10 Best Colors For Your October Wedding

Updated January 14, 2023
10 Best Colors For Your October Wedding

October wedding colors are traditionally warm and rich, channeling the hues of the most atmospheric season.

Autumn is an impeccably romantic time. Golden leaves and grey skies create a melancholic yet endlessly cozy atmosphere.

From warm neutrals to deep reds and vibrant pumpkin and saffron shades, fall wedding colors tend to match the decadent nature.

However, this isn’t a rule – a timeless combination of black and white, elegant emerald and champagne, or pastel blue and dusty rose are appropriate for any wedding season.

Incorporate your favorite hues in your wedding venue décor, floral arrangements, bridal attire, menu, and seemingly minor elements such as invitations.

1. Warm Neutrals & Red Pops

warm neutrals red pops

Warm neutrals are appropriate for any wedding style and season but look especially gorgeous in the fall. Beige, champagne, and earthy tones create a cozy atmosphere that beautifully matches autumn nature.

Pair warm neutrals with ivory rather than pure white, as the latter has cool undertones that may dissonate with the palette. To prevent your wedding color scheme from looking dull, add pops of red.

You may choose any shade of red you prefer, from fiery bright red to rich burgundy. Incorporate red accents in your floral arrangements, bridal attire, tablescapes, stationery, and cake design.

Sprinkle the venue decoration with copper or gold elements, such as utensils and candleholders, to enhance the palette’s warmth.

Such a cozy color scheme will flawlessly match a rustic wedding in a farmhouse or barn. However, it’s equally suitable for traditional weddings in exquisite venues and bohemian affairs in woodland style.

2. Deep Red & Black

deep red black

Halloween season is around the corner, so there’s no better time for a gothic-inspired black and red wedding color scheme. It’s an unconventional choice for creative couples who love to break the rules.

A black and red wedding color scheme is ideal for a themed reception in medieval, Halloween, woodland, fairytale, or alternative style.

However, you can keep vivid accents to a minimum to fit this unique palette in a traditional wedding.

While you may choose a classic white wedding dress, a dramatic red or black gown will be perfect for such a dark palette. Alternatively, have your bridesmaids wear deep red gowns and opt for dark lip makeup and red roses bouquet.

Such a moody palette requires a worthy backdrop, so choose unusual venues – for instance, an old factory with concrete floors and brick walls or a large wooden house in the woods.

Use floral arrangements with dried or exotic blooms, lanterns, and matching tablescapes for venue decoration, and opt for an indulgent red velvet or black forest wedding cake.

3. Terracotta & Plum

terracotta plum

The contrasting combination of purple and orange is popular year-round, but the shades differ.

Summer brides prefer vibrant or pastel shades, whereas fall demands deeper tones. The mix of muted, warm terracotta and rich plum is ideal for any October wedding.

Such an atmospheric color combo will match any wedding style, from rustic and bohemian to formal and regal. The key is to find the right details.

Use warm neutrals such as ivory, beige, and champagne as a backdrop and add terracotta and plum as accents.

For instance, you may have your bridesmaids wear plum gowns, choose a terracotta suit for the groom, and incorporate purple and orange blooms in venue decoration.

Choose a venue in warm shades based on your wedding style – it may be a rustic farmhouse or a luxurious ballroom.

Don’t forget to incorporate the colors in your wedding cake – carrot, pumpkin, and other seasonal flavors are a perfect choice.

4. Black, White, & Gold

black white gold

Fall wedding colors are typically warm, channeling the hues of autumn nature. However, a timeless combination of black and white never goes out of fashion and looks equally gorgeous in any season.

Such a classy wedding color theme best suits formal receptions in exquisite locations.

Choose classic designs and luxurious natural fabrics for your bridal attire. A pure or stark white wedding dress with minimalistic detailing is the most appropriate choice.

The groom may also wear a white smocking, while the bridesmaids and groomsmen total black looks.

Sprinkle the venue decoration with gold accents to bring in a celebratory atmosphere.

You may use gold for minor details such as utensils and candleholders or opt for dazzling gold bridesmaid gowns, tablescapes, and even the wedding cake.

Choose monochromatic white or cream floral arrangements and minimalistic stationery designs.

Invitations and menu cards with trendy oversized fonts on a plain white background can look no less stylish than elaborate, colorful designs.

5. Marigold & Slate

marigold slate

Mid-fall combines grey rainy days with golden leaves and rare sun rays shining through clouds. Incorporate October nature hues in your wedding by choosing a contrasting marigold and slate color scheme.

Such a vibrant yet formal wedding color theme equally well fits rustic, alternative, and traditional styles. Most importantly, choose a neutral white or grey backdrop to make the yellow accents truly pop.

Use slate, light grey, and pure white as base colors and add bright yellow in floral arrangements, invitations, menu cards, wedding cake design, bridesmaid attires, and table décor.

You may mix yellow with dusty rose or sky blue to diversify the palette.

Gerbera daisy, Graham Thomas rose, sunflower and aster are some examples of seasonal yellow blooms to use in your wedding venue decoration.

6. Cranberry & Blush

cranberry blush

Pink and red are two colors most often associated with romance, so a contrasting combination of delicate blush and vibrant cranberry shades is excellent for your October wedding.

This color combo encompasses passion and innocence, drama and naivety.

Don’t go overboard with red, as the palette may be too intense. Use it sparingly as an accent color and choose blush, cream, ivory, or pure white as a backdrop. Red and blush go well with rose gold, yellow gold, and silver elements.

A dreamy cranberry and blush wedding color scheme fits any style, from rustic to preppy and whimsical.

Incorporate the colors in your floral arrangements, have your bridesmaids wear blush gowns, and find a deep red suit for the groom.

Alternatively, you may opt for a more vibrant combination of red and bright pink. Who said that fall wedding colors must be muted and dark?

7. Forest Green & Champagne

forest green champagne

Champagne is an ideal wedding color – it balances between neutral beige and dazzling gold, giving a sense of celebration but also keeping the palette formal.

Pair it with deep forest green for an impeccably elegant October wedding color scheme.

Use ivory as a backdrop if you’d like to create a cozy atmosphere – such a warm combination is ideal for bohemian, woodland, and rustic weddings.

On the opposite, a combination with pure white will elevate the palette and look more refined.

Add gold accents to enhance the champagne warmth and brighten up the green, have your bridesmaids wear green gowns, and choose cream or white floral arrangements.

Classic black or cream are the best colors for the groom and groomsmen suits.

8. Peach & Burnt Orange

peach burnt orange

Is there a better color scheme for an October wedding than shades of orange, mimicking the beauty of fall nature?

Peach is a popular wedding color – it’s a dreamy, warm hue that gives a sense of comfort. Pair delicate pastel peach with rich burnt orange for a contrasting yet monochromatic palette.

The peach and burnt orange wedding color theme is universal and suits every style, from bohemian to preppy and alternative. Balance the vibrancy by adding a fair share of white or ivory.

Alternatively, you may choose a darker backdrop in earthy shades for a moody atmosphere. Think of a country house surrounded by woods, featuring natural wooden floors, a carved fireplace, and velvet furniture.

Choose seasonal blooms in cream and orange shades with lush greenery. You may also add deep red or blush to diversify the palette.

9. Greys, Blues, & Dusty Rose

greys blues dusty rose

Although autumn wedding colors are typically warm, you may go in the opposite direction and choose a cool, muted combination of dusty rose, grey, and blue.

It’s a delicate, dreamy color combination ideal for weddings in traditional, bohemian, and whimsical styles.

This color scheme requires a clean backdrop, so find a roomy venue in white or grey colors. Choose blush and white florals with sage or eucalyptus branches and traditional white tablescapes with a pink or blue runner.

Opt for sky blue bridesmaid gowns, grey groomsmen suits, wear a pure white or dreamy blush wedding dress, and you’re all set.

10. Navy & Copper

navy copper

Navy is a versatile color appropriate for any event, season, and style. It’s truly a universal shade that pairs with any other hue. For a fall wedding, consider the combination of navy and copper, giving off a vintage vibe.

Choose a venue in warm shades to convey a cozy feeling. Whether you opt for a luxurious ballroom or loft in an alternative style, the venue should create a warm backdrop for rich navy and copper elements – think wooden details, dim lighting, and jazz.

Incorporate minimalistic white, cream, or peach floral arrangements in your venue décor and have your bridesmaids wear navy or champagne gowns. Opt for a minimalistic white wedding cake with a matching topping.

Don’t forget to send out navy invitations with a copper font to give your guests a hint on your wedding color scheme.