Best Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

Updated April 29, 2023

The variety of wedding hairstyles for long hair is endless.

Waist-length hair may not be very comfortable in daily life, but it offers you a freedom of choice you’d never get with short hair.

Long hair requires a lot of time and effort to maintain the shine and softness, so it’s no wonder most brides wish to showcase it.

Natural blowout, Hollywood waves, or sleek straight hair will inevitably become the focus of your look.

On the other hand, when else will you have a chance to try out an intricate updo or statement hair accessories?

Braids, chignons, and headbands can elevate your look to the next level, adding an exquisite and trendy touch.

Most importantly, your hairstyle should match your attire and personality.

For example, a romantic mermaid dress demands a feminine, wavy hairstyle, while a minimalistic dress with a 50s vibe will look best with a sleek bun.

If you prefer an alternative style on a daily basis, don’t hesitate to show it on your wedding day.

Trendy, bright hair colors look unique even with the most straightforward hairstyles, and cornrow braids won’t be left unnoticed.

Swirled or Intertwining Updo

Long hair is undoubtedly beautiful, but it isn’t very practical – you know it yourself.

During the wedding, you likely won’t have time to fix your long blowout after every move. Plus, many women wear this hairstyle daily, and a wedding demands something more unusual.

The solution? An intertwining updo. Such an intricate wedding hairstyle inevitably draws attention and is also comfortable – no need to worry about how your hair looks in pictures, as it always stays in place.

Complex weavings go well with nearly any hairstyle, from bohemian to dramatic. But, of course, it all depends on the chosen accessories.

For instance, a diadem will pair perfectly with a ball gown, whereas a seashell-shaped clip with a romantic beach wedding dress.

Hollywood Waves

Hollywood waves are a timeless classic. This sleek hairstyle looks elegant and chic, resembling Golden Era Hollywood actresses.

So if you’re a fan of Vivien Leigh’s, Marilyn Monroe’s, or Rita Hayworth’s acting or, at least, appearance, this hairstyle is your go-to.

Hollywood waves may be too polished for a romantic, bohemian, rustic, or any other airy and relaxed dress style.

Instead, choose this hairstyle for dresses with minimalistic design or in 50’s style. If paired with mermaid dresses, Hollywood waves will make you look like a real-life Ariel.

Hollywood waves may fall from one side of your face or both. In the former case, choose statement earrings following examples from the red carpet.

This hairstyle looks best with classic yet intense makeup, such as black eyeliner or red lips.

Natural Blowout

You’ll never go wrong with a natural blowout. It’s the best way to showcase your hair length and one of the most romantic hairstyles existing.

Natural blowout suits every woman and is DIY-friendly. First, however, you should adequately evaluate your hair quality.

As there are no intricate weavings or accessories to draw attention, your hair must be in perfect condition.

Such a laid-back hairstyle will go best with wedding dresses in rustic and romantic styles decorated with lace and beads.

Natural waves enhance the soft lines of such dresses, creating a dainty, dreamy look. On the other hand, minimalistic dresses usually demand a more extravagant, such as braids, or sleek hairstyle, such as a chignon.

Natural blowout offers you freedom of accessory choice. Flower crowns, pearl clips, and diadems will make you look like a real princess.

Half-Up Half-Down

If you wish to showcase the length of your hair but also to avoid fixing it constantly, choose half-up half-down hairstyles.

A half-up half-down hairstyle is exceptionally versatile. It goes well with romantic, glam, or elegant wedding dresses, depending on the accessories and overall complexity of the updo.

You can go for curly or straight hair, statement clips or no accessories at all, sleek or relaxed updo.

Brides who love to surprise the public may combine such an updo with trendy hidden hair color. In this coloring technique, bright hair is hidden under a layer of your natural hair.

No one expects to see blue or pink under natural blonde, and a half-up half-down hairstyle is an excellent way to show it.

A half-up half-down hairstyle can be paired with braiding for extra femininity. Add fresh flowers, and a dreamy fairy look is complete.


The variety of braid styles is endless. I genuinely believe that braids suit any bride and dress; you must only find the right type.

Do you have natural tight curls? Go for cornrow braids. Want a romantic look? Make a fishtail or milkmaid braid. Wish to add a pop of color? Do braiding with some hair extensions of your favorite color.

Braids can be either the main element of your hairstyle or an addition to it.

For instance, upside-down braiding on the back is an unusual touch to a regular ponytail or chignon. In addition, numerous small braids can enliven a regular blowout.

Braiding is a complex process, and not every hairstylist knows how to make a specific type of braiding.

This isn’t a DIY wedding hairstyle, either. So, if you choose this charming hairstyle, expect to pay for a top-level master.

Sleek & Straight

Long hair will look even longer if it’s flawlessly straight. It’s suitable for dresses of any style, but especially for minimalistic.

You can make your hair sleek and shiny like a mirror without the help of a professional, but some tips are worth noting.

If your hair is naturally straight, you’re a lucky one. However, in this case, you’ll likely want to make Hollywood waves or an intertwined updo (girls, we’re never satisfied).

But if your hair is wavy or curly, you’ll need a powerful thermal protector.

Start straightening your hair from roots to ends. Don’t start from the middle and ensure you spend an equal amount of time on each strand, or you may end up with different textures along the length.

Don’t use lacquer, or you may end up with dull and lifeless hair. Instead, use a two-in-one thermal protector and fixing spray before straightening and finish with a bit of oil or a leave-in conditioner to add shine.

Low Ponytail

Even if you have beautiful long hair, it shouldn’t necessarily be the center of attention. After all, your guests and groom likely have already seen it numerous times.

A sleek and modest low ponytail will ensure that everyone looks on your dress or face rather than on a shiny hair clip or intricate weaving on your back.

Plus, a low ponytail can balance an already extravagant attire, helping you not to look overdone.

To make such a simple hairstyle modern, hide the scrunchie by wrapping a lock of your hair around it. Of course, the hair must be perfectly polished and shiny.

If you’re going for a dreamy and relaxed look, you can make a messy low ponytail. This doesn’t mean you can spend two minutes on your wedding hairstyle.

On the opposite, making a hairstyle look carefree intentionally is a challenging task. Curl your hair slightly, add volume, and leave a few strands hanging to frame your face.

Elegant Chignon

A chignon was every bride’s favorite at the end of the 19th century and remained a chic and stylish choice to our day. You won’t regret making a chignon even looking at your wedding pictures in 50 years.

Some brides consider chignons boring, and this may be true. But you don’t have to go for the simplest bun.

Swirled or messy chignons look elegant, unusual, and contemporary. You can even make it on the side rather than on the back.

Chignons give you freedom of accessory choice, too. They can be paired with hairbands, embellished clips, tiaras, or head wraps and scarves for a retro look.

Chignons look especially stylish when paired with minimalistic or vintage wedding dresses.

Voluminous High Ponytail

If Ariana Grande’s statement look inspires you, why not steal her hairstyle for your wedding? A voluminous high ponytail is a modern and comfortable choice.

This hairstyle is trendy and chic yet extremely simple. First, curl your hair a bit. This step is essential to add volume unless your hair is ultra-thick. Then, finish it with fixing and shine spray.

You can use either a hair clip or bobby pins hidden between two ponytails to make your ponytail higher. First, tie the top ponytail as if you’re doing a half-up half-down hairstyle.

Then, tie the remaining hair into another ponytail, place a hair clip or pins between the two parts, and join them.

Finally, use a glam scrunchie or wrap your hair lock around the ponytail base to hide the hair clip or pins.

Statement Headband

Statement headbands came onto the fashion arena a few years ago and are here to stay. Such an accessory should be in the spotlight, so pair it with a relatively minimalistic dress.

Then, of course, you can combine it with a ball gown to create a princess-like look but beware not to look overdone.

A statement headband will look beautiful with nearly any hairstyle – natural blowout, straight hair, sleek chignon, or intricate braiding. The core objective is to match the styles.

For romantic wavy hair, choose a dainty headband, for example, embellished with pearls or floral details. On the other hand, for a sleek updo, choose a wide satin minimalistic band.

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