Which Wedding Dress Type For Big Bust And Tummy?

Updated September 7, 2023

Dress shopping tends to be stressful, especially if you’re looking for a wedding dress for a big bust and tummy.

However, finding a gown that will make you feel confident and look impeccable isn’t that difficult if you know what to look for.

A big bust is a dream of many women, yet it can sometimes be burdensome for those who were happy to be born with it. Your wedding dress should provide sufficient support.

As for the belly area, you can either conceal it fully, draw attention to something else, or make it look flatter using visual tricks.

At the end of the day, each woman is beautiful when she’s happy. Keeping in mind certain wedding dress shopping tips for big bust and tummy is useful, but don’t compromise your personal style and comfort only to look slim.

Wide Belt

A belt is a small yet highly versatile accessory that can significantly impact your overall look. If used correctly, it can make any woman’s figure resemble an hourglass and make even the simplest attire look chic.

Although any belt helps enhance the waist, not every style will help you conceal the tummy. Dark narrow belts tend to make the tummy area appear even larger and can make you visually shorter, cutting the silhouette in half.

Choose wide belts – the wider, the better, preferably in color matching your dress. It doesn’t necessarily have to be white, but it shouldn’t be too contrasting either. Pink, blue, lavender, or silver are excellent options.

A bow-style fabric belt is among the best styles for brides wishing to hide the tummy and enhance the curves. Moderate decorations are possible, but avoid sparkling 3D embellishments that draw too much attention.

Empire & A-Line Gowns

Empire gowns are the ultimate wedding dress style for a big bust and tummy. The high waist perfectly conceals the tummy area, drawing attention to the neckline. Furthermore, this silhouette beautifully elongates the legs.

This style is also trendy among pregnant brides, as it doesn’t require any alterations due to weight and tummy size fluctuations.

Empire-style dresses are also a perfect option for brides preferring modest wedding gowns.

This classical style was admired by Greco-Roman women, returned into fashion later in the 18th century, and remains one of the best wedding dress styles to this day.

If you wish to achieve a more sensual look, choose dresses with a low neckline or slits, especially if you’re proud of your legs. High-low skirts are another modern wedding dress trend that goes well with an empire waist.

Traditional A-line gowns with wide skirt will also do the job, as they showcase the waist but conceal the bottom belly. However, avoid ball gowns, as they may make the figure appear shorter and bulkier.


When choosing how to hide the tummy in a wedding dress, two options are especially popular: conceal it fully by wearing a flowy empire dress or augment the waist by wearing a corset.

One of the most apparent corset wedding dress benefits is its ability to give you a figure you never knew you had.

You may be hesitant to the idea of being squeezed into a corset the entire day, but that’s until you see yourself in the mirror.

Apart from cinching the waist, a corset lifts the bust and improves posture, making you look both slimmer and higher. Furthermore, it gives you a feeling no relaxed gown ever will – you’ll feel impeccably elegant and sophisticated.

If you aren’t fond of corset backs, you can choose a dress with a hidden corset. In this case, the lacing is done on the inside and isn’t visible. Such a corset works the same way as shaping undergarments but is way more effective.

Fabric is Important

Regardless of your chosen wedding dress silhouette, the fabric may either ruin your look or make it flawless. Thus, your choice of fabric is vital.

Thin, semi-transparent, and stretchy fabrics won’t hide anything – on the opposite, they will enhance all your best and worst parts. However, overly heavy fabrics may make the figure bulky and are hard to breathe in.

Here, you’re towing a narrow line between an opaque and substantial but not too heavy fabric.

Some of the best examples are dense cotton, brocade, jacquard, damask, dupioni, and stiff taffeta. If you love silk, choose Mikado – it’s heavier but equally shiny.

Adding a layer of lace to a dress from sheer fabric is a great way to hide the tummy, too. Avoid synthetic fibers, as they will make you perspire and tend to look cheaper.

Choose sheer fabrics for sleeves or layered skirts if you want to achieve a flowy and whimsical look like that of bohemian wedding dresses.

Distract The Attention

If you don’t want people to look at your tummy, draw their attention to something else! Each of us has strong sides, and you likely can be proud of your neckline, legs, or slender arms.

Choose dresses with statement designs such as large balloon sleeves, off-shoulder neckline, high slit, or richly embellished skirt. Intricate lace patterns or colorful elements also help to distract attention.

Don’t be afraid to break the color rules. Everyone knows that white can make you visually bigger, but who said your wedding dress shouldn’t be red, black, or blue? It’s also a chance to express your personality.

Asymmetrical details are a modern, trendy way to draw the eye from your tummy area towards your skirt or sleeves. This includes asymmetric embellishments, high-low skirts, and one-sleeve styles.

If you consider your most beautiful body part to be your face, divert the attention to it with statement jewelry. That’s also the best solution if you prefer minimalistic wedding dresses.

No To Strapless

Strapless wedding dresses are flattering, but they suit a very small percentage of women with neither too small nor too large busts.

Such a dress won’t give you the necessary support, especially considering that wedding gown skirts tend to be heavy.

You likely don’t want to spend the day pulling up your dress – trust the experience of someone who said, “don’t care, I’m ready for it.” It’s not worth it.

If you admire strapless dresses, choose thin straps or an off-shoulder neckline instead. These styles offer an equally flattering neckline exposure while keeping your dress up.

Alternatively, consider strapless dresses with mesh or lace sleeves. Such a style will draw attention to your bust and is the perfect option for colder winter months, eliminating the need for a jacket.

Straight Silhouette

Straight silhouette wedding dresses aren’t very popular as they basically “erase” your figure. However, a straight silhouette can be gorgeous, too, especially if you feel comfortable in it.

Unlike empire gowns that have an elevated waistline, straight silhouette wedding dresses don’t have one at all.

However, this doesn’t mean that such a dress looks like a monk robe. Consider straight silhouette gowns with intricately decorated sleeves, plunging neckline, or all-over embellishments.

Enhance The Bust

A big bust is typically seen as a benefit rather than a drawback. Sure, it requires additional support, limits your wedding dress choice, and makes your back hurt. But no one apart from you knows it.

All others see is that you have beautiful curves, so use them to your advantage. Plus, an enhanced décolleté helps to draw attention away from the belly area.

Consider sweetheart, V-cut, jewel, or halter strap necklines. Intricately decorated illusion and off-shoulder styles are also excellent choices.

If you don’t like deep necklines, go for a more modest square, boat neck, or scoop style and add a matching necklace.

One point to be aware of is the balance between alluring and provocative. Avoid slits, mermaid silhouette, and other seductive elements if you go for a deep neckline.

Wear Body Shaping Underwear

Body shaping underwear is often underestimated by women wishing to hide their tummy area, provide additional support to bust and enhance hip curves. Meanwhile, it’s useful for bides of all sizes and shapes.

If you didn’t yet uncover the magic that is shaping underwear, prepare to be amazed and, possibly, never stop using it. Shapewear is like Photoshop in real life – it can smooth all your lumps and give you the body of a superstar.

However, not every piece of shapewear is equally effective and comfortable. Today, it comes in an array of fabrics and styles for different purposes.

If you want to make the silhouette more flattering without making yourself look like a different person, choose medium-stiff construction with moderate nylon content.

If you’re looking for total figure transformation, look for shapewear with high nylon with heavier fabric.

If the tummy is the only zone you’d like to smooth, choose high-waist panties or a wide shaping belt.

If you’d also like to improve the hip area, opt for shapewear with bicycle shorts. And if you’re looking for total support, pick a full bodysuit.

One of the most common mistakes women make when choosing shapewear is getting a smaller size aiming for a tighter fit.

Well, you will get a tighter fit, but you won’t feel comfortable and may even have trouble breathing or moving.

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