9 Tips To Pick The Perfect Wedding After-Party Dress

Updated May 14, 2023

A wedding after-party dress is an exceedingly popular option among contemporary brides, and for a good reason.

After you’ve walked down the aisle and said your vows, you’ll want to relax and have fun – but traditional wedding dresses aren’t always particularly comfy.

Furthermore, changing into another attire is your chance to amaze your loved one and wedding guests twice. When else would you get so much attention?

Sure, a second wedding dress is an extra expense and an extra timeline challenge. But you certainly won’t regret it when dancing all night long.

Most importantly, the wedding after-party dress code is not as strict as that of an official ceremony, so there’s a style for everyone – minimalistic or extravagant, modest or sexy, traditional or fashionable.

1. Sequined Mini Dress

Wedding dresses are traditionally formal and sophisticated – think floor-length skirts, corseted bodices, and dramatic trains.

Such gowns are undoubtedly beautiful and appropriate for an official ceremony, but they have some drawbacks.

Firstly, traditional wedding dresses are rarely comfortable. Secondly, floor-length skirts don’t allow you to showcase your legs and new shoes.

Thirdly, they impose certain behavior expectations – you likely won’t hit the dancefloor in a long modest wedding gown.

A sequined mini dress eliminates all these concerns, allowing you to move freely and show off the wedding shoes you’ve been picking for so long. Furthermore, shiny dresses never fail to bring in the party mood.

Colored sequined dresses may incite associations with a Christmas party rather than a wedding, so choose traditional bridal colors – white and its variations.

A little white dress is an ultimate alternative to the little black dress for your wedding.

A sequined mini dress is a flirty choice for confident brides who love to be in the spotlight. If you’re that type of person but aren’t a sequin fan, consider mini dresses with large crystal appliques.

2. Minimalistic Styles

A party dress doesn’t necessarily have to be all glittery or colorful. Minimalistic wedding after-party dresses can work equally great if styled correctly.

Simplicity can be impeccably elegant, formal, and modern at the same time.

When choosing a minimalistic second wedding dress, you’re risking looking overly casual for such an important event. Thus, favor unusual silhouettes and light colors, optionally – with moderate embellishments.

For instance, a white satin mini dress with a bell skirt and crystal-embellished straps is chic yet not excessively decorated style.

For a beach wedding, you may choose a lightweight cotton off-white dress with balloon sleeves and waist cut-outs.

Of course, not all second wedding dresses should be short. After all, when else would you wear an exquisite floor-length gown?

If you want to look like a real princess but feel comfy, choose minimalistic long wedding gowns without embellishments or other decorations.

A great example is Meghan Markle’s second wedding dress, designed by Clare Waight Keller. She wore a snow-white high neck halter dress with zero decorations and managed to look truly breathtaking.

3. Break Color Rules

If you value traditions and believe that the main wedding gown must necessarily be white, consider getting a colorful wedding after-party dress. It’s a great way to express your personality and stand out on the dancefloor.

There’s a color for every bride – if you love pastels, look for dresses in lemon cream, pistachio, powder rose, or lavender shades.

A baby blue wedding dress is a creative choice for those who believe in the “something old, new, borrowed, blue” superstition.

If you prefer brighter colors, you may go for trendy shades such as emerald green, crimson red, or hot pink.

Metallics, such as gold, silver, and rose gold, are another modern option for brides who love to be the center of attention.

If you prefer to follow traditions but fancy a pop of color, choose white dresses with colorful accents – for example, contrasting lace, skirt lining, or trim.

4. Elegant Slip Dress

Silk is among the most popular wedding dress fabrics, and it’s no wonder – silk is luxurious, lightweight, breathable, and simply beautiful. However, it doesn’t keep shape well and typically isn’t used for voluminous dresses.

If you chose a puffy organza ball gown for the wedding ceremony, a silk slip dress is a perfect option for the after-party. It’s an elegant, feminine style that never goes out of fashion and is admired by celebrities.

To avoid looking as if you wear a nightdress, choose gowns with an interesting cut or decorations.

Draw inspiration from Hailey Bieber’s third (can someone count how many dresses she had in total?) silk halter wedding dress with a slit.

Another excellent example of a wedding-worthy slip dress style is a fringe-trimmed dress in a delicate champagne shade or a crystal-embellished light blue silk gown.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with the traditional pure white color either.

5. Feather-Decorated Dress

Feathered wedding dresses are among the hottest trends of recent years that didn’t become widespread due to their extravagance.

But if you’ve always dreamt of a fanciful, whimsical bridal attire, this may be what you’ve been looking for.

The variety of feathered wedding gown styles is limitless: there are minimalistic yet stylish feather-trimmed slip gowns, voluminous ball gowns with ostrich feather-adorned skirts, and flowy, colorful all-over feather dresses.

Feather accents are largely underestimated. They can make any attire look dreamy and lightweight, adding gentle movement while you’re walking.

Such a seemingly minor detail as feather trim brings in the sense of playfulness and fun.

Most importantly, a feathered wedding after-party dress won’t leave you unnoticed. Such a creative second wedding dress choice will be remembered by all wedding guests and will guarantee you Vogue-worthy pictures.

6. High-Low or Asymmetric Skirt

The largest drawback of classic floor-length wedding gowns is that they’re uncomfortable to dance in. You’ll likely be constantly stepping on the skirt and may even rip it if your heels are extra-sharp.

High-low and asymmetric skirts are a modern solution to the problem. They make any bridal attire look ultra-trendy and allow you to get fun without worrying about ruining your dress.

A high-low or asymmetric hemline adds an element of surprise even to the most traditional silhouettes, flatters your legs, and doesn’t hide your shoes.

No wonder bridal designers have used this style so often in the recent year collections.

High-low hemlines go exceptionally well with strapless, off-shoulder, and one-shoulder necklines and minimalistic decorations, creating a chic and whimsy look.

High-low wedding dresses with a detachable train are a smart solution for brides who don’t want to spend time changing into another dress.

This one detail can instantly transform your look from formal and celebratory into playful and fun.

7. Fringed Art-Deco Style Dress

Fringed dresses make a solid competition for feathered and sequined styles – they’re equally flirty, original, attention-seeking, and move playfully while you’re dancing, encouraging others to join.

You may go for a full-blown 1920s’ style with a dress fully covered in sparkling fringes or stay down to earth with a minimalistic single-row fabric fringe trimming.

Most importantly, you should feel the bohemian, hedonistic vibe fringes radiate.

A fringed wedding after-party dress will suit freedom-loving and outgoing brides and look especially appropriate on rustic, Art Deco, and bohemian-style weddings.

Choose white or ivory colors for a truly bridal look or the combination of black and gold if you wish to reuse the dress for New Year’s party in the following years.

8. Seductive Cocktail Dress

A cocktail dress is an ambiguous term. As a rule of thumb, a cocktail attire toes a narrow line between casual and highly formal. Such dresses typically feature midi hemlines, moderate cleavages, and high-quality fabrics.

In other words, a cocktail dress is an impeccably elegant option appropriate for a cocktail wedding after-party but, perhaps, too formal for a nightclub.

Since the cocktail dress definition is so broad, every bride can find a silhouette, color, and style to suit her body type, complexion, and personality. The options are endless – all you need to do is define what suits you the best.

Of course, cocktail dresses in light colors are the best choice for a wedding, but colorful options are also welcome – furthermore, you can wear them later on.

Perhaps, one color to avoid is black – a little black dress is a timeless classic, but a wedding deserves something more special.

9. Not a Dress

When choosing a wedding after-party attire, brides often neglect options other than dresses. Meanwhile, some suits, jumpsuits, and two-piece outfits are way fancier than many gowns.

With a suit, you don’t have to worry about tearing your stockings or stepping on the skirt. Suits are always appropriate, classy, and comfortable. A jumpsuit is an equally comfortable yet more modern option.

Some transformer wedding dresses are actually jumpsuits with removable skirts. Such attire can save you plenty of time on changing clothes. However, note that going to the restroom may be a real challenge.

Alternatively, consider a two-piece skirt and crop top look. It’s a flattering style for brides who wish to show their narrow waist, and you can wear the outfit pieces separately after the event.

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