10 Bridal Shower Ideas (Classic & Original)

Updated November 26, 2021
10 Bridal Shower Ideas (Classic & Original)

Coming up with bridal shower ideas is no easier than choosing a wedding dress. It’s an event that happens once in a lifetime, just like the wedding itself.

An important point to keep in mind is that a bridal shower is not a bachelorette party.

A bridal shower is meant to prepare you for married life, whereas bachelorette parties are set to de-stress.

Furthermore, bridal showers are often attended by kids and elderly family members.

Thus, a bridal shower should be appropriate for guests of all ages.

Such events are typically hosted during the day. While this may sound limiting, in reality, the options are endless.

You can invite your close ones to a brunch, tea party, picnic, or go for a themed bridal shower.

And if you prefer to learn something new every day, you can visit a cooking class.

1. Tropical

A tropical theme is a perfect option for a destination bridal shower, yet flying to Hawaii is not mandatory. It can be just as uplifting in grey, cold winter months. Most importantly, this theme is easy to implement.

Choose bright decorations in warm tones, such as pink, red, orange, and lively green. Be aware not to go overboard, or you risk turning the venue into a Holi festival. A bit of white won’t hurt the interior.

Of course, anything with flamingoes, pineapples, tropical flowers, and palm trees is welcomed. Don’t forget about fancy cocktails topped with tiny umbrellas and fruit pieces.

If you’re planning to order a cake, may I suggest pina colada or mango-passionfruit mousse?

Talking about pineapples – they are a rather versatile fruit. Pineapples go great with chicken dishes, salads and can even serve as a vase for tropical flower centrepieces.

2. The 1950s’

If you like pin-up aesthetics, rock-n-roll, and vintage cars, a bridal shower in the 1950s’ style is your go-to. This theme carries a lot of nostalgia and humor.

For stationery such as invitation and menus, draw inspiration from Anne Taintor artworks and vintage advertisements – think mixed fonts, contrasting color combinations, and comical imagery.

A perfect match for a bridal shower is the retro housewife theme. You can offer guests fancy cupcakes, old-fashioned main courses such as meatloaf or glazed ham, and timeless cocktails, including gin punch, martini, and highball.

You may ask your guests to bring their best family recipes as gifts. As for the dress code, red lips, eyeliner, and intricate wavy hairstyles are a must.

Jeans are not an option – dresses only, preferably tea-length with retro prints.

The music and venue should be appropriate. Even if you adore hip hop and hi-tech interiors, bridal shower in the 1950s’ style requires something more traditional.

3. Tea Party

Unlike bachelorette parties where sometimes go full savage, bridal showers are more traditional and laid-back events often attended by children and elderly women close to the bride-to-be.

A tea party is an elegant and always appropriate theme.

A bridal tea party shouldn’t necessarily be food-focused, but nice desserts and appetizers won’t be excessive.

It’s best to serve the snacks buffet style as there won’t be a main course. Make sure to choose tasteful linen and chic tableware.

Often, bridal tea parties follow the Alice in Wonderland theme. In this case, bring in some magic by adding colorful fresh flower centerpieces, vintage clocks, playing card photo arch, or checkered napkins.

You can hire real bunnies to entertain kids present at the event or for a photoshoot to support the fairytale theme. If this isn’t an option, find some fun board games.

4. Disney-Themed

Perhaps, every little girl wanted to become a princess and find a prince. You’ve already found yours, so why not become a real-life Cinderella for one day? Your friends will likely appreciate a chance to try on princess dresses, too.

You can choose a specific Disney cartoon as your theme or incorporate elements from different studios’ creations.

Most importantly, everyone should be dressed accordingly. Ballgowns may be too much, but headbands with Mickey Mouse ears or diadems are just right.

Choose Disney’s original font for stationery and fairytale-inspired signage. Other Disney-themed decoration ideas include Cinderella carriage centerpieces, baskets with red apples, and tableware from Beauty and the Beast.

The bridal shower cake should be colorful and theme-specific. A great example is a light blue cake with a crystal shoe on the top.

5. Cooking Class

Not all women necessarily love cooking, but even those who don’t cook on a daily basis wouldn’t refuse to attend a professional cooking class. It’s especially fun with friends. Plus, you get to take your cooking home.

The best choice for a bridal shower cooking class is anything dessert-related, though a cocktail class can be even more fun. Of course, the latter is only possible if you have no kids attending.

The class itself typically takes a couple of hours. Afterward, you and the guests can enjoy the class results along with some beverages.

6. Glam Brunch

Bridal showers are usually daytime events, so a glam brunch is a perfect fit. The food is usually served buffet style, so each guest gets to choose what they like. Sometimes, food is served on a large brunch board.

A bridal shower brunch menu typically contains several types of finger foods, assorted breakfast dishes, and a dessert.

However, if you’d like to offer a truly sophisticated menu, you can skip the breakfast foods and offer mimosas or champagne instead.

The setting is no less important than food. Add some glam and glitz with golden decorations, jazz music, and sophisticated attire.

Brunch is too early for black-tie, but an elegant day suit or knee-length dress is a great choice.

7. Picnic

A picnic is a laid-back, budget- and DIY-friendly alternative to glam brunch. It can be hosted right in your backyard, in the nearest park, in the forest, or at the seaside.

What differentiates a picnic from a regular meal outside? The serving style, the variety of options, and the atmosphere. And a checkered plaid to sit on, of course. Even better if you have a woven basket.

To create the right atmosphere, find a place with a nice view and hang some lights or paper flags on the trees. Match the napkins with the linen and choose elegant tableware.

The food options are endless, though it’s best to tie the foods with one theme – don’t serve mini burgers together with scallops. And remember to dress comfy!

8. Paris Romance

Paris is often called the most romantic city in the world. Regardless of whether this is true, Paris certainly carries a special atmosphere and aesthetics that can serve as a chic bridal shower theme.

Think Eiffel tower centerpieces and cupcake toppers, intricate fonts, and neutral colors combined with pops of pink.

Parisian style in fashion is the exact opposite of glam and glitz. Avoid looking too groomed. Choose au-naturel makeup and a slightly messy hairstyle.

The best foods to serve on a Parisian bridal shower are croissants, macaroons, tarts, cheese or chocolate fondue, scallops, oysters, and crepes. These foods are widely available in the US and can be served on a buffet table.

9. Pajama Party

Pajama parties are among the most exciting events for any teenage girl, and they are equally fun in adult life. It’s all about the company, girly talks, self-care, great movies, and snacks.

A pajama party without activities is just a sleepover. You should come up with a long list of possible entertainments to last for the entire night.

These may include makeovers, pillow fights, competitive games, board games, storytime, or arts and crafts.

The truth is, you can choose any activities you enjoy doing together with friends. And if you wear matching pajamas, you can make an awesome photoshoot. Pajamas are also perfect party favors.

Pajama bridal shower party decorations don’t have to be too elaborate. Pajamas already set the mood. However, you can add some balloons or hang a banner.

Snacks can be simple, too – popcorn, pizza, pigs in blankets, chips, or cookies don’t require extensive preparation and are budget-friendly.

Alcohol is optional – hot chocolate or virgin Pina Coladas are just as tasty as champagne and won’t give you a headache.

10. SPA Day

A bridal shower is a perfect chance to dedicate the entire day to self-care and treat your friends. You can rent out a SPA zone with a swimming pool, hot tub, and a sauna or go to a massage.

Matching bathrobes will guarantee you nice group pictures to look at for years to come. Cocktails or fresh smoothies, in turn, will create the right mood for your SPA bridal shower retreat.

Some SPAs are set in luxury hotels located in beautiful countryside settings. In this case, you can make a sightseeing trip and even rent rooms for the night, turning your SPA day into a SPA weekend.

One point to note is that SPA treatments and massages are pretty costly. It’s important to set your budget in advance and let your guests know about the limitations to avoid misunderstandings.

Making the guests for everything themselves may be seen as tacky, but you aren’t obliged to provide unlimited SPA treatments either.

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