvy brides preferring romantic and bohemian styles.

As a rule of thumb, add layers to the areas you wish to appear larger and keep fabric to a minimum at the areas that should appear smaller. For example, if your hips are narrower than your shoulders, you should layer up the skirt.

If your hips are much wider than shoulders and you’d like to balance the proportions, look for wedding gowns with voluminous details on the top and fitting bottom – for instance, a mermaid dress with a ruched top.

If you already have a harmonious figure but wish to make the curves even more apparent, consider wedding gowns with layered skirts and voluminous balloon sleeves.

Such a style is whimsical and feminine – you will look straight from a fairytale.

Classic A-Line Gown

A-line silhouette is the ultimate wedding dress classic.

It’s traditional, impeccably elegant, and fits every body type. Unlike corseted ball gowns, an A-line wedding gown won’t create a waist if you don’t have one – this style will only enhance your natural shape.

Luckily, curvy brides already have a distinct waist. An A-line gown that’s fitted on the shoulders and waist and flares naturally towards the hem will beautifully showcase your curves without making them extreme.

The biggest advantage of an A-line gown compared to other wedding dress types is the comfort fit. The skirt typically doesn’t feature heavy embellishments or pleats as it should flow freely, and the waistline is fitted by not overly tight.

An A-line silhouette is the perfect choice if you want to dance and move around without issue. It’s also an equally good option for a formal church ceremony and a fun afterparty with friends, as this style is timeless.


Curvy brides usually look stunning in strapless wedding gowns, but if you have a fuller bust, it needs proper support. You likely don’t want to walk around lifting your dress all the time.

An off-shoulder dress is a perfect alternative to a strapless dress – it’s just as sensual yet more comfortable. It enhances the bust and makes the waist appear even narrower due to the horizontal shoulder lines.

Furthermore, an off-shoulder wedding dress helps to conceal arms and showcase the collarbones.

It’s an extremely feminine silhouette that looks breathtakingly beautiful on most curvy brides. However, be careful with off-shoulder dresses if you have wide shoulders.

The Right Fabric

If you’re concerned about some areas of your body and would like to hide all unwanted lumps, pick dresses with the right fabric. Avoid overly thin, see-through fabric that will showcase both the best and worst of your figure.

Stretchy fabrics are your friend only if you have nothing to hide. If you’re the Kim Kardashian type of curvy, go for it. But if you have a bigger tummy or arms, that’s not your best option.

Pick opaque fabrics that will conceal your lumps, such as cotton or natural silk, but not too heavy and thick as they may hide your curves and make you perspire.

Thin, see-through lace is great for areas you’re proud of, be it slim arms or neckline. Avoid richly embellished lace patterns on the areas you wouldn’t like to draw attention to.

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