10 Best Colors For a Fall Rustic Wedding

Updated December 3, 2022
10 Best Colors For a Fall Rustic Wedding

The first idea that comes to mind when you think of fall rustic wedding colors is the orangey-yellow palette of fading leaves.

However, fall nature boasts so many more gorgeous shades to incorporate in your rustic wedding.

Of course, yellow, orange, and red tones always look stunning in autumn weddings, and you can safely use this classic palette if you feel like it.

However, if you prefer to take a creative approach, consider the moody combos of black and copper, burgundy and blush, or khaki and dusty rose.

Think about your and your partner’s personalities, venue, and the weather to choose the suitable wedding color theme. Remember that colors are a pivotal point of your wedding atmosphere.

1. Burnt Orange, Forest Green, & Copper

burnt orange forest green copper

Natural shades of evergreen woods, rust, and orange leaves are always trendy for fall weddings, but particularly for the rustic style. Fall countryside nature makes an excellent backdrop for this cozy wedding color scheme.

Choose a venue in dim earthy shades, such as a wooden farmhouse or old brick mill. If your wedding is planned for early autumn, consider a forest ceremony.

If your venue has wooden furniture, you may ditch the tablecloths for a raw look – terracotta or dark green runner and napkins will suffice. Use evergreens, pinecones, and seasonal orange blooms as centerpieces.

Sprinkle the venue interior with copper elements such as lanterns, utensils, or planters. Have your bridesmaids wear forest green gowns, while the groom and groomsmen may wear terracotta or checkered green and navy suits.

2. Burgundy, Sage, & Blush

burgundy sage blush

Rustic fall wedding colors don’t have to be warm, mimicking earthy and wooden shades. A gorgeous combination of deep burgundy with delicate blush and sage is appropriate for any wedding season, style, and location.

This palette is pretty versatile – it will look great in any rustic setting, be it a tipi, ranch, exquisite manor house, or woods. The key is to choose a location that will blend in with your wedding décor for a harmonious look.

Mix and match blush, dark red, and cream blooms in your venue décor – asters, dahlias, and chrysanthemums are excellent options for a rustic wedding, thanks to their unusual texture.

You may add some pampas grass, dried blooms, or succulents to the arrangements, too. Consider a buoyant floral crown instead of a bridal bouquet, and pair it with dark lip makeup for a dramatic look.

Have the groom and groomsmen wear burgundy, navy, black, or checkered suits, while the bridesmaids can wear blush gowns to fit in the color theme.

3. Earthy Tones & Stormy Greys

earthy tones stormy greys

Neutral colors never go out of fashion, especially when it comes to rustic wedding fashion. Regardless of the season and location, warm earthy tones and greys will help to achieve a cozy, laid-back atmosphere.

Your venue should match the color theme. Wood, concrete, brick, and metal in the interior will serve as a perfect background for your wedding décor. Avoid all-white venues – you want to find a relatively dim setting to match the palette.

You may find tablescapes in neutral shades or refrain from them entirely. Use wooden décor, pinecones, and pampas grass as centerpieces for a monochromatic look or add some color with floral arrangements.

Create a romantic mood with candles, lanterns, and string lights, and opt for a minimalistic naked wedding cake design.

Note that a stark white wedding dress may dissonate with the muted palette, so choose softer ivory or champagne shades.

4. Lavender & Hay Bale

lavender hay bale

Days are getting colder, but early autumn is still generous with warm sunshine and favorable for outdoor weddings.

If you’re planning a Provence-style wedding on a field, ranch, vinery, or in a spacious, light manor house, consider an elegant combination of lavender and hay bale shades.

This chic rustic wedding color theme requires a clean backdrop in white, ivory, or grey color and minimalistic décor from organic materials. Lavender and wheat arrangements will make perfect centerpieces and aisle décor.

There’s no need for a photo backdrop – hay bales or a lavender field are much better than any balloon arch or floral wall. Choose a relaxed wedding dress with minimum intricacies for a carefree look.

Have your bridesmaids wear lavender gowns and wheat crowns or straw hats to match the palette. The groom and groomsmen can wear light grey or cream suits.

5. Khaki, Taupe, & Dusty Rose

khaki taupe dusty rose

Rustic weddings are all about natural colors and materials, so draw inspiration from withering fall nature.

Choose muted khaki and dusty rose shades instead of vibrant verdant green and fuchsia, and pair them with neutral gray-brown taupe to match the season.

Use taupe, khaki, earthy shades, and grey as base colors and incorporate dusty rose and cream floral arrangements in your venue decor. Have the bridesmaids wear dusty rose gowns and the groomsmen khaki suits.

Consider a champagne or dusty rose wedding gown to match the color theme, as ivory and pure white may excessively stand out.

6. Warm Neutrals & Red Pops

warm neutrals red pops

Neutrals are all-time rustic wedding favorites, but a total-beige or grey color scheme may be too dull for such an exciting occasion. Vivid accents can liven up the palette and make your wedding more memorable.

Deep red shades are an excellent choice for a fall wedding, creating a moody atmosphere. Red is a romantic, passionate color ideal for a day celebrating your love.

The neutral and red wedding color theme will fit any setting: woods, mountains, farmhouse, old mill, or barn.

Use ivory, cream, champagne, and warm earthy tones as a backdrop and incorporate red accents sparingly. For instance, you may opt for a red table runner and napkins, bridesmaid gowns, and floral arrangements.

Avoid unnaturally bright fiery red shade – deep berry tones such as marsala and burgundy are better for a rustic-style wedding, as they can be commonly found in fall nature.

7. Pumpkin, Saffron, & Ivory

pumpkin saffron ivory

Perhaps, the most popular fall wedding colors are orange and yellow.

That’s no wonder, as they beautifully match withering leaves and contrast grey rainy skies. An orange and yellow wedding color theme will look beyond gorgeous in early to mid-fall.

Pair rich shades of pumpkin, saffron, and mustard with warm ivory and earthy tones.

Incorporate seasonal blooms, shrubs, and veggies in your interior décor – for instance, use small pumpkins as centerpieces or add viburnum berries to your floral arrangements.

Have your bridesmaids wear different shades of orange and yellow, while the groom and groomsmen can wear rich tones of terracotta or brown. Avoid oversaturated, summery hues like lemon and safety orange.

If your wedding is planned for the Halloween season, consider incorporating pumpkin lanterns and other themed decorations in your venue. Orange and purple smoke bombs will guarantee you fun and creative wedding pictures.

8. Purple & Gold

purple gold

The purple and gold combination is typically associated with regal style – think sophisticated venues, velvet furniture with golden swirls, and marble floors.

However, it’s all about the correct details. After all, you can commonly find purple in autumn nature – from blooms and withering maple leaves to vegetables and berries.

The combination of purple with antique gold is ideal for a late fall rustic wedding.

Find a venue in warm colors with dim lighting for a cozy atmosphere, and enhance the romantic mood with candles, lanterns, and string lights.

Avoid too light or vivid accents. For instance, instead of white tablescapes, opt for black or purple.

Choose organic décor – metal and wooden elements, seasonal blooms, vegetables, and berries are an excellent choice.

You may combine purple flowers and berries with dark greens, burnt orange, and deep red shades in your floral arrangements to diversify the palette.

9. Navy, Red, & Gold

navy red gold

Navy is a universal wedding color – it works equally well for relaxed summer nautical weddings and sophisticated winter weddings.

Fall rustic affair is no exception – the key is to find the right setting and décor to achieve the desired look.

The combination of navy and dark red will look impeccably chic in a large manor house or barn with natural wooden floors. Look for a neutral backdrop that will make navy and red elements pop.

Choose ivory tablecloths, navy runners and napkins, red floral and vegetable centerpieces, antique gold tableware, and the table decor is ready.

You may place a pomegranate or other seasonal fruit on each guest’s plate for a rustic touch.

Have your bridesmaids wear deep red gowns to match the color theme. As for the groom’s and groomsmen attires, note that full navy suits may look too formal.

Smart casual attire, such as trousers with suspenders from checkered navy fabric, is a better option.

10. Black & Copper

black copper

The black and copper wedding color scheme is ideal for couples getting married in late fall and admiring everything dark and moody. This dim yet endlessly cozy palette toes the line between rustic and industrial.

The combination of black and copper requires a worthy setting, such as a manor house or old mill with a dark interior and wooden elements. Refrain from light or vibrant details in venue décor.

You may choose deep red and purple blooms for your bridal bouquet and interior or replace flowers with lanterns, evergreen branches, fern leaves, or seasonal vegetables.

Have your bridal party wear total-black attires. You can also consider unusual wedding dress colors, such as champagne with black tulle overlay.

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