10 Best Colors For a Fall Beach Wedding

Updated May 23, 2023

Fall wedding colors are typically rich and dim, whereas beach hues are light or vibrant. But what about fall beach wedding colors?

The truth is, a beach wedding is bound to be beautiful, so you should listen to your heart. However, some points are worth consideration.

Think about your wedding location, preferred style, and expected weather. A destination beach wedding on a tropical island demands different colors than a beach wedding in Maine on a rainy day.

From versatile white and gold to vibrant coral and yellow or melancholic grey and dusty blue, there’s a color scheme for any beach wedding – the goal is to find yours.

Choose a color theme that syncs with the natural hues and fits your wedding theme. Incorporate your chosen shades in your attire, stationery, venue décor, and even the menu.

1. Shades of Grey & Dusty Blue

shades of grey dusty blue

While beach weddings are often associated with tropical islands and vibrant hues, the blue with grey combination is ideal for a fall affair, mimicking grim clouds and stormy sea shades.

Weather and location play a vital role here – if your wedding is in September somewhere in California or Florida among palm trees, a grey and blue palette may seem too dull.

However, such a neutral color scheme will be ideal for a late fall wedding on a cloudy day somewhere in northern states, such as Old Orchard Beach in Maine or Hampton Beach in New Hampshire.

You may get a minimalistic ceremony arch with white and blue florals, white and grey furniture, and a moody dusty blue wedding gown – however, a classic white dress will suit this palette just right.

The groom and groomsmen may wear grey or blue attires to support the color scheme – traditional black suits will be too way too dark. The goal is to create a monochromatic color scheme that channels the colors of fall nature.

2. Teal & Champagne

teal champagne

Teal is one of the most popular beach wedding colors, and it’s no wonder – this stunning bluish green (or greenish blue?) hue mimics the shades of ocean waves and thus perfectly fits any beach ceremony.

Champagne toes the line between neutral beige and sparkling gold. It’s an impeccably elegant, celebratory hue that resembles beach sand.

The teal and champagne combination is equally suitable for a tropical island or northern beach wedding.

Teal and champagne is truly the most versatile beach wedding color scheme – it’s all about the details and supplementary colors.

If you wish to achieve a carefree atmosphere, pair teal and champagne with stark white and coral pops. Such a vibrant combo is ideal for a wedding in tropical style.

Alternatively, you may avoid bright accents and dim the palette with darker earthy tones if you plan a local wedding in late fall.

Wear a dramatic dark wedding dress, and have your bridesmaids wear rich teal gowns for artistic pictures.

3. Peach, Sage, & Ivory

peach sage ivory

Ivory is a traditional wedding color that suits any location, style, and season. It serves as a perfect backdrop for any other shade and can create a laid-back or formal atmosphere depending on the combination.

Peach is another popular wedding color toeing the line between orange and blush. It’s a romantic, warm hue that beautifully pairs with beach sand and looks especially stunning under the sun revealing its vibrance.

The delicate combination of peach and ivory wouldn’t be complete without sage which balances the warmth, creating a subtle contrast.

The ivory, peach, and sage beach wedding color scheme will look beyond gorgeous regardless of the weather and location.

Choose seasonal peach and cream blooms with sage branches for your floral arrangements, and have your bridesmaids wear peach or sage gowns.

Choose an ivory wedding dress instead of stark white, as the latter is too cool for the delicate, warm palette.

The groom and groomsmen can wear cream or light grey suits. Don’t forget to incorporate peach and sage hues in your invitations, menu cards, wedding cake design, and table décor.

4. Lavender, Apricot, & Blush

lavender apricot blush

Lavender, apricot, and blush wedding colors are popular year-round. However, this dreamy color combo will look drop-dead gorgeous in early fall on a beach, channeling hues of the sunset.

You may choose ivory as a backdrop for a delicate, muted palette or stark white for a more vibrant look.

Add golden elements to your bridal attire and table décor that will beautifully mirror the last rays of the evening sun.

You may opt for minimalistic lavender bride and bridesmaid bouquets for a carefree, relaxed rustic or bohemian wedding or a creative, buoyant combo of exotic blooms for a tropical affair. Choose the same blooms for your aisle and table decoration.

Your bridesmaids can wear matching gowns in peach, blush, or lilac for minimalistic group pictures or different shades of fall sunset for more diversity.

You can consider wearing a creative wedding dress in lavender or apricot, too.

5. Coral & Yellow

coral yellow

The coral and yellow combination screams summer and is ideal for a destination beach wedding – think clear blue sky without a single cloud, warm sand, gentle sunshine, and an entire honeymoon ahead.

However, choosing these vibrant shades for a late fall wedding is an excellent way to brighten up a grim rainy day. After all, we create our mood ourselves – the weather and location are only supplementary factors.

Choose vivid seasonal florals in orange, pink, and yellow, such as sunflowers, asters, orchids, canna lilies, African daisies, and Graham Thomas roses.

You may opt for creative floral crowns for you and the bridesmaids instead of traditional bouquets for a carefree look and added comfort.

Incorporate the same blooms in your table décor, ceremony arch, and groomsmen boutonnieres.

Such an optimistic wedding color scheme demands summery cocktails, fruity wedding cake flavor, and vibrant attires with relaxed silhouettes.

6. White & Gold

white gold

There’s no color combination more elegant and appropriate for a wedding than white and gold, both symbolically and visually.

This timeless combo will look equally beautiful at a laid-back bohemian tropical wedding and formal reception in a luxurious beach restaurant.

Frankly, you can’t go wrong with the white and gold wedding color theme for your fall beach affair.

Use white as a backdrop and incorporate gold elements in table décor, your attire, and other elements comprising your wedding color scheme.

Avoid mixing different shades of white – stick with pure white or ivory for a cleaner look. You may want to find out which shade better suits your complexion in advance.

Another point to note is that black pops will stand out too much when everything around you is white. Thus, opt for light groom and groomsmen suits – cream, champagne, or grey.

Choose minimalistic white or cream floral arrangements. You may add lush greenery or vivid pops to your preference.

7. Navy, White, & Sand

navy white sand

Navy and white are the ultimate nautical wedding colors. Add warm sand elements, seashells, striped patterns, and sunny weather – what could be better for a beach ceremony?

Navy and white is a classic combination equally suitable for a relaxed and formal dress code.

Whether you’re planning a picnic-style wedding for the closest family or a grandiose reception in a luxurious boat restaurant, navy and white are a safe option.

Have the groom and groomsmen wear navy, the bridesmaids champagne or beige, opt for a traditional pure white wedding dress, decorate the aisle and table with white florals, and you’re all set.

8. Sky Blue, Green, & Pale Yellow

sky blue green pale yellow

Blue, green, and yellow are ultimate summer colors, mimicking the hues of sky, grass, and sun (florals, lemons – you name it). However, a fall wedding demands something less vibrant.

A delicate combination of sky blue, green, and pale yellow is just right for your fall beach wedding.

Make sure that the palette isn’t overly saturated by incorporating a fair share of ivory or white – unless you have a destination wedding on a tropical island.

Combine white, blue, and yellow florals, such as hydrangeas, baby’s breath, butterfly ranunculus, lisianthus, and orchids in the venue and aisle decoration.

Incorporate blue, green, and yellow elements also in your wedding stationery, bridal attire, and menu.

9. Cream & Blush

cream blush

Blush is, perhaps, the most romantic color, combining the innocence of white with a drop of red’s passion. It’s dreamy and whimsy but neutral enough to serve as a perfect backdrop for more vibrant shades.

Furthermore, blush fits any wedding season, location, and style – no wonder that blush is among the most popular wedding colors. Pair it with cream for a delicate, carefree fall beach wedding color scheme.

Decorate the aisle, ceremony arch, and tables with cream and blush florals, have your bridesmaids wear blush gowns, and opt for a warm ivory wedding gown instead of pure white that may dissonate with the palette.

Alternatively, you may pair the cream shade with peach – it’s warmer than blush as it has orange undertones and will better suit an early fall wedding on a sunny day.

10. Berry Tones, Blush, & Gold

berry tones blush gold

Berry tones are all-time fall wedding favorites, no matter the location. Combine deep red, purple, and marsala shades with pastel blush for a dramatic, contrasting wedding color theme ideal for a late fall affair.

Choose ivory or pure white wedding dress, have the bridesmaids wear blush gowns and the groomsmen dark berry shades, and opt for creative pink and red floral arrangements.

Sprinkle the aisle, table décor, and your bridal attire with golden elements.

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