Best Wedding Hairstyles For Asian Hair

Updated September 3, 2023

Wedding hairstyles for Asian hair are diverse, ranging from classic chignon and natural blowout to a braided crown and woven updo.

Regardless of your style preferences, the hairstyle should be suitable for thick, heavy, and straight Asian hair.

Unfortunately, some hairstyles don’t work well with specific hair types. While African women have difficulty straightening hair, Asian women often struggle to maintain curls for over an hour.

However, it’s all about learning to deal with your hair type and accepting its unique traits. There’s no need to torture your hair with a curling wand when you can boast its natural beauty.

When choosing your wedding hairstyle, consider your hair length, attire, and wedding theme. For instance, a chignon will suit a traditional formal look, while a fishtail braid with flowers is ideal for a bohemian style.

Classic Chignon

A chignon hairstyle is a timeless classic that perfectly fits such a formal event as a wedding. For a DIY chignon bun, you’ll need an elastic, some bobby pins, hair spray, and no more than 15 minutes of time.

Start by combing your hair thoroughly and applying a smoothing serum for extra shine and a silky feel. Then, make a low ponytail.

Make sure there’s no frizz or flyaway hairs, although you can leave strands at the front loose for a romantic look.

Twist the ponytail and form a loop. The hair should be pointing towards the neck. This step may seem confusing if you’ve never done a chignon before, but hair virtually forms the loop on its own when you twist it.

Tuck the loose hair end under the bun and secure the hairstyle with bobby pins. Spritz the hairstyle with strong-hold spray. Optionally, you may add accessories such as a headband, faux flowers, or sparkling hair clips.

Straight & Sleek Hair

Asian hair is known for its straightness and shine, so why not embrace its unique beauty with a straight and sleek wedding hairstyle? It’s ideal for an elegant, sophisticated bridal or wedding guest look.

Note that such minimalist hairstyles are demanding for the quality of hair, so consider visiting a hairdresser to cut split ends before the event. Alternatively, you may use a split ends serum.

Apply a smoothing mask in the shower to make the hair silky and soft. Wait until the hair is semi-dry, and take a hairdryer with a concentrator nozzle and a large-diameter round hairbrush.

Dry the hair in strands, pointing the nozzle downward to close the hair cuticle and achieve extra shine. Finish by spritzing the hair with a shine spray or leave-in conditioner.

If you find the hairstyle too simple, liven it up with statement hair clips, a headband, or different accessories.

Natural Blowout & Bangs

Asian hair doesn’t hold curl well, so Hollywood waves and tight curls aren’t your best bet. On the other hand, natural loose waves will add volume to your hair and look stunning throughout the entire day.

A natural blowout on Asian hair looks especially cute with bangs, regardless of the style – straight, asymmetric, or curtain. However, it will also work great with no bangs at all.

Wash your hair and wait until it’s semi-dry. Never blow-dry soaking wet hair because heat may damage the hair structure, making it appear dull and lifeless.

Take a dryer with a concentrator nozzle and a round brush. The smaller the brush diameter, the tighter the curls will be.

Apply heat protection spray and dry your hair in strands, constantly rotating the brush and pointing the concentrator nozzle downward. You may dry the hair upside down for extra root volume.

Finish by applying strong hold spray, but don’t go overboard because it may weigh down the hair, making it lose volume.

Side Fishtail Braid

Braids are always a great idea, regardless of the hair type and occasion. A DIY fishtail braid is among the easiest but most stylish hairstyles for a bride or wedding guest.

Start by parting the hair in the middle at the back. Take a thin strand from the front of the left section, pull it in the middle, and tuck it under the right section.

Tug both sections to tighten the braid. Repeat the same steps with the other side, then move back to the left side, etcetera.

When you reach the desired braid length, secure it with an elastic. Loosen the braid slightly to create an intentionally messy effect. You can insert faux or real blooms into the braid for a romantic look.

Side Part & Hollywood Waves

Asian hair is notorious for not holding curls. However, it doesn’t mean that you can never try the classic Hollywood waves hairstyle. Follow a few simple tips for curling Asian hair, and you’ll rock the old Hollywood look.

Firstly, don’t wash your hair right before curling – do it the night before because the hair must be completely dry. You can apply thickening spray for extra volume.

Spritz your hair with a bit of hair spray before and after curling, but only use non-flammable products. Alternatively, you may use strong-hold styling mousse but choose light textures that won’t weigh the hair down.

Now that you know how to curl Asian hair creating DIY Hollywood waves should be relatively easy. Start by parting the hair on the side. Then, curl your hair in sections with a flat iron.

The trick is to curl every strand in the same direction for a sleek appearance. Brush each strand gently with a wide-tooth comb after curling it and apply hair spray afterward.

Intricate Woven Updo

Updos always look chic and are comfortable, keeping the hair away from your face while you dance and eat. If you find classic chignons too simple, consider an intricate woven updo. It’s a perfect wedding hairstyle for long Asian hair.

Here’s how to make an easy braided updo: section the hair into three parts and make low ponytails. Braid each ponytail and secure it with a small elastic that matches your hair color.

When you have three braids, take the left one and wrap it under the middle braid, then over the right braid, and again under the middle braid. Secure it with bobby pins that match your hair color.

Take the right braid and pull it over the center braid, then secure it with bobby pins. Depending on the length of your hair, you may need to wrap it around the middle braid a couple of times.

Finally, wrap the middle braid around the braided bun and secure with bobby pins and hair spray. You don’t have to be careful with this hairstyle – it looks great when it’s messy, giving your look a dreamy touch.

Bouffant Hairstyle

Asian hair tends to be dense and thick, perfect for a 60s-inspired bouffant hairstyle.

This hairstyle is all about volume, so gather your supplies – a dryer with a concentrator nozzle, round brush, narrow-tooth comb, volume spray, and styling mousse.

Wash your hair and wait until it’s semi-dry before drying it. Then, spritz a volume spray to the roots and distribute styling mousse evenly through the hair.

Blow-dry your hair in strands, constantly rotating the round brush and pointing the concentrator nozzle downward.

You may dry the hair upside down for extra volume. When the hair is completely dry, take a narrow-tooth comb and tease your hair at the roots.

Pull strands at the top and side to the back and secure them with a hair clip. Spritz with strong hold spray when you’re done.

Half Hair Updo with A Tiara

Half-up, half-down hairstyles are an ultimate compromise for women wishing to show off their long, shiny hair but valuing comfort. They keep the hair away from your face while allowing it to bounce freely.

You can make a simple half hair updo with a ponytail or opt for a more intricate braided hairstyle. Add a tiara, and a fairytale-inspired wedding hairstyle is ready.

If you’re a wedding guest, a tiara may be too much, but you can replace it with faux flowers, a statement hair clip, or a large bow.

Braided Crown & Flowers

A braided crown is a sophisticated hairstyle for long hair that appears more complex than it actually is. However, any woman who knows how to make a Dutch braid can nail it with little practice.

Start your DIY braided crown by parting the hair in the middle. Take three strands from one side, at the nape of the neck, and make a Dutch braid.

A Dutch braid is essentially a reverse French braid – the instructions are the same, but instead of crossing strands over one another, you should cross them underneath one another.

Make your way around the head, over the ear, and across the forehead. When you reach the end of your hair, secure the braid with a small clear elastic and move on to the next side.

Begin the braid at the front rather than at the back and move towards the neck. When you have two long braids, wrap the loose ends around your head and secure them with bobby pins.

Add faux or fresh flowers for an endlessly dreamy look. Choose blooms that match the wedding theme and color scheme.

Image credit: Pexels

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