Best DIY Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

Updated May 18, 2023

The selection of DIY wedding hairstyles for long hair is vast, from intricate updos to natural waves.

Whether you’re the bride or wedding guest, paying a fortune to a professional hairstylist is often unnecessary.

However, you should critically evaluate your hairstyling skills. A wedding is a nervous enough event, and you don’t want to ruin your mood because the hairstyle doesn’t come out as expected.

When choosing your DIY wedding hairstyle, consider the wedding style, attire, and hair type. For instance, sleek hairstyles look stunning on straight and fine hair, whereas messy buns require volume inherent to wavy hair.

Most importantly, don’t stress over the hairstyle – no one will ever notice a loose strand in your braid as you walk down the aisle or hit the dancefloor.

Half-Up, Half-Down

Women with long hair often struggle to decide between an updo and loose hair. On the one hand, intricate updos are impeccably elegant and comfortable. On the other hand, why have long hair if you can’t boast it?

Half-up, half-down hairstyles are the ultimate compromise between comfort and looks, allowing you to showcase your long locks without them constantly getting in your face. They look equally well on straight and wavy hair.

Depending on your hairstyling skills and desired look, you may make a simple ponytail at the crown, a fishtail braid, a bun, or two buns for a fun, playful look.

Consider an intricate yet simple DIY half-up, half-down wedding hairstyle featuring two interconnecting waterfall braids if you’ve mastered different braiding techniques.

A half-up, half-down hairstyle will look especially romantic with a tiara, flower crown, or satin ribbon tied in a bow around the elastic.

Braided Crown

Consider a braided crown if you have very long hair and admire intricate braided hairstyles. This romantic hairstyle will perfectly suit a bohemian, whimsical, or rustic bride with straight or wavy hair.

Start by parting the hair in the middle. Take three strands from the bottom of one part and make a Dutch braid, also known as the reverse French braid – instead of crossing the strands over one another, cross them underneath one another.

Work your way around the half of the head until you reach the forehead and braid the hair until the very end. Secure with narrow clear elastic.

Repeat the same steps with the second part but start at the forehead and end at the neck. When you have two long braids, create the crown by wrapping the braids around the head and securing them with bobby pins.

Two Buns

Two buns is a fun hairstyle for a modern bride or wedding guest. It’s one of the easiest DIY hairstyles for long hair but always carries a wow factor, transforming an ordinary look into creative and playful.

Note that this hairstyle works the best on thick hair because the buns come out more voluminous. If you have fine hair, tease it before making buns.

Start by parting the hair in the middle, making sure the parting is as neat as possible. Then, make two high pigtails on the same level. Twist the first pigtail in a rope and wrap it around the elastic. Secure with bobby pins.

Repeat the steps with the second pigtail and spritz the buns with strong-hold spray. Alternatively, you may braid the pigtails first and wrap them around the elastic for a more intricate look.

You can leave two strands of hair hanging near the face for a romantic touch.

Natural Blowout

Natural blowout is a perfect wedding hairstyle for long hair if you strive for a natural, feminine look. It works well for any hair type and wedding attire.

The key to a beautiful DIY natural blowout is healthy-looking hair. Use a smoothing mask after shampooing and apply anti-frizz serum if needed.

Never dry your hair when it’s soaking wet. Wait until it’s semi-dry, apply heat protection spray, and brush it carefully. Optionally, use a volume spray on the roots.

Take a round brush and a dryer with a concentrator nozzle. The smaller the brush diameter, the tighter your curls will be. Dry the hair in strands, pointing the nozzle downward – this will close the hair cuticle and ensure shine.

Rotate the brush constantly. Spritz the hair with strong-hold spray to hold the curl, but don’t go overboard to avoid weighing it down.

Hairstyles With Flowers

Flowers can transform even a simple ponytail, blowout, or bun into a gorgeous bohemian wedding hairstyle. They’re a lifesaver for brides and wedding guests who are tight on a budget but also don’t have extensive hairstyling skills.

You may make a fishtail braid and attach faux flowers with bobby pins, leave the hair loose and clip one flower on the side, or get a buoyant flower crown.

Most importantly, the flowers should match the wedding color theme and style. For example, a chamomile flower crown is ideal for a rustic bride, while a chignon with a single orchid bloom accent will suit a classic look with a twist.

High Ponytail

A ponytail is suitable not solely for a gym or work. It can also be appropriate for a wedding if you make it neat enough.

This stylish and extremely simple DIY hairstyle for long hair can be either sleek or messy, depending on your desired look. In the former case, straighten your hair and use an anti-frizz treatment.

In the latter case, dry your hair upside down for extra crown volume and curl the hair if it’s naturally straight.

Then, tease the hair slightly at the roots and make a high ponytail. If you strive for a sleek look, conceal the elastic by wrapping a strand of your hair around it and securing it with bobby pins.

Use hair gel or spray to get rid of frizz and flyaway hairs. On the other hand, if you strive for a romantic, voluminous look, insert a crab clip in the middle of your ponytail, making sure it isn’t visible, and leave the loose strands be.

You may tie satin or lace ribbon in a bow around the elastic and leave the ends hanging. Consider leaving strands near the face loose for an intentionally messy, natural effect.

Straight & Sleek

Nothing emphasizes the length of your hair better than a flawlessly straight and sleek hairstyle. It will suit elegant brides and wedding guests admiring minimalism.

If you have naturally straight hair, use a smoothing mask after shampooing. Style it with a large-diameter round brush and a dryer with a concentrator nozzle pointed downward. Don’t rotate the brush.

The only option for wavy and curly hair is to use a flat iron. Make sure to protect the hair from damage by applying a thermal spray. Straighten the hair by moving the flat iron from roots to ends at a constant speed.

Note that this hairstyle will only look good on healthy hair. Consider visiting a hairdresser to cut split ends before the event or use a split-ends serum. Finish the styling by applying liquid silk.

Fishtail Braid

Many women are intimidated by braiding unless it’s a simple French braid. However, a DIY fishtail braid is easy to make, even for beginners. Note that you may need a second mirror to watch how your braid looks from the back.

Part your hair in the middle. The parting doesn’t have to be perfect. Then, take a small strand, about a quarter-inch wide, from the forehead of the left side. Pull the strand across the left section and tuck it under the right part.

Tug the parts a bit to tighten up the braid – you can loosen it afterward if you deem it necessary. Repeat the steps with the right side, then left, and so on, until you reach the desired braid length.

You can replace a regular elastic with a satin bow or lace ribbon for a dainty look.


Every woman knows how to make a messy bun. A chignon is essentially a formal version of a messy bun, located lower and lacking loose strands and frizz.

Start your DIY chignon by applying a smoothing conditioner in the shower. If you have naturally wavy hair, straighten it for a sleeker look. Then, make a neat low ponytail.

Grab the ponytail and twist it slightly, forming a loop. About 1-2 inches from the end should be loose, pointed towards the crown of the hair.

Secure the base of the loop with bobby pins. Then, wrap the loose ends around the elastic and pin them in place. Use a strong-hold spray to complete the hairstyle.

Hollywood Waves

Hollywood waves are a timeless, impeccably elegant wedding hairstyle for long hair. They can be achieved using the good old pin curl method or flat iron.

The former takes an entire day to make but lasts longer, whereas the latter is easier and quicker to make, but the curls won’t be as durable. Furthermore, the pin curl method only works on thick, porous hair.

The key to great DIY Hollywood waves is curling the strands in the same direction and gently brushing each one with a wide-tooth comb. Be careful not to brush the curls away completely. Spritz with strong-hold spray.

Image credit: Pexels

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