Wedding Flowers

21 Best Flowers For a Beautiful February Wedding

Seasonal blooms perfectly reflect the season’s unique atmosphere, starring wintery colors including snow white, burgundy, and sky blue. Furthermore, seasonal flowers cost less and last more than out-of-season blooms. You can rest assured your floral arrangements will stay fresh throughout the long wedding day. When looking for winter wedding floral arrangement ideas, consider your wedding… […]

21 Best Flowers For a Beautiful January Wedding

Traditional tulips and roses, delicate baby’s breath and waxflowers, exotic calla lilies and orchids, or festive poinsettias – there’s a January wedding bloom for any preference. The benefits of using seasonal flowers in bridal arrangements include cost-effectiveness, fresher look, longevity, and lower environmental impact. If you’re wondering how to choose wedding flowers, consider your wedding… […]

21 Best Flowers For a Beautiful April Wedding

Of course, nowadays, most flowers are available year-round. However, choosing seasonal florals has multiple benefits. Seasonal blooms stay fresh for longer, are cheaper, more environmentally friendly, and, most importantly, they capture spring’s unique appeal. Consider your reception style, color scheme, and location when choosing flowers for your wedding to ensure they help to create the… […]

21 Best Flowers For a Beautiful March Wedding

Nowadays, many flower varieties are available year-round. However, seasonal blooms tend to be fresher and more cost-effective. Furthermore, spring flowers perfectly match the season’s unique appeal, and floral arrangements are an integral part of your wedding atmosphere. Choose flowers based on your wedding style, color theme, and location. For instance, wildflowers are best for rustic… […]

21 Best Flowers For a Beautiful July Wedding

If you’re wondering how to choose wedding flowers, consider your ceremony style, location, and color theme. For instance, sunflower and cornflower arrangements will suit rustic weddings, while orchids are best for a tropical beach affair. Choosing seasonal summer flower varieties is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and ensures that your arrangements remain fresh longer. Alstroemeria, also known… […]

22 Best Flowers For a Beautiful June Wedding

Choosing seasonal flowers will ensure that your wedding arrangements stay fresh longer and help you save some money. Furthermore, summer flowers perfectly match the season’s unique appeal, boasting a plethora of vibrant colors. If you’re wondering how to choose the right flowers for your wedding among so many stunning varieties, consider your event style, color… […]

21 Best Flowers For a Beautiful November Wedding

Naturally, many popular flowers nowadays are available year-round. Roses, chrysanthemums, and peonies are always valid options. But no matter how you admire hyacinths, November isn’t the right time for spring flowers. Fall flowers will look fresher and cost you less. Match your floral arrangements to your wedding style and color theme. For instance, sunflowers are… […]

21 Best Flowers For a Beautiful May Wedding

Of course, many popular wedding flowers nowadays are available year-round, like roses or tulips. However, some of the most delicate, dreamy cultivars only bloom in spring – lilac, wisteria, and lily of the valley, to name a few. Flowers are an integral element of your wedding atmosphere, so choosing the right varieties is vital. When… […]

21 Best Flowers For a Beautiful October Wedding

Fall is an excellent time to embrace your creativity, incorporating perennial shrubs, tree branches, and greenery in your floral arrangements. Of course, timeless wedding flowers like roses and peonies in romantic pastel shades are also a valid option for your October affair. The key is to find flowers to match your wedding style and location,… […]

22 Best Flowers For a Beautiful September Wedding

Regardless of your wedding style and color theme, early fall has a flower to offer – from rustic sunflowers to exotic orchids. Autumn is also an excellent time to incorporate non-flower accents, such as fountain grass and croton leaves, into your wedding arrangements. Most importantly, your wedding flowers should fit in the setting, helping to… […]

21 Best Flowers For a Beautiful August Wedding

You may wonder, why choose seasonal wedding flowers if most blooms nowadays are available year-round? Seasonal blooms are not only cheaper. They also look fresher, live longer, and convey the season’s unique appeal. Consider your wedding style, personal preferences, color theme, and location to pick the best summer wedding flowers. Gardenias are favored for their… […]

21 Best Flowers For a Beautiful December Wedding

While you can find summer flowers in December if you’re dedicated enough, only seasonal blooms can convey the unique winter appeal. Furthermore, seasonal flowers are more cost-effective, have a longer vase life, and overall look fresher. There’s a winter flower for any wedding style and preference, from exotic orchids and proteas to delicate waxflowers and… […]

Why Are Wedding Flowers So Expensive?

You may think that a DIY wedding bouquet will be indistinguishable from a professional one. However, florists charge their rates for a reason. They spend years learning and gaining experience to create extraordinary flower compositions that will accommodate all your wishes. A common misconception is that the bouquet’s size affects its price. This may be… […]