Best Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

Updated August 29, 2023

Some may think that the selection of wedding hairstyles for short hair is limited compared to that for long locks.

But what if I told you it’s the exact opposite? Short-haired brides have endless styling possibilities; all you need is a good hairstylist, a bit of creativity.

Typically, brides with straight hair want to curl it and with curls straighten it.

Those who always wear hair down want an updo, and those who wear it up daily choose to wear it down for their wedding.

However, hairstylists recommend staying true to yourself on your wedding day. You should look more polished than usually yet recognizable.

Do you often wear a bun? Opt for a chignon but add a large bow to it and ensure it’s frizz-free. Do you prefer wavy locks? Go for it but add a flower crown.

Of course, your hairstyle must suit your face. A short cut is the best way to showcase your face, so it can either make you look marvelous or ruin the look. Consult with your hairstylist to make sure you choose the right cut.

Your hairstyle should fit the dress, too. Romantic, intentionally messy hairstyles will go best with flowy, relaxed dresses with minimal embellishments.

Sleek styles, in turn, require exquisite and structured attire. Finish the ensemble with hair accessories of the same style, and you’ll look extraordinary.

Wavy Hair & Flower Crown

Flowers are the most common decoration for weddings, so why not use them in your hairstyle? It’s an incredibly romantic choice that will look breathtakingly beautiful in pictures.

Naturally, your choice of flowers for the crown matters. Large florals of dark or bright colors, such as roses or lilies, will create a dramatic look.

A crown of white baby breath and yellow carnations, in turn, is fresh and dainty. It’s best to coordinate the flowers on your crown with your bridal bouquet and the overall wedding theme.

A flower crown draws enough attention on its own, so you risk looking overdone if you pair it with an intricate hairstyle.

Instead, choose naturally wavy hair or simple braids. The hairstyle should be airy and a bit messy. Straight hair or polished Hollywood waves are overly sleek.

Sleek Twisted Updo

A sleek twisted updo is a perfect option for brides who prefer classic and modest styles. It’s an elegant wedding hairstyle that captures attention without screaming for it.

Such an updo looks best with minimalistic dresses. However, it also works when you need to balance an already extravagant attire.

Such hairstyles often involve large amounts of hair lacquer. Thus, before visiting a hairstylist, make sure to use softening oil or a mask. This will protect your hair from damage and reduce frizz.

Exquisite twisted updos don’t require additional decoration, but a chic pearl or floral hair clip won’t hurt. Optionally, you can use a satin headband or diadem to make the style look more interesting from the front.

Statement Hair Accessories

There’s no easier way to revitalize a short wedding hairstyle than a statement hair accessory. The possible combinations are endless, so you can tailor this trend to any style of dress.

For instance, messy wavy hair with a headband covered in seashells is perfect for a romantic beach wedding.

Brides preferring minimalism will appreciate a straight bob with a single large pearl hair clip. An updo with a bright polka dot scarf is ideal for a wedding in the 1950s’ style.

A small hat or a tiara can also be a hair accessory. Draw inspiration from royal weddings, for instance, Grace Kelly’s pearl-embroidered Juliet cap or Lady Kitty Spenser’s green fascinator hat seen on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding.

Statement bows are also on the rise. A large satin bow can make even a simple, sleek chignon or low ponytail extremely trendy.

Volume-Up Top

Short hair doesn’t equal a lack of volume. On the opposite, it allows you to create a stylish volume-up top hairstyle inspired by Hollywood’s Golden Era.

Such a hairstyle can often be seen on the red carpet and is especially favored by Charlize Theron, a live example of how feminine short hair can be.

Soft waves soften facial features and make a face appear slimmer, visually elongating it by opening the forehead.

A curvy dress silhouette without hard angles will further enhance the romantic side of this look. Pair this hairstyle with modern structured dresses featuring minimal embellishments.

Volume-up top hairstyles are typically very polished and thus don’t go well with relaxed, breezy dresses in rustic or bohemian styles.

Moreover, avoid using too much lacquer and oil if you still wish to pair a volume-up top hairstyle with such a dress. This will make the look more natural.

Straight Bob

Although a straight bob haircut looks simple, keeping it perfectly sleek, shiny, and, well, straight isn’t an easy task. But the result is worth the effort, as a straight bob looks modern and elegant, going well with any dress style.

A bob haircut can either enhance your facial advantages and mask disadvantages or do the exact opposite. Therefore, it’s essential to find the right bob style for your face type.

A short, layered bob will suit heart-shaped or elongated face shapes. It makes a face appear slightly fuller, highlighting natural volume and offers a lot of movement.

An elongated straight or angled bob, in turn, suits round and square faces as it visually elongates the shape.

As a bob is a minimalistic wedding hairstyle, the quality of your hair plays a crucial role.

Ensure your hair is nourished, naturally voluminous, and lively. Repairing masks and finishing oils are your friends here. Of course, the hair color should be flawless, too.

A trendy way to make a plain bob look truly captivating is to use a bright color in trendy techniques, such as baby lights or hidden hair color.


Braids suit everyone and every dress style due to the immense variety of braiding types. Of course, not every braid style can be made on short hair, but brides with shoulder-length locks are lucky.

Messy fishtail braids look romantic and are ideal for mermaid silhouette dresses. Cornrow braids are a trendy twist to a common hairstyle.

Brides with naturally curly hair especially favor them. You can add some hair extensions and become a Rapunzel for about a week if you wish to add length.

Instead of making one or two large braids, you can go for multiple small ones, an alternative view on traditional bridal hairstyles. A few small braids can also enliven a natural blowout or an updo.

Old Hollywood Curls

Old Hollywood curls and waves are a timeless classic. Recreating Hollywood waves on long hair on your own may be challenging, but the same style for short hair is pretty DIY-friendly.

All you need is a large amount of styling gel, a fine-tooth comb, and your fingers.

Evenly disperse the gel from roots to ends. Then, using the comb, shape a “C” at the forehead, where the hairline starts. Then, use your finger to hold the shape and create the ridge of the curl.

Continue until you have waves from both sides of your face. Waves don’t even have to cover your whole head, especially if your hair is ultra-short.

The sleeker your waves turn out, the more they will shade 1920s’ vibes. Thus, pair this hairstyle with a column gown or a dress in Art Deco style.

A string of beads going down your back will go brilliantly with this creative wedding look.

Side Bun

You likely know well how to do a bun yourself and may not even consider this simple hairstyle for your wedding.

But side bun is a modern twist to your regular daily hairstyle. This style looks elegant, chic, and, most importantly, not excessive.

Even better if you have a sweeping bang that will cover the eyes a bit. This will make the look more mysterious, drawing attention to your face. Plus, asymmetry in hairstyles is trendy and helps to make a face more symmetrical.

This hairstyle will go incredibly well with minimalistic dresses. Avoid any embellishments on the neck not to overwhelm the area. A halter wedding dress is a good idea, but only if you have a long neck as the bun may visually shorten it.

Chignon with Bang

A chignon is essentially another word for a low bun. Such a hairstyle may seem a bit boring if you don’t have enough hair length to create an intricate weaving on the back.

But if you have a bang, an ordinary chignon instantly turns to a cute and modern hairstyle that shades Parisian chic.

Pair a chignon with statement earrings or hair accessories to make it more festive. An incredibly stylish choice is a large bow or, on the opposite, a delicate narrow ribbon on the back.

Such a hairstyle can be both sleek and polished or intentionally messy. This should depend on the style of your dress. If it’s flowy and laid-back, choose the latter; if it’s structured and dramatic, choose the former.

Tiny Curls

There’s no need to straighten your hair for your wedding day if you have natural curls. After all, the groom loves you, not some new version of you created by a hairstylist.

Curls are beautiful and fun; all you have to do is make sure they are fluffy, frizz-free, and add some accessories.

A moderate amount of cur cream will help to keep your hair soft and shiny throughout the event. Depending on the length of your hair, you may try to style it upwards with a gel.

Image credit: Pexels

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