Good Bouquet Toss Alternatives Ideas

Updated June 2, 2023

The demand for bouquet toss alternatives is higher than ever, and it isn’t surprising. Many find the tradition a bit outdated.

Some women refrain from the tradition because they don’t want to toss their precious bouquets and don’t want to pay for a second one.

Others feel like the superstition behind this custom is odd and want to incorporate a more meaningful tradition in their wedding celebration.

The single ladies involved in bouquet toss also aren’t always fond of the tradition – after all, it doesn’t really align with modern values of strong and independent women. Furthermore, the bouquet toss excludes men and married women.

Regardless of the reason you want to avoid tossing your bouquet, there are numerous more creative, fun, and sentimental alternatives for every preference.

Use a Breakaway Bouquet

The biggest drawback of the bouquet toss tradition is that only one woman gets the flowers. Sure, that’s the whole point of the custom, but other participants may feel upset. That’s just a game, but you can never predict the reaction.

Opt for a breakaway bouquet if you want to surprise everyone while still following the tradition. Order a second bouquet that consists of several smaller floral arrangements tied with a ribbon.

When you toss a breakaway bouquet, it breaks down into multiple smaller bouquets, so everyone gets a chance to catch one.

It’s the best way to confront the long-standing superstition of “who will be the next one to walk down the aisle?”.

The breakaway bouquet should look just like an ordinary bouquet, but you only have one chance to toss it correctly, so inform your florist about your plans to give them an idea of how to assemble the construction.

Girls-Only Dance

Another way to ensure no one from your girls’ team is left out is to replace the bouquet toss with a girls-only dance.

Whether single, taken, married, young, or old, invite all ladies to the dancefloor to celebrate. Alternatively, you may limit the dance to only single or married women.

Pick a fun song that creates a party atmosphere. Ideally, it should be a famous hit everyone knows, like “If You Wanna Be My Lover” by Spice Girls or “Who Run the World” by Beyonce.

Flower Ceremony

Like a breakaway bouquet toss, a flower ceremony ensures that every one of the single ladies gets a flower. It lacks the surprise element but is undoubtedly meaningful, symbolizing that everyone deserves to be loved.

Choose your favorite song, preferably something sentimental to fit the atmosphere, and have the DJ call all your single friends to the dancefloor. Proceed to give each of them a flower from your bouquet instead of tossing it.

You can tell each of your friends what you appreciate about them the most, a story showcasing their unique personality traits, or just express gratitude for coming and being a part of your life.

This way, everyone will leave your party with a flower and a good mood, knowing you value them. Perhaps, your friends will even find out something new about themselves.

Of course, you can invite all ladies, not only the single ones, to the flower ceremony if you have a small, intimate wedding.

Alternatively, pick only the most important women in your life, such as your mom, grandmom, maid of honor, and sister.

Toss Something From Your Wedding Theme

A bouquet toss is a female-only tradition. If you don’t like it because it’s exclusive and think that guys deserve to have fun too, invite everyone to participate and toss something from your wedding theme.

It could be anything, from a sentimental souvenir to something useful. For example, toss fluffy socks or a snowflake Christmas tree ornament if you have a winter wonderland-themed wedding.

Or, if you have an Alice in Wonderland-inspired wedding, toss a vintage-style pocket watch. Make sure that the thing you throw isn’t too heavy!

Even if you don’t have a wedding theme, there are still plenty of things to toss instead of a bouquet to get everyone involved. For instance, guests of all genders and ages will appreciate a gift card or a bag of sweets.

If your wedding party is too big, split the guests into groups. You may toss one gift to the ladies and the other to guys, or one to children and the other to adults.

Balloon Pop

Balloons never fail to create a party atmosphere, so they make perfect wedding decorations. You may hide a small, lightweight gift in one of the balloons and fill them with helium. Tie the balloons to weights to ensure they don’t fly away.

When the wedding bouquet toss time arrives, ask everyone to pick a balloon and come to the dancefloor. Then, give everyone a needle and ask them to pop their balloon. Someone will be lucky!

You may hide a gift card (but ensure the envelope’s corners aren’t sharp to avoid popping the balloon), a small souvenir to fit your wedding theme or even money.

If you can’t come up with a small gift to hide inside a balloon, hide a note or confetti to determine the winner. Then, proceed to hand them a full-scale gift.

This creative wedding bouquet toss alternative is very versatile and suitable for people of all ages. If your wedding party is massive, hide multileg gifts in balloons to increase the odds of winning.

Gift Your Bouquet To an Engaged Couple

If you know that someone attending your wedding is already engaged, why toss the wedding bouquet? You already know who will get married next.

Instead of following the wedding bouquet toss superstition, gift your bouquet to the engaged couple as a blessing.

Congratulate them and say some kind words. The couple will undoubtedly be amazed and leave the wedding with smiles on their faces.

However, make sure that the couple doesn’t mind the attention. Although it’s a deeply meaningful wedding bouquet toss alternative, some people may not like to be in the spotlight.

In this case, you can pass the bouquet to them personally when no one sees it. Overall, this bouquet toss alternative idea is best suitable for small intimate weddings where everyone knows each other.

You should also ensure the couple doesn’t want to leave their engagement secret.

Anniversary Dance

Instead of focusing on your single friends, shine some light on the couples attending your wedding. Ask all the couples in a relationship to join you on the dancefloor for a couple’s dance.

Have the DJ turn off the music after some time. Then, ask anyone who’s been together for under two years to leave the dancefloor. Alternatively, the DJ may announce it without turning off the music if everyone hears them.

Then, repeat it with five years, ten years, and other significant dates until only one couple remain on the dancefloor apart from you.

Give your bouquet to the last standing couple to show respect – it will likely be your grandparents or grandparents-in-law.

That’s a much more meaningful tradition than a bouquet toss, celebrating couples who’ve nurtured their relationship for years.

Candy Toss

Bridal bouquets are expensive, and it may seem wasteful to order another one just to toss it. Unfortunately, dozens of balloons or themed souvenirs also aren’t particularly cheap.

Toss candy instead of a bouquet if you’d like to honor the tradition but are on a budget. You may toss the candy to your bridesmaids and groomsmen or invite the children only.

The best thing about this fun wedding bouquet toss alternative is that everyone is included and gets candy (unless someone catches multiple and refuses to share).

Trip to Jerusalem Game

You’re likely familiar with the trip to Jerusalem game, also known as musical chairs. In case you aren’t, here are the rules.

Arrange a set of chairs in a circle. The chair count should be fewer than the participant count – for instance, arrange nine chairs for ten guests.

While the music plays, the participants should move around the chairs – stopping is not allowed. When the music pauses, everyone should sit on a chair. The one participant who fails is eliminated from the competition.

Proceed until there’s only one chair left to determine the winner. Then, give them your bouquet or a different, more useful gift.

This bridal bouquet toss alternative isn’t suitable for a high participant count. Limit the participants to single ladies, bridesmaids, groomsmen, or any other guest group you wish.

Skip It Entirely

The popularity of the bouquet toss tradition in recent years has declined, and you can also refrain from it if you don’t like the concept. Many modern couples prefer to include more creative and meaningful activities in their weddings.

Furthermore, single ladies may feel embarrassed to participate in the bouquet toss and likely won’t miss it – just like their partners. No bouquet should affect who’ll be getting married next – let things happen naturally.

The wedding timeline also tends to be tightly packed, and you may simply not have the extra time for bouquet toss or any alternatives. That’s alright – you and your partner are the only ones to decide what your wedding will be like.

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