Why Are Wedding Rings So Expensive?

The world’s most expensive wedding ring costs nearly nine million dollars and belongs to Elizabeth Taylor. Even if you don’t aim for the most exquisite wedding ring owner title, your rings are going to make about a quarter of your total wedding budget on average. Such a high price is, in most cases, justified. Jewelry […]

7 Best Reasons To Get a Wedding Ring Tattoo

The idea of a wedding ring tattoo may seem bizarre for conservative people. But such an alternative to wedding rings isn’t a novel trend. Celebrities have been making matching tattoos for their weddings since the late 1990s, and it’s no wonder. Some may argue that the downside of tattoos is their permanency, but The Beckhams […]

How Long Does it Take to Resize a Wedding Ring?

The list of force majeure events that may interfere with your wedding plans is endless, and wedding ring resizing delay is one of them. You may have incorrectly measured your finger, or the desired band was not available in your size. Either way, now you’re left wondering how to get your wedding band resized in […]

Why Are Wedding Rings Worn On The Left Hand?

When the time to choose wedding bands comes, many brides start wondering why they should wear a wedding ring on the left hand. How did the tradition arise? Can you wear it on a different finger or hand? It’s a justifiable concern. Decision on which finger to wear a wedding ring on affects the choice […]