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9 Bachelor Party Ideas (Classic & Original)

Bachelor party ideas don’t end with bar crawl or visiting Las Vegas, though these options are truly foolproof. There are numerous bachelor party ideas that won’t leave your bride worrying and your head aching. Destination bachelor parties are gaining popularity, and that’s no wonder. Why spend a night with friends when you can spend together […]

10 Engagement Party Ideas (Classic & Original)

The variety of engagement party ideas may be overwhelming. That’s no wonder – like the wedding itself, an engagement party is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and you want it to be perfect. Before you dive into reviewing your options, some points are worth noting. An engagement party can be as formal as you wish – you […]

10 Bachelorette Party Ideas (Classic & Original)

For many brides, the bachelorette party is nearly as exciting as the wedding, and you’re likely looking for Instagram-worthy, creative, fun bachelorette party ideas. Of course, visiting Las Vegas or clubbing is an option, but an option we’ve all seen a hundred times. Some of the biggest bachelorette party trends of recent years are destination […]

Who Pays For Bridal Shower?

A bridal shower is an exciting element in the string of pre-wedding celebrations, but many couples get confused by who pays for the bridal shower. The parents are likely already chipping in for the wedding, and the bridesmaids are in charge of a bomb bachelorette party. Making the couple’s parents cover all the costs related […]

10 Bridal Shower Ideas (Classic & Original)

Coming up with bridal shower ideas is no easier than choosing a wedding dress. It’s an event that happens once in a lifetime, just like the wedding itself. An important point to keep in mind is that a bridal shower is not a bachelorette party. A bridal shower is meant to prepare you for married […]