7 Best Reasons To Get a Wedding Ring Tattoo

Updated February 17, 2023
7 Best Reasons To Get a Wedding Ring Tattoo

The idea of a wedding ring tattoo may seem bizarre for conservative people.

But such an alternative to wedding rings isn’t a novel trend.

Celebrities have been making matching tattoos for their weddings since the late 1990s, and it’s no wonder.

Some may argue that the downside of tattoos is their permanency, but The Beckhams would respond it’s the very reason they chose it.

Wedding ring tattoos aren’t solely a perfect way to show commitment. They also offer numerous practical benefits.

For example, a tattoo can’t be lost or damaged, and you don’t have to take special care of it once it’s healed. Plus, all these advantages come at a much lower price than that of a wedding ring.

Most importantly, a wedding ring tattoo is a statement. It showcases your personality and creative thinking like not even the most extravagant ring could.

Naturally, if you go for a tattoo instead of a ring, you must choose an experienced artist.

Remember that it’s a choice you will either be happy about or regret for years to come.

1. Can’t Be Lost

Do you constantly fear losing a piece of jewelry, especially if it’s an expensive one? If the answer is “yes,” it doesn’t mean you’re overly anxious.

Your concern is entirely justifiable. The fear of losing a wedding ring is especially relevant for brides with slim fingers.

One of the most apparent advantages of a wedding ring tattoo is that you won’t lose it. No matter what you do, it will always remain on your finger.

So you won’t have to take the ring off if you go diving, parachute jumping, or while washing dishes.

Have you ever experienced the feeling of losing something that has been in your hands all the time, like a phone? That’s the closest you may get to “losing” a wedding ring tattoo.

Furthermore, a wedding ring tattoo can’t get damaged from contact with chemicals or scratched unless you hurt your finger, of course.

One thing to point out is that tattoos may still require a touch-up after some time as they tend to fade.

So, if you don’t schedule a repeat visit to your master after some years, the tattoo can really “disappear.” But it will happen after multiple decades, not in one day as it could happen with a ring.

2. Lower Cost

Wedding rings are usually expensive as they’re made from precious metals, sometimes also featuring gemstones and an intricate design. And the larger a ring size you need, the costlier it will be due to more material needed.

If you think wasting a fortune on something so small is unwise, you aren’t alone in this. And the reason for such opinion isn’t always the lack of money.

For instance, Pamela Anderson, who certainly has the money to buy the most exquisite ring, chose a tattoo instead back in 1995.

Of course, she could have had other reasons to go for such an unusual symbol of love. But we can’t deny the possibility she was reasonable about the costs, too.

The fact that tattoos are cheaper than jewelry isn’t surprising. Sure, you must cover the labor of a tattoo artist and the cost of ink and equipment. But at least you aren’t paying for the brand or diamonds.

However, saving money shouldn’t be your primary objective when choosing a tattoo instead of a ring. Opting for the cheapest tattoo salon you could find, you risk receiving a low-quality mark that’s not that easy to remove.

After saving on the master, you may have to spend much more in a few years trying to fix their job. And, unfortunately, even a high-quality tattoo doesn’t guarantee you won’t want to remove it in some time.

Your marriage may not turn out as expected, or your views on tattoos may change – no one knows what awaits us in the future.

So before making a tattoo, you should be absolutely sure of your choice of master, groom, and tattoo design.

But let’s not talk about the issues that may not even arise. The fact remains: even getting and removing a tattoo combined costs less than purchasing a wedding ring.

3. Comfort

Fine jewelry requires special treatment. It must be taken off before sleep, before swimming, or when doing home cleaning.

You should constantly stay aware of how your actions may impact the ring. Yes, even it’s a diamond ring, the hardest of all gemstones.

Plus, wearing a ring can be simply uncomfortable. A plain wedding band may not cause any discomfort, but gemstone rings are a pain in the neck.

Also, sleeping or putting a glove on a hand with a massive stone isn’t all that easy.

With a wedding ring tattoo, you don’t have to care about all of this. It only causes discomfort during the healing process. After it’s complete, you may even forget you have one.

The tattoo healing process is a common concern for brides considering getting it instead of a wedding ring.

Thankfully, ring tattoos are small and thus typically heal quickly. But you should follow certain tattoo care tips to ensure it won’t cause you issues in the future.

4. Permanent

The fact that tattoos are permanent isn’t news unless you want to exchange temporary tattoos found in chewing gum (do they still produce those?).

It’s often viewed as a drawback, as you may become tired of the chosen picture. But for a wedding ring tattoo, it’s a definite pro.

Wedding rings can always be taken off or changed to other ones. So no matter how much they cost or what you tell when exchanging them, a piece of jewelry isn’t permanent.

Even if we consider the wedding ring care tips, you should take off your ring when sleeping, swimming, and doing plenty of other activities.

But a wedding ring tattoo is always with you. It can never be changed or taken off, serving as a symbol of true dedication and love.

Sure, modern technology allows you to remove a tattoo, but this is far more complicated than taking off a ring.

Some people tend to take off their wedding rings during arguments to increase the dramatic effect. The point here is not to shame such behavior, but a ring tattoo eliminates this possibility.

In addition, no matter how hard you argue, your ring won’t get thrown in someone’s face or trash (yes, things like that happen more often than you imagine).

5. Personal

Novel brides tend to show off their wedding rings, bragging about the carats or price. A tattoo, in turn, is usually a very personal thing, even if it’s made in a visible place. And a symbol of love is supposed to be such.

A wedding ring tattoo also shows your connection as a couple. You always feel that the other person has the same tattoo, no matter what they do and where they go. It’s a very intimate feeling that a piece of metal can’t replicate.

Furthermore, no one forces you to opt for a line replicating an actual ring on your finger. You can choose any picture and any place as long as it means something for the both of you.

For instance, if you went to eat ice cream on your first date, you may get an ice cream cone tattooed on your back.

Will others understand what it means? Probably not. But that doesn’t matter as such a tattoo is an intimate thing.

6. A Way To Stand Out

While a wedding ring tattoo is typically a personal thing, it’s also a way to stand out and express your creativity. Tattoos become more and more common, yet not many couples go for such a creative wedding ring alternative.

By choosing a tattoo instead of a wedding ring, you tell the world: “I’m free from prejudices, and I stand my ground.” You’re staying true to yourself in every aspect of your life, including the choice of a wedding ring.

If you prefer an alternative style and aren’t a dainty flower on a daily basis, why act like one on your wedding day?

7. You’re In Great Company

Pamela Anderson, whom I’ve already mentioned earlier, isn’t the only celebrity who chose a tattoo instead of a lavish wedding ring.

The Beckham couple has made multiple tattoos as signs of their love. David has “Victoria” and the number “99” tattooed on his hand, referring to his wife and their marriage year. On their tenth anniversary, David also got ten roses on his arm.

If that’s not enough, both David and Victoria have “VIII.V.MMVI” tattoos, the date of their marriage renewal ceremony. That’s even more impressive than a narrow line on a finger.

Beyonce and Jay-Z have chosen more modest tattoos – “IV” on their ring fingers. Also, Dax Shepard went full creative and tattooed a bell on his finger to reference his loved one, Kristen Bell.

Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine haven’t refrained from wedding rings completely. However, they’ve each made three-dot tattoos to have something on their fingers when taking the rings off. A smart move – why not immortalize your love twice?

Some celebrities who have reportedly got matching tattoos for their wedding consider it a genuinely intimate part of their lives.

So, Hailey and Justin Bieber have admitted choosing tattoos over rings but refused to disclose the picture and location.

The list of celebrities with wedding ring tattoos goes on – Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, and Ashley Graham and Justin Ervin are only a few.

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