Why is Wedding Photography Important?

Updated January 15, 2022
Why is Wedding Photography Important?

Fees of industry professionals make some brides wonder whether wedding photography is important.

The average cost of a wedding photographer in the US exceeds $2,000 for six hours of work.

Could you ask a friend to shoot the event on their old Olympus? Can an iPhone make equally good pictures as a pro-level Nikon?

If you’re thinking about waiving a wedding photographer to fit in the budget, I recommend you forget about this idea. This element plays a significant role at any wedding, but you will only appreciate it after receiving the pictures.

Photography is a form of art, but this doesn’t refer to pictures taken on a phone by drunk guests.

A wedding photographer is necessary to create tasteful, artistic pictures. You should be proud when showing them to your kids decades after the event.

Both you and your wedding guests want to have fun and socialize. No one is obliged to run around with a camera.

A photographer will ensure that no moments are missing from your wedding album. They will also capture all your efforts, including the tiniest details like menu cards or your initials on the cake.

After all, a wedding isn’t a regular day. You have only one chance to bring your dreams to life. Why spare on memories?

Memories that Last

The most apparent reason why wedding photography is so important is that it immortalizes your special day.

Don’t expect your memory to be as sharp in 50 years as it is today. Even if you train it regularly and medicine evolves, you likely won’t remember every detail of your wedding over time.

Photography tells a story. It’s tangible evidence of the beginning of your family life. Then, after a couple of years or decades, looking at the pictures will bring back memories and evoke old feelings.

A wedding photographer doesn’t only capture your dress or the cake. They record the emotions of everyone attending, and you can feel them through the photographs.

Atmosphere beaming through pictures is what makes people cry and laugh years after the event ends.

No wedding photographer can give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You may not like the editing style or how you look in pictures.

The only thing that a wedding photographer can offer you for sure is memories. The purpose of wedding photography is to document the new chapter in your lives; everything else is a bonus.

Once in a Lifetime

Weddings tend to be a once-in-a-lifetime type of event. Of course, some people have multiple weddings, others recreate their ceremony for an anniversary, but it’s not the point here.

You won’t have another chance to live through the same emotions with the same person.

Wedding photography captures a new page in your life. Think of it as a historical event that will never repeat. Any attempts to recreate that magical atmosphere and the happy sparkle in your eyes will be fake.

You’ve likely heard this argument numerous times, but I can’t refrain from it since it’s the truth.

You purchase an exquisite wedding dress because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event. You rent an expensive venue and order an extraordinary custom cake for the same reason.

Why should you waive a wedding photographer because it’s impractical? It’s your only shot, and by saving on professional wedding photography once, you’ll likely regret it for years to come.

Capturing Your Efforts

Wedding planning is an extremely time and money-consuming process. And, numerous people put enormous effort into bringing all your dreams to life, including you and the groom.

Brides tend to choose the wedding dress, hairstyle, bouquet, venue, and music for weeks or months. And each of these features is then divided into more minor aspects.

For instance, the wedding venue must also be decorated, and the wedding dress tailored to your body.

In other words, weddings are highly demanding to details. Of course, you want every tiny element of your wedding to be perfect, from the invitation cards to bows on chairs during the reception. But why bother if everyone will forget about it?

Wedding photography captures your efforts. Some details may not even be visible to others, such as your initials on wedding shoes. But the camera sees it all, and most importantly, it can remind you of it.

Minor elements aren’t worth months of stress if they fade in “did that really happen?” haze. But a professional photographer will ensure that each detail that makes your event unique remains in pictures forever.

You Feel Like a Princess

Some women like shooting regularly. However, a wedding photo shoot is different even if you are a professional model or an Instagram blogger used to the camera.

A flowy, ornate dress can make any woman feel like a princess. The fact that the entire event is about you emphasized this feeling further. You can’t replicate this perception during a regular photoshoot, even if you wear the same dress.

When a woman feels like a princess, she smiles brighter, and her eyes shine. Even if you don’t like unnecessary attention daily, experiencing yourself in the spotlight once is a fantastic feeling.

High Quality, Artistic Pictures

One may argue that you can capture memories on nearly any digital device nowadays, and the lack of a camera doesn’t undermine your self-esteem at a wedding. That’s a valid point, but in the end, it’s all about the picture quality.

By “quality,” I don’t only mean the resolution, though this is highly important for group shots. I also don’t mean the focus, although it’s crucial for pictures in action. Instead, what I refer to are creativity and uniqueness.

Professionals have a distinct wedding photography style, whether you prefer black and white, photojournalistic, editorial, or moody wedding pictures.

The photographer’s job is to tailor the photoshoot to your view and deliver pictures that are a work of art, not just digital captures of the event.

You want to show the wedding pictures to your friends and family proudly. But, unfortunately, dodgy memoirs taken by your uncle may look disappointing and straight-up cringy.

The best way to avoid blurry, overly exposed, and plainly awful pictures is to hire someone who knows their thing.

Pictures for Guests

A wedding is your day, but it wouldn’t be as great if not for the guests.

Everyone who attends the wedding puts effort into finding the right gift, traveling to the venue, and choosing appropriate attire. So capturing your guests is a perfect way to thank them.

Your guests should have not only group shots but also individual portraits. Who wouldn’t like to receive a creative, high-quality picture of themselves after attending a wedding?

Some people get upset when they find out none of the pictures feature them. However, while you hired a photographer to shoot you in the first place, they have an entire day to make at least one shot of everyone.

You may be concerned about making wedding guest pictures as some photographers charge per edited image. However, they don’t necessarily have to edit each photo. Ask them to send out unedited files if you’re worried about overpaying.

Sending personal pictures to your wedding guests shows your respect to them. It also ensures they will remember your wedding for years to come.

You Can Relax

A photoshoot may be stressful but shouting “is anyone shooting?” during the most important moments is worse.

It would be best if you had someone sober and reliable to control the process, and no one is more responsible than a person who’s paid for it.

No one is obliged to bring a camera along or shoot your wedding cake instead of enjoying their time.

With a wedding photographer, you can rest assured that every moment of the day is captured. They will also ensure that no one is left behind on group shots.

Capturing Moments that You’ve Missed

A wedding is a busy day for the bride. On this day, you’re the queen, but queens have obligations. So while you’re greeting guests, solving organizational issues, and checking on the wedding band, others will be having a fun time.

You can’t be everywhere simultaneously. But you also don’t want to miss anything. The solution? A wedding photographer.

If you have a large wedding, you may even consider hiring two or more photographers to capture the moments in-between the ceremony and cake cutting.

Then, when looking at pictures after the event, you’ll likely get surprised by how much you’ve missed.

Professionals Have Experience

An experienced wedding photographer knows how to shoot people to make them look their best. Communication is important. Your photographer can advise on posing or your best angles.

Plus, professionals understand wedding timings. They won’t bother you when you want some time together with your partner and won’t miss the most important moments.

While you’re cutting the cake, the photographer should aim the camera on you, not the guests.

Wedding photographers don’t stop shooting when the ceremony is over.

Your guests can capture the beginning of the event, but they will want to relax and enjoy themselves during the reception. At the same time, a photographer will document the entire event.

As a bonus, you can receive a nicely designed wedding album from a professional photographer rather than keep all your pictures on your phone. They can also offer you add-ons such as gifts for wedding guests.

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