9 Best Wedding Theme Ideas (Classic & Original)

Updated May 2, 2023

Wedding theme ideas are endless.

Bridal magazines and Pinterest pictures showcase every wedding theme so beautifully that it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

But don’t rush to incorporate ten different themes into a single wedding.

When choosing your wedding theme, think of what you love the most. Sure, rustic weddings held at forest venues are tasteful and trendy.

But are you all about nature in daily life, or do you prefer industrial style or hi-tech?

Of course, your wedding theme should tell something about you as a couple.

You may be a massive fan of pop art, but if your partner prefers Renaissance art, this isn’t a good choice for your special day. You’ll need to find a theme that’s close to the both of you.

A wedding theme doesn’t necessarily have to be traditional, following light color code and featuring sophisticated decorations.

Today, many couples opt for unconventional wedding themes, such as Halloween, industrial, or biker. So if love for motorcycles is what brings you together, why not make it your wedding theme?

Wedding themes are also commonly inspired by specific historical periods. Art Deco, Victorian, 1950s wedding themes are easy to follow and always look classy.

The core objective of any themed wedding is to tie all elements, such as interior decor, attire, and menu, together.

1. Rustic

Rustic weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years. With the growing public interest in sustainability and environmental issues, this laid-back, nature-inspired wedding theme is rising.

A rustic wedding is typically held outdoors, ideally in the countryside, forest, beach, or another venue far from the city rush. Rustic style can be highly chic if done right, yet it’s one of the most affordable wedding themes.

Decorations for a rustic wedding are often DIY or intentionally designed to look such. They usually involve plenty of flowers, wooden details, and handwritten fonts. Overall, the design has a rough touch to it.

A rustic wedding cake shouldn’t feature intricate ornaments – the simpler, the better. Likewise, the bride’s attire should feature the same carefree vibe.

Leave structured, lavishly embellished dresses for another theme. Instead, choose flowy dresses for natural fabrics and slightly messy hairstyles.

2. The 1950s

A 1950s-themed wedding can’t be boring. This era has a very distinct atmosphere that every element of your wedding should support. Everything retro is welcomed.

Fashion trends have changed since the 1950s. At that time, brides usually wore tea-length dresses with cinched waists and full skirts.

It’s a glamorous and highly feminine style that will compliment any body type. Also, brides in the 1950s preferred cat heels to stilettos and victory rolls or chignons to natural blowouts.

The era also imposes specific makeup rules. Forget about bronzer and smoky eyes – an authentic 1950s bride should have pale skin, red lipstick, and eyeliner.

Finding a venue in retro style may be a challenging task. Most importantly, the venue shouldn’t be too hi-tech.

The same applies to the car – find a shiny vintage vehicle rather than a modern limo.

A Chevrolet Corvette or a Buick Roadmaster would be a great choice, but your husband-to-be likely already has something in mind.

3. Art Deco

The 1950s isn’t the only trendy retro wedding theme. Some couples go even further and recreate the 1920s atmosphere with its glitz, glamour, and extravagant designs.

Finding decoration in the 1920s style is much easier than that in the 1950s. Interior elements and stationery with geometric shapes in a timeless palette are incredibly trendy nowadays, and so is everything sparling.

The 1920s had a distinct style in fashion. Look for dresses with rich embellishments, angular ornaments, and straight silhouettes.

You may watch The Great Gatsby for inspiration – or just to have a great time. Choose structured, sleek hairstyles and statement hair accessories, such as embellished headbands, chains, and forehead crowns.

What music to choose? Jazz, of course. A gramophone would be a great addition to the venue interior.

Alternatively, you can opt for another, lesser-known yet breathtakingly beautiful, style of the era – Art Nouveau.

It’s characterized by natural shapes, floral and animal ornaments, and a rich, bright or pastel, color palette. Draw inspiration from Alphonse Mucha’s artworks.

4. Travel

Who doesn’t like to go on a vacation? Travel wedding theme also has a beautiful symbolism, as it’s the start of a new journey together.

With a travel wedding theme, you can draw inspiration from multiple countries you admire simultaneously.

Perhaps, a food station reception is the most suitable option for this theme, as you can dedicate every table to a specific cuisine.

Travel wedding theme doesn’t impose any rules on the bride’s appearance, but it does for the venue decoration and stationery.

Send out save-the-dates resembling plane tickets, use globes, cars, and maps for design elements.

A destination wedding is an excellent fit for a travel theme, but if it’s impossible, any venue will do. Only make sure it makes a good backdrop for all the travel-related decorations.

5. Industrial

If you admire the chic of abandoned places such as former factories or warehouses, a wedding in an industrial style is the right choice for you.

Industrial-themed weddings give new life to beautiful old lofts, pairing decaying wall paint, visible pipes, and cement with contemporary decor.

So, the first thing you need to find for an industrial-themed wedding is a raw-looking venue. Without it, the atmosphere won’t be right.

And trust me, wedding pictures in a spacey loft with brick or cement walls will be astonishing.

You can either choose modern minimalistic décor with geometrical ornaments or, on the opposite, lavish elements in vintage or royal style. The former will support the industrial theme, whereas the latter will make an exciting contrast.

6. Fairytale

If your life with your partner resembles a fairytale, make it the theme of your wedding.

But, of course, the theme itself is broad, so you can base the venue decoration and your attire on any fairy tale you prefer, be it Alice in Wonderland or Snow White.

Many couples choose pastel color palettes for fairytale-themed weddings. They look especially beautiful in winter.

If Disney’s world inspires you, follow the color code of a chosen fairy tale – gold for Beauty and the Beast, blue for Cinderella.

The most creative couples may even go for a wedding in Tim Burton’s fairytale style.

Combination of red, purple, and black, Victorian décor, and a gothic bride’s attire – this will certainly be a wedding to remember.

7. Halloween

Talking of gothic wedding themes, why not go for a Halloween-inspired wedding? That’s especially relevant if your event happens in October. But, frankly, this theme looks a bit odd in spring or summer.

You’ve likely decorated the house for Halloween numerous times. Now, imagine it’s your wedding and add more sophistication.

Candles in intricate candelabrums, combinations of red, orange, purple, and black, lace, skulls, and bats – you’ve likely already envisioned these ideas.

Of course, your menu should follow the theme. Pumpkin punch, trick and treat bar, and candy apples will be a perfect choice.

When choosing your attire, look for dramatic dresses in unconventional colors such as grey, red, or dark blue.

Combine with dark lipstick or heavy eye makeup. Try out colored smoke bombs for pictures if you wish to look like a real-life witch.

8. Pop-Art

Pop art is one of the most colorful and fun wedding themes. Andy Warhol’s artworks and comics from the 80s are a great source of ideas.

Choose modern wedding dresses and nothing too sophisticated – minimalism fits the theme better than a richly embellished ballgown.

You may even opt for a tea-length or short wedding dress like brides at that time often did. Of course, your bridal bouquet should be an actual color bomb.

The pop-art theme must be supported in the groom’s attire, too. Look for suits or accessories with bright geometric ornaments, such as dots, lightings, or hearts.

The bridesmaids’ and groomsmens’ attires can be of different colors – a big pro for those who don’t want to buy new clothes for one day.

When it comes to décor, follow two rules – color and geometric shapes. There’s no place for ambiguity in pop art; everything should be a statement.

The menu can be pretty much any, but the menu cards and other stationery must be obligatory in pop-art style. You may even create a “Go Bananas” banana station if that’s how you feel about the wedding.

9. Royal

Every woman becomes a princess for a single day, at her wedding. A royal-themed wedding will let you feel truly majestic. Plus, with the buzz around British royal weddings, this theme is becoming increasingly trendy.

Of course, the best inspiration source for such a theme is real royal weddings. You may not be able to rent out Buckingham Palace, but any other castle or an old mansion will do the job.

Choose elegant, lavish décor with intricate scrollwork and rich red or emerald accents. Be aware not to go overboard, as it’s easy to get tacky with such decoration.

Naturally, your wedding dress should be princess-like. Members of royal families have high standards for bridal gowns.

They’re typically A-line, ballgown, or column, with delicate lace or bead accents and sleeves. Don’t choose anything too open; better go for a modest look.

There’s no better time to wear a tiara than for a royal-themed wedding.

A royal-themed wedding requires a plated reception with exquisite meals. A mono-white fondant cake with elegant scrollwork or lace elements fits perfectly into the style.

Optionally, choose fresh flowers, pearl, or edible gold decoration.

Image credit: Pexels

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