10 Best Spring Wedding Cake Flavors

Updated December 29, 2021
10 Best Spring Wedding Cake Flavors

Spring wedding cake flavors tend to replicate spring weather: not quite cold but not overly warm, fresh like dewdrops, and delicately sweet.

The core factor in choosing the right spring wedding cake is maintaining flavor balance and harmony.

Sweet and rich cake flavors, such as red velvet, black forest, or peanut butter, are too heavy for springtime.

However, typical summer flavors such as pina colada mousse may be too light and tropical.

Spring wedding cakes often feature unexpected flavor combinations, mixing sweet with sour, bitter, or both. Unsurprisingly, semi-sour citrus and delicate almond or pistachio cakes are all-time spring season favorites.

If you don’t want to go for a traditional wedding cake flavor, opt for pink champagne, matcha, lavender, or earl grey tea cake.

Such a cake will, without a doubt, be remembered by your guests for years to come.

1. Almond Cake

Almond cake is one of the best-recognized cakes in the world, with its recipe dating centuries. Almond cake is an elegant, timeless choice for any wedding.

Ground almonds are sweet and slightly bitter, creating a perfect flavor harmony that is self-sufficient and doesn’t require additional ingredients. Of course, the best topping for such a cake is marzipan.

This old-fashioned cake recipe demands delicate decoration. Bright colors will seem odd combined with this flawlessly balanced, tender flavor.

Choose minimalistic details in warm, natural colors. Fresh white or yellow flowers or marzipan figurines are a great choice.

2. Earl Grey Tea Cake

Earl grey tea cake is among the most creative spring wedding cakes you may come across. If you have ever tried earl grey tea, you can imagine the flavor of this cake – rich and bitter, balanced with sweet, heavy cream or mascarpone.

If you’re unfamiliar with this tea variety, earl grey is black tea flavored with bergamot or orange oil. Sometimes, cornflower, citrus zest, and other tea varieties are added to the mix.

Apart from earl grey tea and cream, the cake recipe may involve honey, smooth dark chocolate, lemon or orange zest, vanilla, and brown sugar.

Unsurprisingly, earl grey tea cake pairs flawlessly with tea, though its combination with champagne is just as exquisite.

Such an unusual cake flavor can suffice with minimalistic decoration.

White cream cheese or buttercream surface topped with bergamot, orange, or cornflower will give your guests a hint of the flavor and look exceptionally elegant.

3. Pistachio Cake

Pistachios have a distinctly sweet, rich flavor beloved by bakers around the globe. Pistachio wedding cake variations are endless, from traditional layered sponge cakes with pistachio buttercream to pistachio mousse cakes.

The light green color of pistachio cake is no less stunning than its flavor, indicating to everyone that the spring has arrived.

It will look especially gorgeous topped with fresh white, purple, or pink flowers, herbs, cream swirls, or real pistachios.

4. Mocha Lavender Cake

Mocha cake has a delicious chocolate-coffee flavor and a moist texture. This flavor is also popular in mousse cakes. However, a regular mocha cake may be a bit too tedious for a wedding.

Floral flavors are a relatively new, unconventional trend in wedding cakes. If you’re concerned that flowers don’t taste well, don’t worry – they are mainly used for the scent and visual appeal.

The delicate, calming, powdery-herbal smell of lavender wonderfully matches the balanced sweetness and slight bitterness of mocha. It’s an intriguing and ethereal combination perfect for rustic or fairytale-themed weddings.

The decoration choice for a mocha lavender cake is quite obvious – lavender flowers! They can be fresh or dried, genuine or made from chocolate.

Hand-painted lavender flowers on a smooth white surface will add the cake a special Parisian chic.

5. Tiramisu

Who doesn’t know tiramisu? This coffee-flavored Italian dessert is balanced and light – exactly what’s needed for a spring wedding.

Traditional tiramisu is made with ladyfingers dipped in coffee layered with mascarpone cheese missed with egg yolks and topped with cocoa powder.

Tiramisu wedding cake doesn’t require intricate decoration. A textured surface with cream swirls topped with cocoa or an ombre mascarpone frosting will be the right design choice.

For a buffet-style wedding, you can offer individual tiramisu desserts instead of a single large cake.

6. Matcha Cake

Spring is the time for awakening, and matcha can help you with this no worse than coffee.

Matcha’s invigorating and slightly bitter taste combined with its lively green color creates a delicious and truly creative wedding cake flavor.

Vanilla buttercream, honey, or white chocolate ganache can balance the excessive bitterness of matcha. If you don’t want matcha to be the main ingredient, combine it with bright layers of raspberry or lemon curd or cream cheese.

7. Buttercream Cake

Buttercream is the most common wedding cake flavor. You can’t go wrong with such a classic recipe. And if anyone tells you buttercream cake is boring, don’t believe them – it’s timeless and elegant.

Buttercream wedding cakes tend to be guest favorite, as opposed to fondant that looks stunning but is often considered too sugary.

Furthermore, buttercream is a cost-effective option. Its creamy texture is much easier to work with than fondant.

Of course, vanilla buttercream isn’t your only option. Buttercream cakes are extremely versatile in flavor combinations and design and thus can match any wedding style.

For a balanced and refreshing taste, pair buttercream with just about any fruit or berry, with the most delicious combinations being strawberry and lime.

However, buttercream pairs just as well with sweet ingredients, such as caramel or maple syrup.

One point to note is that creating a flawlessly smooth surface using buttercream is a tough task. Usually, buttercream cakes are textured.

You may also be limited in color options. Buttercream can have slight color undertones depending on the additional ingredients used, but getting a bright color like those seen in fondant cakes is only possible with a large amount of food coloring.

8. Orange Mousse Cake

Citrus flavors are extremely popular at spring weddings, with lemon-meringue sponge cake being the leading choice. Orange mousse cake, in turn, is sweeter, lighter, and more delicate.

Mousse cakes typically have a rounded shape and glossy or velvety surface. The design is usually modern and minimalistic.

Orange mousse cake recipes may vary. The best base for such a cake is brownie or vanilla chiffon.

Both chocolate and vanilla pair perfectly with sweet but refreshing orange, though the textures and flavors of the final cake will differ noticeably depending on the base.

Orange mousse is traditionally in the spotlight, taking up the largest part of the cake. Alternatively, you can opt for a vanilla mousse with an orange curd layer.

Brides who prefer heavier cakes but admire orange flavor will appreciate orange buttercream or orange-white chocolate ganache cake. These are some of the most remarkable spring flavor combinations.

If you’re looking for a truly remarkable flavor combination, consider a mix of orange and basil. Basil won’t change the taste noticeably but will make the smell irresistible.

9. Lemon Raspberry Cake

Citrus and berry flavors are springtime favorites, toeing a narrow line between fresh and delicate and rich.

Lemon cake with vanilla-poppy seed sponge and meringue is a traditional formula with refreshing sweet-sour flavor and creamy texture. Raspberry jam, jelly, or curd will make this classic recipe pop.

Instead of meringue on top, a lemon-raspberry cake can be covered in chocolate.

Dark chocolate makes the cake taste richer, slightly bitter and creates a beautiful contrast with light-yellow lemon. White chocolate, on the opposite, adds sweetness and airiness to the cake.

If you aren’t a fan of raspberry, replace it with any berry of your choice – the most popular options are blueberry and strawberry.

There’s no need to search for design ideas online – draw inspiration from the joyful yellow-pink color combination.

Add some dried lemon slices and some fresh raspberry on top, or cover the cake in colorful fondant.

10. Pink Champagne Cake

Pink champagne wedding cake is a whimsical and playful choice. The pink layers and distinct champagne flavor scream “celebration!”. And if your wedding dress is powdery pink, this cake will match it perfectly.

The champagne is typically added to the cake itself rather than into the filling. Champagne bubbles make the sponge airy and delicate.

The pink champagne cake is versatile when it comes to fillings, though it tastes the best combined with fruity or berry buttercream. White chocolate ganache is a sweet and truly indulgent option.

The pink champagne wedding cake design should be just as airy, chic, and cheerful as its flavor.

You can add shiny sugar spheres that resemble champagne bubbles, an air balloon with bride and groom figurines in it, or a gravity-defying champagne bottle.

If you’re wondering whether a pink champagne cake has alcohol in it, the answer is yes. Bear this in mind if you have children or non-drinking guests attending the wedding.

Without getting into science, 6″ to 8″ cakes retain about 10% of alcohol after baking, while larger cakes may not have any alcohol left at all.

If you’re still concerned about the alcohol content, you can ask the baker to use champagne flavoring instead of real champagne.

Alternatively, offer a different dessert for kids, preferably in the same joyful pink color, such as strawberry cupcakes.

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