Best Wedding Hairstyles For Pixie Cut

Updated May 15, 2023

One may think that the selection of wedding hairstyles for pixie cuts is limited. That’s partially true – you can’t make braids or intricate updos.

However, brides and wedding guests with a pixie cut still have numerous chic options.

A pixie cut can be elegant, fun, alternative, sexy – whatever you want. Most importantly, your hairstyle should match your attire and personality.

One significant advantage of the pixie cut is that you don’t have to visit a hairdresser to look classy. Most hairstyles can be done with hair gel, comb, and fingers within 20 minutes.

If you’ve already tried every hairstyle imaginable and are out of ideas, liven up your look with statement accessories, shaved sides, or colorful accents.

Textured Wet Hair Effect

The wet hair effect trend is on the surge – it’s modern, comfortable, and easy to make, especially on short hair. Start by washing your hair with shine shampoo.

You may leave it wet or dry as usual – in the former case, the effect will be more natural. Then, take a bit of glossy hair gel and distribute it through the hair. Don’t use products with a matte effect.

Brush your hair back with a narrow-tooth comb and fingers. If necessary, apply more gel to hold the hair in place and achieve the wet effect.

Don’t apply too much product from the first go because it will set quickly, and you may have difficulty styling the hair.

Spritz the hairstyle with a bit of hair spray to keep it in place throughout the day. Alternatively, take some hair gel along to fix the hairstyle whenever you need it.

Swept-Up Top

The swept-up top hairstyle is an all-time pixie cut classic, equally suitable for casual wear and special occasions. Furthermore, it’s the easiest DIY wedding hairstyle for a pixie cut you could possibly come across.

You’ll need hair pomade or wax and a narrow-tooth comb. Wash your hair as usual and dry it. Straighten the hair if it’s naturally curly. Take a small amount of wax or pomade and apply it to the top front part of your hair.

You may use hair gel, but gels typically have a glossy finish and weaker hold. Brush the hair back using a narrow-tooth comb. Alternatively, use fingers for a more natural effect. Finish by spritzing the hair with strong-hold spray.

You may also apply a bit of texturizing cream on the hair sides. Don’t forget to take some hair wax along to the wedding to touch up the hairstyle throughout the day.

Natural Voluminous Look

If you’re wondering how to style a pixie for a wedding with minimal effort, consider a voluminous, natural hairstyle.

A bit of lift at the roots instantly gives your look a glamorous touch and elongates the face, making it appear slimmer. The best part is that adding volume to a pixie cut is simple, even if you have no hairstyling skills.

The trick is to use the right hair styling products. Start with a volumizing shampoo. You may use any conditioner that addresses your hair needs, but don’t use anything too heavy because it may weigh down the hair.

Then, take a round brush and a dryer with a concentrator nozzle. Dry the hair in strands, lifting them at the roots with the brush. Point the nozzle upwards. You may apply a bit of styling mousse or volume spray before drying.

If your hair looks in different directions, use a bit of strong-hold wax or pomade to give it shape. However, only use a small amount of product; otherwise, you may ruin your efforts.

Tight Curls

Curls aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of wedding hairstyles for extra short hair. However, even women with a pixie cut can rock the fun afro curl hairstyle.

The hairstyle is DIY friendly. All you need is a small diameter curling wand, heat protection spray, and strong-hold spray. The curling wand should have a diameter of half-inch at most.

Wash your hair as usual and dry it upside down for extra volume. Then, apply heat protection spray and start curling your hair in about half-inch strands. The direction doesn’t matter.

Finish by applying a strong-hold spray. If you find the curls too tight, brush them gently with a wide-tooth comb for a more natural effect.

You may only curl the top hair part and apply hair gel on the sides for a sleek look. This option also looks stylish on women with shaved sides.

Spiky Hair

Perhaps, the best thing about the pixie cut is the wide variety of hairstyles you can do equipped only with hair gel and fingers. The soft spiky hairstyle is a timeless classic with an edge, ideal for a modern bride or wedding guest.

Wash your hair and dry it upside down, pulling it gently with your fingers for an extra root volume. Then, rub a bit of styling product of your choice between your fingers to make it warm. Start styling from the top of the head.

Form soft spikes with your fingers, reapplying wax when necessary. Don’t apply too much from the first go. When the top of the head is done, you may either make spikes on the sides or simply apply texturizing cream.

Sleek Hair & Deep Side Part

Most wedding hairstyles for very short hair are effortless. However, attempting the wet hair or soft spike hairstyle for the first time on the wedding morning is risky. Stress can ruin even a simple hairstyle.

If the time is tight and you don’t have extensive hairstyling skills, consider an elegant straight and sleek hairstyle with a deep side part. It’s one of the best formal hairstyles for pixie cuts.

Wash your hair with a shine shampoo for a healthier look, and apply a conditioner or mask to make it smooth and glossy. Then, take a large diameter round brush and a dryer with a concentrator nozzle.

Dry the hair in strands, lifting it at the roots with the brush and pointing the concentrator nozzle downward for added shine. Don’t dry the hair upside down because you want to be in complete control over its direction.

When the hair is dry, make a clean deep side part using a narrow-tooth comb. Apply a bit of glossy hair gel and distribute it evenly with a comb to keep hair in place and get rid of frizz.

Use Creative Accessories

Many women with a pixie cut wear the soft spike or swept-up top hairstyle daily. However, a wedding is a special day, whether you’re the bride or a guest, and you likely want to make your hairstyle stand out.

If you’re wondering how to dress up a pixie cut for a wedding, consider statement accessories. Headbands, pearl hairs clips, and flower crowns instantly convert any hairstyle into creative and romantic.

If you’re the bride, a crystal tiara is the best way to show who’s in the spotlight. Meanwhile, a small colorful fascinator hat is a chic hair accessory for a wedding guest.

Shaved Sides

Shaved sides add a modern twist to the classic pixie cut and will suit a bride or wedding guest admiring an alternative style. Furthermore, they make styling the hair easier because you only have to worry about the top part.

You may leave the top hair part hanging on the side, brush it back with a hair gel, or curl it for a whimsy look.

You can also get creative with the sides – for instance, shave little stars or a geometrical pattern. The good news is that the hair will grow back quickly, so you may even shave out your and your partner’s initials.

Fun Colors

Many women refrain from creative hair colors because they are afraid to ruin the length. A pixie cut gives you total freedom of experiment. If you’ve always dreamt of colorful hair, your wedding may be the perfect time to fulfill that wish.

Rose gold, pink, baby blue, and lavender colors look dreamy and will transform you into a real-life fairy. Such hair colors are ideal for a bohemian or whimsical wedding in a garden or forest.

If you aren’t ready for a permanent change, you may use hair sprays or chalks. Note that such products typically don’t provide even coverage, but they look great locally – for example, or strands or on the sides.

Retro Hollywood Waves

Hollywood waves have been favored by celebrities for over a century. This gorgeous, elegant hairstyle requires intermediate skills but has no limits on the hair length.

The good news is that you don’t even need to apply heat to make Hollywood waves on a pixie cut. For extra-short hair, use a strong-hold pomade, a comb, and fingers.

Wash and dry your hair as usual. Then, part your hair on the side, rub a small amount of pomade between your fingers and apply the product onto your hair from roots to ends.

Start forming S-shaped waves. Use the comb to shape the curl and your fingers to keep it in place. Spritz every wave with strong-hold spray when you’re done to prevent it from coming loose.

Note that this method won’t work on an asymmetric pixie cut with a long fringe. In this case, you can use a flat iron or curling wand. Brush the hair gently after curling to achieve the classic Hollywood wave shape.

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