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DIY Wedding Bouquet (Actually Easy To Make)

Bridal flower arrangements are crazy expensive (for a reason, and still). That’s why many brides opt for a DIY wedding bouquet. A DIY bridal bouquet is not only a way to save some money but also to showcase your creativity and skill. The first thing you should consider is the wedding bouquet design. It should […]

Best Wedding Dress Style For Your Body Type

Choosing a wedding dress for your body type ensures you’ll feel confident and comfortable throughout the event. Trust me, neglecting your individual body traits when shopping for a wedding dress isn’t wise. The most popular wedding dress style is the ball gown. While this silhouette emphasizes curves and can even create them from nothing, it […]

What Does The Father Of The Bride Wear?

Choosing an attire for the bride’s father is nearly as overwhelming as choosing the bride’s wedding dress. Yet, a father is, without doubt, a special guest who must look accordingly. The bride’s father should consider numerous points when choosing the attire. These points include event formality, dress code, season, and venue location. For example, an […]

Do Bridesmaids Need Bouquets?

Flowers are an important element at any wedding. You’ve likely already chosen your bridal bouquet and are now wondering – do bridesmaids need bouquets, too? Most brides give their bridesmaids something to hold in their hands, but it isn’t a law. Bridesmaid bouquets have both pros and cons. They look beautiful in pictures, make your […]

Why Are Wedding Dresses So Expensive?

Budget typically isn’t the least important factor in the choice of a bridal gown. An expensive wedding dress can soar the total expenditure of an already costly event sky high. Hence, many novel brides wonder what factors contribute to the price of their dream dress. Wedding dress creation involves significant amounts of opulent fabrics, decorative […]

Best Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

The variety of wedding hairstyles for long hair is endless. Waist-length hair may not be very comfortable in daily life, but it offers you a freedom of choice you’d never get with short hair. Long hair requires a lot of time and effort to maintain the shine and softness, so it’s no wonder most brides […]

Best Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

Some may think that the selection of wedding hairstyles for short hair is limited compared to that for long locks. But what if I told you it’s the exact opposite? Short-haired brides have endless styling possibilities; all you need is a good hairstylist, a bit of creativity. Typically, brides with straight hair want to curl […]

Best DIY Wedding Hairstyles (Easy To Make)

Many brides avoid DIY wedding hairstyles, worrying that they won’t look appropriate. But they can be just as sophisticated and stylish as ones created by top-level professionals. It all depends on how well the chosen hairstyle fits your attire and how neatly it is made. Of course, when picking a DIY wedding hairstyle, you should […]