10 Best Colors For Your May Wedding

Updated November 13, 2022
10 Best Colors For Your May Wedding

May wedding colors are cheerful and vibrant, channeling hues of spring nature that has finally awakened from long winter sleep.

Spring wedding colors are typically vibrant but softer than summer hues, shifting from muted pastels in March to more intense shades in May.

May is arguably the best month of the year. The sun is already warm, florals are blooming, birds are chirping, and you’ve still got an entire summer ahead.

From an elegant combo of champagne, green, and white to playful pinks and dreamy mint and peach, there’s a May wedding color theme for any preference.

Consider your wedding style and venue location when choosing your color theme. Tying the colors with the site and decor is vital to creating the desired atmosphere.

1. Champagne, White, & Green

champagne white green

Green is a perfect spring wedding color, resembling shades of fresh grass and buoyant florals. Green in combination with white has an uplifting effect and is impeccably elegant, suitable for any wedding style and venue.

Champagne is a celebratory and simultaneously neutral color balancing between gold and beige. It’s an excellent addition to any wedding color scheme, including green and white.

These elegant May colors will suit a laid-back outdoor wedding in bohemian style or exquisite reception in a luxurious restaurant – such a timeless combination is always appropriate.

Choose a traditional white or ivory wedding dress, have your bridesmaids wear champagne gowns, and find emerald, black, or navy suits for the groom and groomsmen.

Alternatively, you may opt for a chic champagne wedding dress and green bridesmaid gowns.

Incorporate white blooms with a plethora of greens into your venue decoration and choose minimalistic tablescapes and wedding cake designs. You may add golden accents to enhance the warmth of the champagne shade.

2. White, Yellow, & Slate

white yellow slate

May is the last month of spring, marking the beginning of a long summer season. There’s no better way to express your anticipation of summer heat than by incorporating sunny yellow color into your wedding.

Yellow goes well with blue, green, purple, and pink, but the combination of yellow and slate is beyond gorgeous and unique.

It’s cheerful yet formal, suitable for preppy, traditional, bohemian, and just about any other wedding style.

Note that the yellow and slate wedding color theme requires a clean backdrop. Find a venue with a minimalistic interior in white or grey that fits your wedding style.

Use slate and white as base colors and saffron, sunflower, or pale lemon as accents in floral arrangements, tablescapes, bridesmaid attires, and stationery.

Choose pure white rather than ivory – cool undertones will make the contrasting combination of yellow and grey truly pop.

A lemon wedding cake is an excellent choice for this cheerful May palette, but you can choose any other flavor you prefer and top your cake with yellow florals.

3. Mint & Peach

mint peach

Mint and peach is a dreamy color combo ideal for your May wedding. It’s a romantic spring wedding color scheme that will look beyond gorgeous in a garden setting or in a light, roomy indoor venue.

Choose a pure white, ivory, or unusual peach wedding dress and have your bridesmaids wear mint gowns.

A peach or mint-flavored wedding cake is an obvious choice, but you may opt for a traditional vanilla buttercream cake with a matching topping.

Light grey or cream are the best colors for the groom’s and groomsmen attires, as dark shades will dissonate with the whimsical atmosphere. Add boutonnieres in peach and cream or matching bow ties.

Opt for whimsical, romantic interior decorations such as string lights, balloon arch, buoyant florals, and lanterns. You may replace your bridal bouquet with a flower crown for an ultimate bohemian feel.

Consider trendy floral arrangements with succulents, eucalyptus branches, and peonies in soft green and peach colors.

4. Lavender & Wisteria

lavender wisteria

Weddings in shades of purple are popular year-round. While winter brides typically prefer rich plum or Tyrian purple hues, a May wedding demands something lighter.

Lavender, lilac, and wisteria are stunning colors ideal for a spring affair in bohemian, whimsical, and rustic styles.

The shade names say it all – decorate your wedding venue with delicate purple florals. You may get a ceremony arch with hanging wisteria, a minimalistic lavender bridal bouquet, and top your wedding cake with a lavender branch.

Pair light shades of purple with ivory and light grey for a subtle bohemian touch. This minimalistic color scheme requires a suitable backdrop – a vineyard, garden, or farmhouse setting is just right.

Avoid intricate details and exquisite venues. Opt for simple linen or cotton tablescapes, modern “naked” cake design, and laid-back bridesmaid dress silhouettes.

You may add pops of pale yellow or sage to brighten up the color scheme – think sage branches in floral arrangements, homemade lemonade, or yellow groomsmen bow ties.

5. Bright Pink, Dark Green, & Antique Gold

bright pink dark green antique gold

You can’t go wrong with green and pink colors for your May wedding. These joyful hues pair well in any combination, from pastel sage and blush to vibrant fuchsia and forest green.

Balance the brightness of pink by pairing it with dark green shades and sprinkle with gold pops for added warmth and festivity.

This vivid spring wedding color scheme will best suit preppy and whimsical styles but may also be appropriate for a traditional reception.

Choose hot pink seasonal blooms for your bridal floral arrangements – peonies, snapdragons, carnations, tulips, roses, and orchids, to name a few.

Add a golden ribbon to your bridal bouquet, or opt for a dreamy flower crown instead.

Use pink sparingly and balance the palette with pure white without distinct cool and warm undertones. Don’t forget to incorporate pink, green, and gold colors in your invitations, menu cards, bridesmaid and groomsmen looks, and menu.

6. Warm Neutrals & Red Pops

warm neutrals red pops

Regardless of the season, warm neutrals are the most popular color choice for rustic and bohemian weddings. Add bright red pops to make your May wedding color scheme more vibrant and celebrate the soon arrival of summer.

Choose a venue featuring warm colors and natural materials for a rustic-style wedding, such as a farmhouse, barn, or vineyard.

However, this color combination is equally suitable for modern weddings held in industrial-style venues with brick walls and concrete floors.

Use beige, champagne, and earthy browns as base colors in your venue interior and tablescapes. Sprinkle red accents moderately – in floral arrangements, bridesmaid attires, minor table décor elements like napkins and candles, or your makeup.

Some excellent wedding cake flavors for this color scheme are red velvet, caramel and pecan, and classic vanilla buttercream.

7. Dusty Blue, Yellow, & Green

dusty blue yellow green

The dusty blue, yellow, and green wedding color scheme mimics the hues of clear May sky, lush greenery, and warm sunshine. This wedding color scheme screams spring and will undoubtedly make everyone smile, giving off a carefree feeling.

You may pair dusty blue with bright saffron and verdant green or keep the palette muted with pale yellow and sage. Use classic pure white, ivory, or cream as base colors.

Have your bridesmaids wear dusty blue or sunny yellow gowns and choose seasonal blooms in blue and yellow for your floral arrangements – for instance, hydrangea, cornflower, marigold, and forget me not.

Consider a dusty blue wedding gown for a dreamy, whimsical look. It will look beyond beautiful with a sunflower crown or hydrangea and baby breath bouquet.

Dusty blue is also an excellent color for the groom’s suit, but if your partner doesn’t like the shade, opt for navy, cream, or taupe attire instead.

8. Champagne & Marigold

champagne marigold

Yellow is deservedly leading the list of May wedding color favorites, as it never fails to create a carefree and cheerful atmosphere. A vivid combination of marigold and champagne mimics the warm May sun and is ideal for outdoor weddings.

Introduce a little vibrancy to your beach, forest, or garden ceremony by choosing a bridal arch adorned with bright yellow florals – marigolds, sunflowers, dahlias, primroses, or chrysanthemums.

Note that too much yellow may be overwhelming, so reserve it for your floral arrangements, stationery, and wedding cake topping. Choose champagne for the tablescapes and bridesmaid gowns and cream for the groom and groomsmen suits.

Use pure white as a backdrop to elevate the palette. Ivory has warm undertones that may make the color scheme too dull and monochromatic.

9. Cherry Blossom & Fuchsia

cherry blossom fuschia

There’s no color more romantic than pink. It encompasses joy, confidence, playfulness, and femininity. Opt for an optimistic combination of delicate cherry blossom and vibrant fuchsia shades for your May wedding to match the hues of spring blooms.

Use pure white as a base color for your tablescapes, venue interior, and bridal attire. Mix and match light and bright pink accents – for instance, choose a cherry blossom ceremony arch, fuchsia bridesmaid gowns, and blush wedding dress.

Such a dainty color scheme requires a worthy backdrop, so pick an outdoor garden setting or indoor venue in light colors. Pink is likely not the best color for the groom’s attire, but grey and cream will perfectly match the palette.

10. Soft Blue, Yellow, & Peony Pink

soft blue yellow peony pink

Light blue, yellow, and peony pink is another stunning combo of soft brights for your May wedding.

Use delicate blue, pink, and pure white as a backdrop by incorporating them in major interior elements and bright yellow as an accent color.

This playful spring wedding color palette is an excellent fit for whimsical, bohemian, and preppy style receptions in outdoor settings.