20 Wedding Bouquets For Older Bride

Updated May 10, 2023

A wedding bouquet for an older bride should be elegant and sophisticated but not necessarily modest and traditional.

Every age has its beauty. Let your wedding flowers embrace maturity – favor rich, deep hues, textured garden and exotic blooms, and creative non-flower accents.

However, classic white wedding bouquets are appropriate for any bride, regardless of her age or style.

The truth is that age is the last factor affecting your choice of wedding flowers. Your personality, wedding style, season, and location play more significant roles.

Strive to choose seasonal wedding flowers to ensure they look fresh throughout the day and channel the season’s unique appeal, and ensure they fit your bridal attire and venue interior to support the atmosphere.

1. Red & White Roses & Eucalyptus

Roses are the most popular wedding flowers available year-round. They are cost-effective, long-lasting, and versatile.

The combination of red and white roses is a timeless classic, ideal for a mature bride valuing tradition. This sophisticated bouquet will look the most appropriate in an elegant venue. Eucalyptus branches add a modern accent to the arrangement.

2. Calla Lily Mono Bouquet

Exotic flowers are an excellent choice for an older bride, giving a sophisticated feel to the wedding look. Calla lilies, featuring a single petal forming an unusual trumpet shape, look chic even in mono arrangements.

Naturally, the most popular calla lily color for weddings is white, but you can choose among numerous other shades, including pink, yellow, red, and burgundy. Two-toned calla lilies with plum center and white petal edge are especially gorgeous.

3. Protea, Burgundy Peonies, Yarrow, Fern Leaves, & Thistle

Rich, dark wine shades are trendy among winter brides. Older brides who admire unconventional designs may consider a creative bouquet of burgundy peonies, yarrow, and king protea accented with fern leaves and thistle.

This floral arrangement is ideal for a rustic or alternative-style wedding. If you prefer lighter shades, this flower combination will look equally gorgeous in white and blush colors.

4. Panda Anemones, Eucalyptus, Olive Branches

Anemones bloom from early spring to late fall, boasting a wide range of shades from white, also known as the panda variety, to nearly black. The contrasting black center gives anemones an unusual look.

A wedding bouquet with white anemones, eucalyptus, and olive branches is an elegant choice for a mature bride. This floral arrangement incorporates a traditional white color with modern accents, making a fashion statement.

5. Red & Pink Peony & Rose Mix

Red and pink are among the most common wedding colors, and that’s no wonder – these are the hues of romance and passion.

Choose a bouquet of peonies and roses in saturated hot pink and red color combo for a feminine, romantic look. Alternatively, consider a dramatic yet dreamy mix of blush peonies with burgundy roses.

Peonies and roses are available year-round and suit any wedding style, including bohemian, whimsical, preppy, and traditional.

6. Blush & Mauve Ranunculus, Roses, Scabiosa, & Yarrow

You can’t go wrong with muted pastel tones for a wedding. Toned-down blush and mauve shades are always appropriate, regardless of the bride’s age or style.

An elegant mix of ranunculi and roses with textured purple scabiosa looks classic but doesn’t lack a twist. White or blush yarrow serves as a filler flower, adding texture and dimension to the bouquet.

7. Camelia, Camelia Leaves, Ranunculus, & Peonies

Camelia is undoubtedly the queen of winter flowers, featuring a flawlessly symmetrical shape, delicate petals, and sweet, intoxicating fragrance – no wonder it was the favorite flower of Coco Chanel!

A wedding bouquet featuring white camellias, ranunculi, and peonies is romantic and fragrant, perfect for a winter wedding in an exquisite venue. Emerald green camelia leaves liven up the arrangement.

If you believe that the white color is for younger brides or simply fancy a pop of color, consider this flower combination in pink, red, or cream.

8. Rust Fern Leaves, Roses, & Vermillion Palm

Some brides consider rose wedding bouquets unoriginal, but they can be more creative than elaborate exotic arrangements. For example, an unusual rose bridal bouquet with fern leaves and Vermillion palm is perfect for an older bride fancying a modern twist.

You may use classic white, pink, orange, or red garden roses, but unusual rose varieties like Majorcan hybrid winter rose, spotted green crocodile tears rose, and double black winter rose will undoubtedly cause a wow effect.

9. Sunny Poppy, Yarrow, Rose, Chrysanthemum, & Craspedia Mix

A wedding is a happy day, so why not celebrate it with a saturated, sunny mix of yellow poppies, yarrow, Graham Thomas roses, chrysanthemums, and Craspedia accents?

These flowers are available year-round but are the freshest in late summer and early fall. They will beautifully fit a wedding in a slate-yellow or blue-yellow color scheme in rustic or preppy style.

10. Dahlias, Chrysanthemums, Scabiosa, & Apricot Statice

Dahlias and chrysanthemums are a fall wedding bouquet staple. These popular flower varieties come in a myriad of sizes, shapes, and colors to fit any preference. Some dahlias reach eight inches in diameter, and many chrysanthemums boast unusual ombre petals.

Rich, muted shades beautifully suit mature brides. Consider a combination of rust dahlias, burgundy chrysanthemums, red scabiosa, and delicate apricot statice accents for a gorgeous fall bridal bouquet.

11. Asymmetric Mix of Delphiniums, Dahlias, Hydrangeas, & Peonies

Despite the growing popularity of unconventional wedding floral arrangements featuring dried blooms and non-flower elements, traditional garden blooms are always a good choice, especially for an older, elegant bride.

Consider a textured, voluminous bouquet with dahlias, hydrangeas, and peonies. This flower combo will look stunning in sky blue and baby pink or deep berry tones.

Long-stemmed delphiniums will add dimension and height to the bouquet, turning it classic to modern.

12. Calla Lilies, Protea, Orchids, Anthurium, Birds of Paradise, & Tropical Greens

Older brides admiring exotic flowers will appreciate a creative bouquet with calla lilies, orchids, anthuriums, proteas, birds of paradise, and tropical green leaves.

This floral arrangement incorporates all the best blooms the tropics have to offer and is ideal for a modern or alternative wedding. Naturally, it’s also an excellent choice for a destination beach affair.

Although birds of paradise are famous for their vivid orange and azure blue color, they can also be white.

Consider a mix of white birds of paradise, orchids, and calla lilies with blush protea and anthuriums if you prefer light shades or a dramatic bouquet in deep burgundy and vivid orange hues.

13. White Ranunculus, Peonies, & Autumn Leaves

You can’t go wrong with white flowers for a wedding, especially when it comes to peonies and ranunculi. These versatile wedding flowers are available year-round and suit any wedding style.

Incorporate golden and rust autumn foliage into this classic floral arrangement to add a pop of color and a bit of creativity. This artsy wedding bouquet is ideal for a fall rustic or bohemian wedding.

14. Yarrow, Astilbe, Chrysanthemums, Dried Palm Leaves

Textured blooms add dimension to a wedding bouquet, making it appear more unusual.

A fall wedding bouquet for an older bride featuring chrysanthemums, yarrow, dried palm leaves, and astilbe gives off an artsy feel.

15. Anthurium, Pampas Grass, Dried Lotus Pods

Anthurium is a tropical plant with a single waxy petal, available in a rainbow of colors, including white, peach, red, purple, and nearly black. Some varieties even have two-toned petals, for example, white and pink or red and green.

This stylish exotic wedding flower doesn’t require other blooms because it will be the star of the bouquet anyway. Combine it with pampas grass and dried lotus pods to add volume and texture to the arrangement.

16. Birds of Paradise, Celosia, Fluffy Gerberas, & Dried Sago Palm Leaves

Garden and tropical blooms can go along surprisingly well – a bouquet of birds of paradise, celosia, fluffy gerberas, and dried sago palm leaves is proof.

This unexpected flower combination boasts buoyant hues and diverse textures that perfectly blend in a creative summer bridal bouquet.

17. Burgundy & Purple Anemone & Hellebore Mix

Dark wedding bouquets are a sophisticated choice for a late fall or winter wedding. Choose seasonal blooms, such as anemones and hellebores to ensure a fresh look of your bouquet.

You may also incorporate cascading ivy, fern leaves, or evergreen branches into the arrangement.

18. Succulents, Dark Viburnum Berries, Dusty Miller, & Cotton

Non-flower wedding bouquets have become exceedingly popular, and it’s easy to understand when you look at all the stylish ideas modern brides embrace.

A bouquet with succulents, dark viburnum berries, dusty miller, and cotton sprigs is ideal for a winter wonderland wedding, channeling the hues of sleepy nature.

19. Cascading Orchids

Orchids best suit traditional, alternative, and tropical-style weddings and come in various colors and shapes, from classic pure white phalaenopsis orchids to yellow-spotted and two-toned varieties.

Consider a cascading orchid bridal bouquet if you admire minimalism with an artsy touch. This bridal bouquet will look impeccably chic in total white or pink and purple colors.

20. Blush Dahlias & Panda Anemones with Blue Thistle

The combination of romantic blush dahlias and white panda anemones with spiky blue thistle looks unconventional and modern, with a touch of drama.

This bridal bouquet is suitable for any season and style, from rustic to alternative.

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