How Can I Look Thinner in My Wedding Photos?

Updated July 29, 2022
How Can I Look Thinner in My Wedding Photos?

At some point, most brides start to wonder how to look thinner in wedding photos.

It doesn’t matter if you have a top model’s body in daily life. Wedding day pressures you to look better than ever.

That’s no wonder, as your wedding photos will remind you of the special day for years to come

And, of course, every bride wants to be remembered young, beautiful, and, desirably, thin.

The issue is that professional cameras tend to add, visually, a few pounds even to the slimmest women.

Most women know how to seem thinner in real life, but the camera has its own rules.

Numerous factors affect how your body and face look in photos. The success of your wedding photoshoot largely depends on your pose, angle, and facial expression.

Your wedding dress, makeup, and hairstyle can also make you look slimmer or heavier.

In the end, it’s all about practice, confidence, and a sincere smile. You don’t have to be the thinnest in your wedding photos, but you surely must be the happiest.


Your pose is what affects how you look in the photos the most. The first rule in any posing is good posture. Keep your back straight, pull your shoulders back, and raise your chin.

This way, you will look an inch or two taller, your arms and stomach will seem thinner, and the breast larger. Plus, by stretching your neck, you make your face appear more elongated and overall look more sophisticated.

By tilting your hips back, you can make your legs seem thinner. However, it would be best if you considered the unique characteristics of your figure.

For example, tilting your hips back may only highlight the contrast if you have a V-shaped body and wish to balance the shoulders. Placing one leg in front of the other helps to elongate them and visually make the figure more feminine.

If you wish to create an effect of an ultra-slim waist, stand at an angle, tilt your shoulders to the camera, and put one leg in front.

This pose will make any woman look like a Hollywood star. Standing on tiptoes is one of the best star tricks to look slimmer.

When sitting down, try to stretch your legs and cross them naturally. This way, you create more curves and make the legs look longer. This tip is only relevant if your legs are visible under the wedding dress, of course!

Don’t press your arms to your body. Push them away slightly. Avoid pushing them too far away, as unnatural poses don’t look great even if you seem super slim.

It’s best to bend your elbows slightly rather than keep them straight. Finally, don’t show your elbows to the camera as this creates an effect of a short arm.


Finding the right angle is merely the photographer’s objective, but you can advise them on your best sides.

Of course, everyone has their good and bad angles, so it’s essential to consider your unique traits during the photo shoot. However, some universal tips exist.

Shooting slightly at an angle helps to hide cheeks and make the nose slimmer. Even the thinnest face may look wide on a professional camera when shot from the front view.

Plus, no face is perfectly symmetrical, and this angle highlights asymmetries that may not be visible with a bare eye.

If you’re being photographed from the front view, tilt your head slightly to the side. This trick helps to hide face asymmetry.

Shooting from above is another tip that makes you look thinner in wedding pictures. There’s no need for the photographer to stand on a chair. A few degrees are enough to make a difference.

Professional lenses tend to add a few pounds, so shooting at an eye-level is undesirable. However, if you’re petite, shooting from below will help you look taller.

Don’t forget about tilting your chin, too. Raise it higher if you have a double chin or wish to make the chin look larger.

If, on the opposite, you want to make it seem smaller, tilt it down slightly but don’t press it against your neck.


Every body is beautiful in a different way. Your wedding dress should enhance your pros and hide your imperfections. Considering your body type is essential when searching for a dress.

Brides with hourglass figures can wear any dress. The core objective is to find a dress of your size, not too baggy or too tight.

A baggy dress will hide your nice figure, and a tight one will make you look like a sausage in a wrap.

A sweetheart neckline or a mermaid silhouette make hourglass figures look incredibly feminine. But if you wish to make the stomach flat, don’t forget about a contouring bodice.

If you want to balance heavier shoulders or hips, add volume to the smaller part of your body. So, brides with V-shaped figures look thinner in dresses with A-line or ballgown skirts.

An embellished bodice or voluminous sleeves can enhance the beauty of a pear-shaped figure.

Petite brides tend to look wider on photos than they are as the camera cuts down a few inches. In this case, the wedding dress must feature vertical lines and be made from flowy fabrics.

Heavy embellishments and wide skirts make the silhouette bulky. A high or natural waistline elongates the legs.


You’ve likely spent a lot of time choosing the perfect makeup artist and style. However, these tips to look slimmer in pictures can be helpful even for skilled makeup artists.

First, the skin: Avoid heavy foundation and opt for a moisturizing one with a slight beam instead to prevent your face from looking flat. Contouring and some bronzer are your best friends on this day.

Next, add some shadows under your cheekbones, chin, and to the sides of your nose. Use a highlighter on the sticking out parts of your face, like the tip of the nose, cupid’s bow, and cheekbones.

Thicker brows make the whole face look slimmer. Defined lips can do the trick, too, especially if you go slightly over the natural contour.

Finally, ensure that your eyes pop – a dramatic look draws attention from the cheeks or second chin.

Hair Style

Hair frames the face, so it’s no wonder your hairstyle can save or ruin your wedding photos. Sleek hairstyles are highly trendy now, but they only look great on skinny models or in real life.

In pictures, such a hairstyle can make your face seem wider. So, volume is your way to go. Loose waves are a universal hairstyle for a wedding photoshoot.

Asymmetry can also make your face appear longer and slimmer. Don’t part your hair in the middle. An asymmetrical bang or a strand hanging from one side looks great in pictures.

Vertical up-dos visually elongate the face. However, if choosing this hairstyle, avoid making it overly sleek.

The color and texture of your hair play a role, too. For example, three-dimensional coloring techniques such as air touch or baby lights make you look younger and add volume to the hairstyle.

Layers of different lengths create beautiful hair movement and make your face look narrower.

Facial Expression

An underestimated factor allowing you to look slimmer in photos is your facial expression. By keeping your tongue behind your upper teeth, you can stretch out the face. Also, relax your lips and chin.

You may open your mouth on some pictures, too, but don’t overuse this trick as it will look unnatural.

Lastly, you’ll never go wrong with smiling at the camera. It doesn’t matter if your face seems wider or your teeth aren’t perfect. All people will notice in your pictures is your happiness.


Our face is a mirror of our lifestyle. Of course, a wedding is an exciting yet nervous event, but good sleep is essential for your wedding photos. It will prevent face swelling and dark circles.

Don’t eat salty and spicy foods or drink much coffee as they retain extra water in your body.

Moisturize your face well the night before and in the morning. Moisturizing will ensure a natural glow and keep your face from seeming flat.

Toning mask is of great help before the event. Regular ice cubes are the best remedy for face swelling.


Practice is the only way to finding your best angles, poses, and facial expressions. Everyone’s different, and what works for most brides may not work for you. Spend a couple of hours in front of a mirror trying out different options.

Use Objects

Get creative with objects. The most apparent object is your bride’s bouquet, though any other object like a glass of champagne or a gift box will do.

Objects can hide body parts that you’re conscious about, such as sticking out stomach, and make your pose more natural.

For instance, bending your elbows for no reason on every picture is strange. But it’s reasonable if you’re holding a bouquet.

Group Photos

You won’t be alone in all the pictures. Wedding photos with family and friends are an essential part of any album.

But, even though every bride wants to be the most beautiful and slim in her wedding pictures, some guests may have a slenderer figure.

Plus, white color and layers of silk visually add a few pounds. The solution is to learn how to pose in group photos.

Don’t repeat the same pose as everyone else, and in no case should you stand perfectly still. Remember? Everyone has a different body type, so the same rules as for single pictures apply.

Composition is essential, too. It’s normal for the bride to stand in the center, but don’t stand closer to the camera than guests beside you.

When being photographed with the groom, stand slightly behind him. It will highlight his masculinity and make you appear thinner.

Image credit: Pixabay