12 Best Wedding Cake Flavors in 2022

Updated September 13, 2022
12 Best Wedding Cake Flavors in 2022

The wide variety of wedding cake flavors available on the market is mind-boggling.

You may have thought that difficult decisions end with the choice of a wedding dress and venue.

But coming up with the wedding cake flavor is surprisingly challenging.

First, you must know how to choose the perfect wedding cake. The cake must not simply feature your favorite flavor. It must also fit the style and color scheme of your wedding.

What could be a better choice for a rustic wedding than a carrot cake? But for a black-tie event, this flavor may be too homey.

If your wedding venue, bouquet, and dress feature pastel colors, red velvet cake may create an unwanted dissonance. A heavenly lavender cake matches such a style much better.

Finally, it would help to determine whether you prefer traditional wedding cake flavors such as buttermilk or unconventional such as green tea.

1. Red Velvet

Red velvet cake is a timeless classic featuring a contrasting combination of white and crimson or scarlet-red layers.

This recipe originated in Maryland in the early 20th century and has been among the most popular desserts in the US since then.

Despite a common misconception, a red velvet cake isn’t a regular chocolate cake with red coloring. This recipe involves much less cocoa powder and has a gentler taste.

It will be appreciated by those who don’t have a particularly sweet tooth but don’t like sour cakes either.

Red velvet cake is a perfect choice for weddings following a white-red color code. It looks beautiful even with minimalistic decorations, such as berries, fresh flowers, and smooth white sugar paste.

2. Lemon Meringue

Poppyseed cake with lemon curd and meringue frosting offers a lively mix of different tastes and textures. If you can’t decide between sweet and sour, why not go for both?

This cake looks sunny and juicy, so it’s a perfect choice for a summer or spring wedding. A lemon meringue cake doesn’t require extensive decoration.

Instead, it’s appealing in its “bare” state, with deliciously toasted, wavy meringue sides.

This flavor combination is just as suitable for cupcakes as it is for a cake. So if you don’t want to wreck your head with cake design and serving size calculation, you can opt for this simple alternative instead.

3. Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

If you prefer to enjoy life to the fullest and have a major sweet tooth, a chocolate raspberry truffle cake is meant for you.

While the flavor of this cake is very rich, it’s perfectly balanced. Sweet chocolate, bright refreshing raspberry, and slightly bitter truffle make an excellent blend.

This cake is most suitable for winter weddings. Although the cake may seem too dark for a wedding, that’s easily solvable with appropriate decorations.

Chocolate raspberry truffle cake goes well with some buttercream and fresh berries or flowers on top.

The name only suggests the flavor combination, though. You can request it in any texture, from classic cream cake to modern mousse or even jelly.

4. Peanut Butter Cup

Do you eat peanut jelly sandwiches for breakfast daily? Are you Reese’s fan? If the answer is yes, there’s no need to sacrifice your preferences for the sake of tradition.

Don’t listen to whoever says peanut butter cup isn’t a good wedding cake flavor.

Such a cake looks irresistible and tastes so, too. Unfortunately, you may have to order double the expected size to meet the guest’s demand. But jokes aside, peanut butter cup wedding cake will certainly impress everyone.

It may seem that peanut butter isn’t remarkably versatile in terms of flavor combinations. The only add-on that instantly comes to mind is chocolate.

However, peanut butter also goes well with carrots, pumpkins, spices, berry jelly, and bananas. These ingredients help to balance the peanut butter sweetness and add an unexpected twist to your wedding cake.

5. Coconut & Lime

Coconut lime is an unconventional cake flavor, though it seems to have been created specifically for weddings. This total-white cake looks innocent and ethereal but presents a surprising sweet-sour flavor combination.

Such a cake looks delicious and elegant when sprinkled with coconut flakes and decorated with lime slices. However, the white base of this cake lets you go full creative with embellishment.

You can even avoid placing lime on top to keep the flavor secret to the last minute.

Coconut-lime combination can be used both in classic and contemporary cake recipes. For example, you can opt for a traditional layered cake or a mirror glaze mousse cake.

This flavor is also great in cupcakes, eclairs, and pretty much any other dessert type. If you aren’t ready for such an unusual cake, you can at least give this combo a shot by placing it on your wedding dessert buffet.

6. Chocolate Mint

Chocolate-mint is a classic combination, but not so for wedding cakes. Nevertheless, this rich but fresh flavor is beloved by people around the globe and commonly presented in confectionery.

There are numerous ways you can combine these contrasting flavors in one cake. Layer chocolate cake with mint buttercream filling is a traditional option.

Opt for a mint mousse with a chocolate cookie base if you wish to make the mint dominant. Mint can also serve as a subtle decoration for a total chocolate cake.

When it comes to decoration, you can either make mint the center of attention or hide it to create intrigue. For example, your guests are unlikely to expect a bright green filling in a chocolate cake.

On the other hand, light mint and dark-brown layers can support the overall wedding color code.

7. Buttermilk

Buttermilk is one of the most common wedding cake flavors, as it’s versatile and elegant. So, you can’t go wrong with this smooth traditional cake.

Buttermilk on its own seems a bit boring to some brides. Thankfully, this flavor pairs well with nearly anything. You can mix buttermilk with any sweet, bitter, or sour ingredient, and it will taste delicious.

Buttermilk cakes also offer you freedom of decoration choice. The white base already suggests it’s a wedding cake, so you can add a pop of any color you wish.

Go for a classic, clean flower ornament on a smooth surface or something bright and unique – it’s the perfect canvas to express your personality.

The buttermilk cream doesn’t necessarily have to be yellowish-white, after all. Food colorings create wonders. A white, free from decorations cake with layered rainbow cut looks truly astonishing and memorable.

8. Jasmine Green Tea Ganache

If you wish your wedding cake to be in the spotlight, you must either come up with an extravagant design or with a not less extravagant taste. A cake with jasmine green tea ganache is a wonderful choice for the bravest brides.

Although green tea on its own has bitter notes, they’re well-balanced in a cake, thanks to added sugar. However, you could still sense the tea flavor right away by its fresh awakening scent.

Such a cake doesn’t need artificial colorants to draw attention. Instead, its lively green color will be a perfect pick for a spring outdoor wedding, indicating the beginning of a new page in your life.

9. Matcha

Matcha cake is yet another cake option for brides who don’t like to follow the crowd. This unusual wedding cake flavor is instantly refreshing and noteworthy.

Matcha on its own, same as green tea, tends to have a bitter flavor which may still be noticeable with the added sugar.

If you prefer sweeter cakes, but like the idea of using such an interesting ingredient, you can easily balance matcha. This green powder goes well with almond, vanilla, lemon, and dark chocolate.

10. Almond and Peach

Sunny almond cake with luscious peach filling evokes childhood memories. You can choose any filling you like, from peach mascarpone cream to jelly.

The focus here is the gently sweet almond base. This cake is ideal for the summer season when you can find fresh fruits for decoration.

11. Carrot Cake

Carrot cake features a rustic and homey vibe created by warm, spicy flavor and typically simple decoration. It’s a perfect cake for a country-style wedding.

Even though that’s a traditional recipe, finding a perfect carrot cake isn’t a simple task. Everyone makes a carrot cake slightly differently.

When choosing a carrot cake, pay attention to how the ingredients are grated. The smaller are pieces, and the more event the blend is, the less the cake will resemble a carrot salad.

The cake must have a noticeable spicy taste and battery, moist texture. It shouldn’t be flaky or dry.

A wedding carrot cake doesn’t need an extravagant design, but this doesn’t mean it can’t look extraordinary.

Decorate smooth white cream with some peaches and fresh or artificial flowers, and your cake will be irresistible in its simplicity.

12. Mocha & Lavender

Lavender is a standard color scheme for weddings. So why not support it with a fairy-like, mocha-lavender cake?

You may wonder what lavender tastes like. Frankly, explaining it won’t help much. I advise you to try it before ordering to ensure you like it.

In short, lavender tastes just like it smells. If your fantasy is strong enough, you may try to imagine it.

It’s important not to go overboard with lavender. Instead, the cake should taste more like mocha with a subtle hint of flowers.

The most obvious choice of decoration for such a cake is lavender. Purple berries and truffles are other classy options. Such an unusual wedding cake flavor can handle your most bizarre design ideas, though.

Image credit: Pixabay