10 Best Colors For Your March Wedding

Updated May 27, 2023

March wedding colors tend to be more colorful than winter hues but not yet as saturated as mid and late spring shades.

The goal is to find a color scheme that fits the season, location, and wedding style.

Early spring is a time when you can still sense winter chill in the air, but the sun is already warm. Your March wedding color scheme should convey this feeling of rebirth and contrast between coldness and warmth.

From contrasting berry and blush to monochromatic sage and silver or traditional champagne and ivory, there’s a spring wedding color theme for everyone.

Incorporate hues of March nature into your wedding attire, venue interior, table décor, and cake design to tie all the elements together.

1. Lively Greens

lively greens

Green is the ultimate spring color, channeling the shades of awakening March’s nature.

A green wedding color theme is ideal for a spring affair in any style, from eco-friendly and rustic to traditional and regal – it’s all about the shade and details.

Muted sage green is an excellent choice for rustic and bohemian weddings. Rich emerald fits formal, classy events, and vibrant, verdant green will look stunning in a whimsical outdoor setting.

Add wooden décor for a cozy, homey feeling, or incorporate jewel green in a luxurious venue interior with marble floors and velvet furniture.

Green pairs beautifully with ivory and stark white, silver, and gold. It truly is one of the most versatile colors. If you aren’t fond of monochromatic palettes, add blue, yellow, pink, purple, or orange pops.

Have your bridesmaids wear green gowns, choose modern, minimalistic green floral arrangements, and get pistachio or lime-flavored wedding cake.

Such a lively wedding color theme is the best way to celebrate the arrival of spring.

2. Pastels & Berry Shades

pastels berry shades

Pastels are the most popular choice for spring weddings, while winter brides typically prefer rich, darker shades.

March is a transitional period from harsh winter to real warm spring, and a combination of pastels and berry shades is an excellent way to convey the feeling of renewal.

You may choose complementary color combinations such as baby blue or sage and burgundy or analogous color schemes such as blush and wine or peach and Bordeaux.

This creative wedding color theme combines drama, romance, decadence, and rebirth. Mix and match delicate light and deep berry shade blooms and interior elements and use traditional white or ivory as a backdrop.

Play with the contrast: for instance, choose a lightweight, dreamy white wedding gown and gothic dark lip makeup, or pick a moody industrial-style venue and romantic floral decorations in light colors.

3. Champagne & White

champagne white

Champagne is a timeless wedding color that balances between dazzling gold and neutral beige.

It’s a warm, elegant hue ideal for weddings in a formal style. A champagne wedding color theme is your best bet if you value classics with a twist.

Pure white has cool undertones that will brighten the champagne color, while warm ivory will soften it.

Both shades pair beautifully with champagne, but you should pick your favorite and stick with it in your attire and interior décor.

Champagne color has a celebratory feeling to it that creates a joyful atmosphere. Ensure you serve a plethora of champagne and choose an indulgent wedding cake in traditional light colors.

The classic yellowish-beige champagne color looks the best with luxurious fabrics with a sheen, such as silk and taffeta, and gold details.

Alternatively, you may opt for pink champagne and rose gold combination – it gives off a playful, romantic vibe.

4. Mauve & Green

mauve green

March is a time when wedding palettes shift from dark and neutral to colorful but aren’t yet as vibrant as summer palettes. Muted greens and purple shades are an excellent fit for a sleepy early spring nature.

Mauve and sage shades will look stunning in a garden setting or indoor venue in light, neutral hues.

This color scheme is great for any spring wedding theme, from rustic and bohemian to alternative; the key is to find the correct details.

Choose minimalistic white, green, and blush floral arrangements and replace bridesmaid bouquets with flower crowns. Add wooden interior elements and decorate the venue with romantic string lights for a bohemian style.

Alternatively, keep it chic and formal by choosing timeless designs with clean lines.

Opt for pure white tablescapes and tableware with golden trim, light grey groom and groomsmen suits, and lavender bridesmaid gowns for a traditional wedding style.

Pistachio or lavender wedding cake is an excellent fit for a green and purple color scheme. If you prefer more contrasting palettes, replace sage with emerald or mauve with plum.

5. Grey & Gold

grey gold

Grey is typically paired with silver, but the combination of grey and gold is impeccably stylish and unique. It’s a contrasting but muted wedding color scheme that ideally fits the delicate spring nature.

Such a chic wedding color theme demands a worthy setting. Consider minimalistic wedding venues in industrial style or exquisite ancient castles.

You want to find a location that lacks any colorful elements but has unusual interior features like concrete walls or marble floors.

Pair grey and gold with pure or stark white that will brighten the palette, as ivory may make it muddy. Choose all-white floral arrangements, grey groom and groomsmen suits, and golden bridesmaid gowns.

Pure white doesn’t fit everyone, so consider gold, champagne, and dove grey wedding dress colors to match the theme.

Don’t forget to incorporate the colors in your invitations. Keep the design minimalistic – for instance, choose a plain textured background and golden font.

6. Robin’s Egg Blue & Peach

robin egg blue peach

Robin’s egg blue is a stunning shade famous by Tiffany & C. jewelry boxes that will look gorgeous on any March wedding. Pair it with a warm peach for a delicate contrast.

This dreamy, playful color combo looks excellent both with warm ivory and cool stark white, silver, or gold. Feel free to add pops of green, blush, mint, pale yellow, and dusty blue.

This romantic wedding color theme will suit whimsical, preppy, modern, and bohemian styles in relaxed outdoor settings.

Choose cream or light grey suits for the groom and groomsmen, as dark shades will intervene in the dreamy atmosphere. The bridesmaids may wear gowns of one color or different shades of blue for a subtle gradient effect.

Serve peach or mint wedding cake, add a light blue sachet belt to your bridal attire, and incorporate watercolor floral prints in your invitations and menu cards.

A balloon arch is an excellent fit for this playful spring wedding color scheme.

7. Sage & Silver

sage silver

Green is a popular color in spring and summer weddings, but while summer months boast lush verdant shades, early spring is a time for muted, frosty tones.

Combine sage and silver to mimic the look of March grass covered in morning dew drops.

Sage and silver wedding colors require an elegant, simple setting.

It may be an all-white wooden farmhouse or barn, a romantic garden decorated with string lights, or a sophisticated ball hall with clean lines and luxurious materials.

Opt for traditional white or ivory wedding gown, matching floral arrangements, and sage bridesmaid dresses. Light grey groom and groomsmen suits are the best fit for this subtle, monochromatic palette.

If you find the sage, silver, and white combination too dull, balance it with warm pops of blush, peach, or pale yellow.

8. Lavender & Lemon

lavender lemon

Purple and yellow are complementary colors that pair well in any shade combination. The rich mix of plum and mustard looks gorgeous in winter, while pastel lavender and bright lemon scream spring.

This fresh color combination looks stunning in a relaxed outdoor setting with a Provence vibe.

Draw inspiration from the shade names: choose a lemon wedding cake topped with lavender, minimalistic lavender bridal bouquet, and serve homemade lemonade in jars.

Keep the decoration chic, simple, and intentionally imperfect for a careless atmosphere. Avoid refined details and exquisite interiors.

A garden or rustic venue with white wooden elements and minimalistic floral arrangements is just right.

9. Dusty Rose & Rose Gold

dusty rose rose gold

There’s no color more romantic, playful, feminine, and dreamy than pink. Light pink tones lead the wedding color favorites list regardless of the season and look incredibly gorgeous with muted early spring nature shades.

Combine dusty pink with rose gold and ivory for a soft and impeccably charming wedding color scheme.

Choose lightweight fabrics, metallic or glittery details, frills, abundant floral arrangements, balloons, and other whimsy design elements.

Since pink is a feminine hue, choose a cream or light grey suit for the groom and get him a delicate blush boutonniere.

Such a gentle wedding color theme requires a suitable setting: garden, castle, luxurious ball hall, vineyard, or botanical garden, to name a few.

10. Cornflower & White

cornflower white

Blue is a common spring wedding color, but a vibrant cornflower shade is a creative alternative to dusty or baby blue. Pair it with clean white to enhance the brightness.

This unique shade fits any wedding style and setting. Get a cornflower crown and flowy lace gown for a bohemian wedding, or use blue as an accent color for your formal reception.

You can safely add any shade of green, yellow, or red to make the palette more intense. The easiest way to incorporate additional colors is by adding them in floral arrangements, stationery, and table décor.

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