22 Best Flowers For a Beautiful September Wedding

Updated August 1, 2022
22 Best Flowers For a Beautiful September Wedding

Early fall is a lovely time to tie the knot, and beautiful September wedding flowers are one of the main points in favor of this romantic season.

It’s a time when summer flowers are still fresh, and iconic fall varieties only begin to bloom.

Regardless of your wedding style and color theme, early fall has a flower to offer – from rustic sunflowers to exotic orchids.

Autumn is also an excellent time to incorporate non-flower accents, such as fountain grass and croton leaves, into your wedding arrangements.

Most importantly, your wedding flowers should fit in the setting, helping to set the mood for your big day.

1. Sunflower

Sunflowers bloom throughout summer and until mid-autumn, so they’re in season for your September wedding. These sunny yellow flowers are an all-time rustic wedding staple.

Combine sunflowers with cornflowers, dahlias, gypsophila, blue thistle, hydrangea, and goldenrod for colorful, cheerful wedding bouquets.

Alternatively, opt for a mono sunflower bridal bouquet with lush greens and wheat to prolong the summertime feeling.

Although most sunflowers are large, smaller blooms are also suitable for boutonnieres and flower crowns.

2. Goldenrod

Goldenrod is a creative accent for your fall wedding floral arrangements, boasting saffron-yellow blooms and verdant green leaves.

Since goldenrod only comes in one color, it best fits a yellow wedding color theme but can also serve as a pop of color in neutral settings.

Goldenrod goes well with many flower varieties, from popular dahlias and gerbera daisies to exotic lilies. It also makes creative venue décor.

3. Dahlia

September is an excellent time for a dahlia bridal bouquet – these popular garden blooms are the freshest and most diverse from late summer to early fall.

You get to choose from a plethora of cultivars, including pompon, spider, and two-toned dahlias. Due to such a wide selection, dahlias are very versatile and suitable for most wedding styles.

For instance, combine delicate two-toned white and peach dahlias with peonies for a dreamy look or hot pink pompom dahlias with Craspedia to fit a preppy wedding style.

4. Orchid

Orchids are popular exotic wedding flowers, and some of the most remarkable cultivars are in season for September. From elegant phalaenopsis to vivid tiger orchids, every bride gets to choose her favorite.

Orchids look chic in modern cascading bridal bouquets with other tropical blooms and some garden flowers, like peonies and roses. Meanwhile, single orchid blooms are ideal for boutonnieres and hairpieces.

5. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums come in thousands of varieties and dozens of colors. Some chrysanthemums resemble dahlias; others look like daisies. These iconic fall flowers truly suit any floral arrangement. Plus, they have a long vase life and are cost-effective.

Combine chrysanthemums with proteas, zinnias, dahlias, and marigolds for a vivid, textural arrangement, or opt for a delicate mix of white chrysanthemums with peonies and gypsophila – the chrysanthemum wedding bouquet ideas are endless.

6. Pansy

No flower can compete with pansy in color selection. These small garden blooms often combine three or more colors at once.

Pansies work great as boutonnieres and hairpieces. It’s also an excellent choice for small, dainty floral arrangements.

7. Turtlehead

Hooded turtlehead blooms look similar to snapdragon flowers but grow on shorter stems with dark green leaves. These tiny flowers come in white, pink, and purple shades and can serve as fillers for your wedding bouquets.

Turtleheads look stunning with many garden flowers, including daisies, dahlias, snapdragons, sunflowers, and asters.

8. Lily

Lilies have different blooming seasons, and September couples are the luckiest – they get to pick from the most popular cultivars, such as oriental and tiger lilies.

These gorgeous flowers come in virtually any color, from elegant pure white to vibrant two-toned and spotted varieties.

A mono lily bridal bouquet is an endlessly chic choice, but lilies look equally well in intricate arrangements with exotic or garden flowers. Single lily flowers are suitable for boutonnieres and hairpieces.

9. Rose

Roses are so popular that many brides don’t even consider them for their wedding arrangements, thinking that’s an obvious choice. Meanwhile, there are many unusual cultivars to choose from apart from common hybrid tea roses.

Miniature shrub roses, sunny yellow Graham Thomas roses, or ruffled “Easy Does It” roses – everyone gets to pick a variety to fit their wedding style.

10. Autumn Crocus

Crocus blooms twice a year, in early spring and fall. The autumn variety is known as meadow saffron, but this colorful small flower is useful not only as a spice. Crocus is also an excellent wedding bouquet or boutonniere addition.

Crocuses are typically pinkish-purple with yellow centers, but some are white. A small mono crocus bridal bouquet is a stylish choice for a modest bride. But if you prefer more elaborate arrangements, consider combinations with freesias, turtleheads, and pansies.

11. Marigold

Embrace the colors of autumn nature with a sunny marigold wedding bouquet. These fall garden flowers range from lemon yellow to deep burnt orange shades and feature unusual, ruffled petals.

Marigolds are ideal for a September wedding in warm colors and go exceptionally well with sunflowers, gerbera daisies, carnations, zinnias, and dahlias.

12. Purple Fountain Grass

Technically, purple fountain grass isn’t a flower, but it’s a beautiful accent for your floral wedding arrangements. Although the name implies the plant is purple, it also comes in green, bronze-orange, and beige.

Fountain grass perfectly fits rustic, bohemian, and beach settings and can serve as creative venue décor. It works well in any floral arrangement with garden, exotic, or wild blooms.

13. Aster

Late summer to early fall is the prime time for asters. These popular garden flowers come in a range of varieties and colors, with the most common being purple and pink.

Most asters have yellow centers and a single petal row like daisies, but some have multiple petal rows and a rounded shape, resembling small chrysanthemums. Asters are versatile and work well in floral arrangements, boutonnieres, and other applications.

14. Snapdragon

Snapdragons are among the most unusual garden flowers. Depending on the climate, they can bloom from early spring well into late fall.

You get to choose among red, pink, white, orange, purple, and multi-colored varieties. Snapdragons are perfect for centerpieces and trendy asymmetrical bridal bouquets.

15. Carnation

When people think of carnations, most imagine single medium-sized pink or red blooms on long stems. However, that’s only one of the dozens of varieties – for instance, carnations can also have small, clustered flowers and short stems.

These versatile flowers come in virtually any color to match your wedding theme. Perhaps, the most unusual cultivar is the white minstrel, a deep burgundy carnation with white petal edges.

16. Croton

Croton is a popular pot plant, but it looks equally gorgeous in bouquets. And while croton is a flowering plant, its flowers are of little interest due to their tiny size and irregular blooming season.

Instead, consider incorporating croton leaves into your floral wedding arrangements. They come in various shapes, colors, and patterns, from almost white to deep red.

In early fall, croton leaves boast beautiful contrasting yellow, green, and red combinations with a visible striped pattern.

17. Anemones

Anemones bloom from spring to early fall, so September brides catch the last wagon to enjoy these gorgeous blooms at their wedding. Anemones come in red, pink, burgundy, purple, blue, and white colors, always with a large black center.

Anemones are versatile flowers that look great with peonies, roses, tulips, carnations, dahlias – the list is endless. Burgundy anemones beautifully fit a dramatic look, while the white variety is impeccably romantic.

18. Trailing Jasmine

Trailing jasmine typically blooms in early fall and comes in pure white, cream, or yellow. It looks beyond gorgeous in cascading bridal bouquets and venue decorations.

Combine these small blooms with intoxicating sweet fragrance with other elegant white flowers, such as tuberose, roses, peonies, anemones, or lilies.

19. Zinnia

Zinnias are among the most colorful fall garden flowers. Depending on the cultivar, zinnias may resemble small dahlias or daisies. Zinnias come in all colors apart from blue.

Mix zinnias with other garden blooms or wildflowers, including sunflowers, chrysanthemums, and carnations. These medium-sized blooms work equally well in bouquets, centerpieces, and boutonnieres.

20. Tuberose

Tuberose is famous for its intense fragrance, but it’s also beautiful. This long-stemmed flower with clustered white, yellow, pink, red, orange, or purple blooms is in season throughout all summer and early fall.

Tuberose can serve as an accent flower in your bridal bouquet or centerpieces. However, if you genuinely admire its scent, consider a minimalistic mono tuberose bridal bouquet.

21. Celosia

Celosia’s brush-like head is a creative accent for your September wedding bouquet. This unusual flower comes in white, pink, red, purple, maroon, yellow, and orange to match any wedding color scheme.

Celosia is equally suitable for rustic, tropical, and many other styles. For example, mix vibrant yellow celosia with sunflowers and fountain grass for a carefree rustic appeal, or add burgundy celosia to protea and plum anemones for a dramatic look.

22. Cosmos

Cosmos has multiple medium-sized blooms with delicate, soft petals on a single stem. The flowers can be pink, red, orange, yellow, or white.

While cosmos is a wildflower, it looks stunning with many elegant garden blooms, including peonies and roses.

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