Wedding Photography

9 Essential Questions For Your Wedding Photographer

The couple should ask their potential wedding photographer numerous questions to determine whether they’re the right fit for such a special day. Interviewing someone isn’t a simple task, and you’ll likely start valuing HR manager labor a bit more after talking to multiple photographers in a row. Many couples are confused about what to ask […]

Why is Wedding Photography Important?

Fees of industry professionals make some brides wonder whether wedding photography is important. The average cost of a wedding photographer in the US exceeds $2,000 for six hours of work. Could you ask a friend to shoot the event on their old Olympus? Can an iPhone make equally good pictures as a pro-level Nikon? If […]

How Can I Look Thinner in My Wedding Photos?

At some point, most brides start to wonder how to look thinner in wedding photos. It doesn’t matter if you have a top model’s body in daily life. Wedding day pressures you to look better than ever. That’s no wonder, as your wedding photos will remind you of the special day for years to come […]

How Can I Look Good in My Wedding Photos?

Every bride wants to look good in her wedding photos. The entire preparation, including hours of dress shopping and professional wedding makeup, is necessary not solely for the ceremony and reception. Your look will be documented for decades to come on the pictures, and that can be intimidating. Modeling for wedding pictures involves more than […]

What Do I Do If I Don’t Like My Wedding Photos?

You’d be surprised if I told you how many brides dislike their wedding photos. Sometimes, the reason is the bride’s look. In other cases, it’s the editing style. It doesn’t undermine your concerns in any way, but the issue is common and, most often, fixable. First, you should remember that your wedding isn’t a Vogue […]

How To Make Your Wedding Photos Not Awkward

Awkward wedding photos aren’t uncommon, and that’s easily explainable. Wedding is, perhaps, the most photographed day in your life, which imposes a high degree of stress. But the pictures will remind you of this day for decades to come, and you likely want them to be perfect. The only working method to avoid looking awkward […]