Wedding Theme

How Do You Choose a Wedding Theme?

The wedding theme choice is a tough one. The selection of wedding themes is so broad many couples don’t even know where to start. But in reality, the answer is always close – you may already know it. Let’s start with the fact that not everyone needs a wedding theme. If you choose it just […]

9 Best Wedding Theme Ideas (Classic & Original)

Wedding theme ideas are endless. Bridal magazines and Pinterest pictures showcase every wedding theme so beautifully that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But don’t rush to incorporate ten different themes into a single wedding. When choosing your wedding theme, think of what you love the most. Sure, rustic weddings held at forest venues are tasteful […]

Why Should You Have a Wedding Theme?

Not many brides consider all wedding theme pros, but they aren’t limited to showcasing your personality. While making your wedding unique is a significant advantage of a defined theme, it also has practical implications. A wedding theme serves as a compass for your decision-making. It should be the starting point when choosing the attire, venue, […]

Why Are Wedding Flowers So Expensive?

You will never see regular flower arrangements as costly after discovering how expensive wedding flowers can be. The average cost of a wedding bouquet exceeds $170. This isn’t much compared to the price of venue or dress but still immense for something so small and temporary. You may think that a DIY wedding bouquet will […]