Wedding Color

10 Best Colors For a Summer Rustic Wedding

The rustic wedding style implies natural shades, rough textures, relaxed silhouettes, and a laid-back atmosphere. Close your Pinterest tabs and look around for rustic wedding color inspiration – thankfully, summer nature boasts a wide selection of gorgeous shades. From vivid sunset hues to rich emerald and terracotta and delicate cream and sand, any couple will… […]

10 Best Colors For a Beautiful Winter Wedding

Incorporating a bit of holiday cheer into your wedding celebration won’t hurt anyone – it’s a great way to double the fun and ward off winter blues. However, not every winter wedding color scheme evokes associations with Christmas and the North Pole. Elegant black and white, rustic neutrals, and deep greens are equally suitable for… […]

10 Best Colors For Your April Wedding

Spring wedding colors are noticeably more diverse than winter but less vivid than summer. April shades toe a narrow line between coldness and warmth, delicacy and vibrancy. How to choose a wedding color theme among a plethora of stunning spring shades, you may wonder. The goal is to find colors that match your wedding venue,… […]

10 Best Colors For Your July Wedding

Summer is the most popular wedding season for a good reason – warm weather is favorable for outdoor receptions, and blooming nature serves as a perfect backdrop for any color theme. Enhance the vacation mood with a distinctly hot and saturated wedding color scheme or opt for a muted, cool palette – it’s all up… […]

10 Best Colors For Your March Wedding

Early spring is a time when you can still sense winter chill in the air, but the sun is already warm. Your March wedding color scheme should convey this feeling of rebirth and contrast between coldness and warmth. From contrasting berry and blush to monochromatic sage and silver or traditional champagne and ivory, there’s a… […]

10 Best Colors For a Beautiful Fall Wedding

Rich deep reds, elegant dark blues, earthy browns, bright orangey hues of leaves and harvest, or relaxing greens – there’s a color code for any style. Picking your favorite colors isn’t enough – you should correctly incorporate them into your event to create the desired atmosphere. Your chosen shades can appear in each element of… […]

10 Best Colors For a Fall Beach Wedding

Think about your wedding location, preferred style, and expected weather. A destination beach wedding on a tropical island demands different colors than a beach wedding in Maine on a rainy day. From versatile white and gold to vibrant coral and yellow or melancholic grey and dusty blue, there’s a color scheme for any beach wedding… […]

10 Best Colors For Your February Wedding

Perhaps, the most popular February wedding color palette is a winter wonderland-like combination of cool pastels and white. However, winter wedding color schemes don’t necessarily have to be inspired by snow and ice. Warm colors like champagne, gold, green, and marsala are equally suitable for February weddings. The goal is to find a color theme… […]

10 Best Colors For Your December Wedding

Matching your wedding color scheme with the season is vital to creating the right atmosphere. Saturated tropical hues don’t pair well with snowy woods and cloudy sky. Thankfully, your selection is plentiful – there’s a winter wedding color palette for any style and preference, from glamorous and regal to rustic and playful. Incorporate your favorite… […]

10 Best Colors For Your September Wedding

From an elegant mix of silver and champagne to rich jewel tones and vivid teal and orange combo, there’s a September wedding color theme for every couple. If you’re wondering how to choose a wedding color scheme, listen to your heart and use your imagination. The choice of wedding color scheme should be based on… […]

11 Best Colors For a Beautiful Spring Wedding

Spring nature is delicate and inspiring, starring a plethora of pretty pastels ranging from cool greys and blues to warm peach and blush. As spring moves towards summer, we can see vibrant hues replacing neutrals: greenery becomes lusher, and gentle early March blooms give way to bright May flowers. When choosing your wedding color palette,… […]

10 Best Colors For Your June Wedding

If you’re wondering how to choose the right wedding color theme, consider your intended tone of event and venue location. Draw inspiration from buoyant summer nature, from orangey-purple sunsets to relaxing ocean blue, or choose traditional wedding colors appropriate for any season. Incorporate your favorite hues into your bridal attire, venue interior, table d├ęcor, floral… […]

10 Best Colors For a Beautiful Summer Wedding

It’s no wonder that summer is the most popular wedding season – who wouldn’t like to get married in a sun-drenched ceremony site at the seaside or in a buoyant garden, surrounded by colorful florals? However, picking two or three colors from a plethora of stunning hues isn’t simple. When choosing your summer wedding color… […]

10 Best Colors For Your October Wedding

From warm neutrals to deep reds and vibrant pumpkin and saffron shades, fall wedding colors tend to match the decadent nature. However, this isn’t a rule – a timeless combination of black and white, elegant emerald and champagne, or pastel blue and dusty rose are appropriate for any wedding season. Incorporate your favorite hues in… […]

10 Best Colors For Your August Wedding

August is arguably the best wedding month. The weather is still warm, and the greenery is lush, but you can already catch a glimpse of romantic early autumn. Draw imitation from late summer nature – teal waves, warm sand, clear blue sky, lively greenery, and whimsy pink florals. Choose your August wedding color scheme based… […]

10 Best Colors For a Spring Rustic Wedding

Rustic wedding style demands organic materials, rough shapes and textures, natural color combinations, and a worthy backdrop. Many couples think that the selection of natural color combinations is limited to beige and grey, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Inspiration is around you, from carefree blue and yellow shades of sky and sun… […]

10 Best Colors For a Late Summer Wedding

If you’re struggling to choose a color scheme for your big day, look around – summer nature is the best inspiration. Your selection is plentiful, from delicate blush and cream to vivid coral and yellow or rich burnt orange and wine. Don’t forget to consider your wedding style and location to pick the right color… […]

10 Best Colors For a Winter Wonderland Wedding

Classical winter favorites – white, silver, blue, and grey, are always a good choice, blending in with sleepy nature. However, so many more gorgeous shades suit a winter wonderland wedding, from deep greens and reds to sparkling metallics and delicate pastels. Turn to winter scenery for inspiration and consider your personality, venue interior, and location… […]

10 Best Colors For a Fall Rustic Wedding

Of course, yellow, orange, and red tones always look stunning in autumn weddings, and you can safely use this classic palette if you feel like it. However, if you prefer to take a creative approach, consider the moody combos of black and copper, burgundy and blush, or khaki and dusty rose. Think about your and… […]

10 Best Colors For Your May Wedding

May is arguably the best month of the year. The sun is already warm, florals are blooming, birds are chirping, and you’ve still got an entire summer ahead. From an elegant combo of champagne, green, and white to playful pinks and dreamy mint and peach, there’s a May wedding color theme for any preference. Consider… […]

10 Best Colors For Your November Wedding

November is the last month of autumn, marking the start of holiday anticipation. Late fall combines melancholy with joy and hope, and these contrasting feelings mirror in fall wedding hues. Consider your preferred wedding style and venue to choose the right color combination. For instance, black and gold carry an Art Deco vibe, while grey… […]

10 Best Colors For Your January Wedding

December is a time full of holiday anticipation and joy, and February hints at the soon arrival of spring. Meanwhile, January is a distinctly wintery month. Couples choosing winter weddings appreciate the beauty of sleepy nature and woods covered in snow. Incorporate cool blues, greys, and pure white into your January affair to convey your… […]