Wedding Reception

Is a Buffet Wedding Tacky?

Brides researching reception style options often come across comments on how tacky a buffet wedding is. Tacky is a vague concept for sure. Its definition is closely tied to the cultural background and situation. Your chosen reception style must be appropriate to the size and style of the event. Propriety is never seen as tasteless. […]

Why Are Wedding Caterers So Expensive?

It’s mind-boggling how expensive a wedding caterer service can be. According to the latest data, the average cost of wedding catering in the US is $3,500 for 50 guests. And that’s only a tiny portion of all the event expenses you need to budget for. While the cost of wedding catering may seem sky-high, it […]

Should You Have a Menu at Your Wedding?

A wedding menu may not top the list of event must-haves. Still, the question about menu card importance is valid regardless of your chosen reception type. Menus are equally beneficial for formal plated dinners and relaxed cocktail-style gatherings. They add formality to any reception, supporting the elegant atmosphere. Plus, wedding menu cards are another way […]