10 Best Colors For a Beautiful Winter Wedding

Updated September 11, 2023

Winter is the least popular wedding season, but those who choose it must truly admire this magical time. When selecting winter wedding colors, it’s easy to gravitate towards seasonal hues.

Festive red, green, and metallics, snowy white, or starry night navy – these colors are strongly associated with winter.

Incorporating a bit of holiday cheer into your wedding celebration won’t hurt anyone – it’s a great way to double the fun and ward off winter blues.

However, not every winter wedding color scheme evokes associations with Christmas and the North Pole.

Elegant black and white, rustic neutrals, and deep greens are equally suitable for a winter wedding. Most importantly, your wedding color palette should convey your personality and create the right atmosphere.

1. Berry Tones & White

berry tones white

Berry reds and purples are a classic choice for a winter wedding. To balance the drama and brighten the palette, add some clean white, and a perfect winter ensemble is ready.

Deep reds with white evoke associations with berries on fresh and puffy first snow. It’s a striking yet elegant color mix that incorporates romance, luxury, and formality.

This chic color theme is an excellent fit for weddings in modern, formal, seasonal, and alternative styles. On the other hand, rustic and celestial weddings require something warmer and cozier.

A traditional red velvet cake with white frosting is an obvious choice for such a sophisticated wedding color scheme. Decorate it with red and white florals or red berries.

Keep the venue decoration simple – an all-white interior with pops of burgundy, magenta, purple, and merlot here and there is an excellent option. You may choose deep red bridesmaid dresses to support the color scheme.

2. Red & Green

red green

Christmas holidays are the most anticipated time of the entire winter season for many people. Although you now have an even more exciting event ahead, there’s no need to compromise Christmas cheer for the wedding rush.

Incorporating holiday motifs and colors into your winter wedding can take it to the next level of festivity, especially if your event is in December.

Red and green is a traditional holiday combination that never fails to create a celebratory atmosphere.

Note that you should be careful using this combination if you don’t want to turn your wedding into Jesus’ birthday celebration.

However, if you think that Christmas motifs won’t take away attention from your wedding but will only double the fun, there’s no need to limit yourself.

Decorate the venue with evergreen plants, glass baubles, tinsel, candy canes, and large red bows.

Serve mulled wine and fruitcake, create a holiday playlist, and hope for some snow on your big day for the ultimate holiday mood. Perhaps, someone may even dress as Santa when handing wedding favors to your guests.

3. Stormy Greys & Blues

stormy greys blues

Winter is beautiful in its melancholy, so why not embrace the winter blues by choosing a stormy wedding color scheme? Combine greys and deep, muted blues to create a unique moody atmosphere.

Such a cool wedding color theme is impeccably elegant. Choose white floral arrangements, stone grey table linen, ocean-blue bridesmaid dresses, and an all-white venue with wooden elements for a homey yet celebratory atmosphere.

Balance cool hues with warm neutrals if you’re concerned about your wedding day seeming too grim. A mix of robin’s egg blue, slate grey, and white with beige and taupe elevates rustic romance.

Imagine sitting near the fire wrapped in a soft, warm blanket, watching a cold, rough winter day in the window. Nothing could be cozier, and this wedding color palette perfectly conveys this feeling.

4. Metallics


Nothing speaks “celebration!” louder than metallics. Gold, silver, rose gold, or copper – pick your favorite or combine them all for extra glitz and glam.

Metallics are already bright and shiny, so tone down the sparkle by pairing them with neutrals.

A combination with white will be perfect for a whimsical or holiday-inspired wedding, while gold or copper mixed with black gives off an Art Deco vibe.

Depending on your chosen metallics shade and shine intensity, you may create a fun and festive or impeccably chic and formal atmosphere.

Pick sequined or metallic bridesmaid dresses and table decorations to support the color scheme.

Perhaps, you may even wear a sparkling gold or silver dress yourself if you’re confident enough – or at least metallic bridal shoes for a Cinderella-inspired look.

5. Black & White

black white

The black and white combination is a timeless classic. It’s the most formal, chic, and sophisticated color palette of all that’s largely underestimated in the wedding industry.

A black and white winter wedding is a creative, modern choice for the trendiest couples.

This monochromatic wedding color palette is refined and dramatic, traditional and fashionable simultaneously.

It may be too sophisticated for rustic or bohemian weddings but ideal for Art Deco, modern, and formal weddings, especially if you have a black-tie reception dress code.

Incorporating black and white colors into your weddings is simple.

The bride’s dress is already white, so choose a black groom’s suit and total-black groomsmen and bridesmaid attires. Your partner may wear a bright accessory or a white shirt to stand out.

Choose all-white floral arrangements, traditional white table linen, and add black pops here and here – for instance, get a black table runner or napkins.

A black wedding cake with chocolate flavor decorated with white florals is a stylish and indulgent choice.

6. Navy & Gold

navy gold

Incorporate the starry night winter sky into your wedding by choosing a navy and gold wedding color scheme.

This rich, aristocratic palette is endlessly chic and opulent. Brighten it up with pure white or, on the opposite, dim it with black elements.

Navy and gold wedding color palette is suitable for an array of wedding themes, from modern, formal, and Art Deco to nautical and celestial. Create the desired atmosphere by choosing the right decoration style.

If you’re dreaming of a galaxy-inspired wedding, add star- and moon-shaped ornaments to channel a celestial vibe. Even your dress may glisten a myriad of tiny crystals – the sky’s the limit with this theme.

On the other hand, if you’d like to create a sophisticated, a bit decadent atmosphere, find deep blue velvet lounge furniture with golden swirl accents for an opulent photo booth and brushed vintage-gold tableware and candles for a celebratory table look.

7. Grey & Beige

grey beige

Not all winter wedding color palettes are cool and refined. Winter rustic weddings carry a unique homey, cozy atmosphere, and the color scheme must convey the same feeling of timid romance and comfort.

The combination of grey and beige is not too cool nor too warm – it’s a perfectly balanced color scheme that will look perfect in a rustic-style venue: barn, farm, winery, or manor house.

A grey and beige wedding color palette is ideal for a woodland wedding, duplicating the colors of sleepy, grey winter nature.

Choose DIY decorations from raw natural materials such as wood and paper, “naked” design wedding cake, and neutral grey table linen from natural fabrics.

8. Warm Neutrals

warm neutrals

If you consider the grey and beige color palette too cool or muddy for your rustic, eco-friendly, or bohemian winter wedding, a distinctly warm neutral scheme is always a great choice.

Beige, browns, champagne, cream, and ivory go well together in any combination and create a cozy, cheerful atmosphere.

Perhaps, it’s the easiest wedding color palette to implement, as you can’t go wrong with this traditional color mix.

If you’d like to add a pop of color, incorporate blush, orange, or deep red florals into your wedding venue decoration. Alternatively, choose gold, copper, or rose gold metallic accents to add a touch of glam.

A warm neutral wedding color palette is perfect for brides considering their marriage and home a safe haven.

If you’re a real keeper of hearth and value tradition, nature, and family more than anything else, this warm color scheme is ideal for your wedding.

9. Forest Green & Black

forest green black

Winter woods are dark and moody, beautiful in their mystery and decadence. While a wedding is a cheerful event, your wedding color scheme doesn’t have to be all light and dreamy. Combine deep forest green with black for a modern statement look.

A timeless mix of greens and black will look appropriate both in a rustic woodland venue and in a castle or church. This striking nature-inspired palette is formal, exquisite, and impeccably chic.

Rich emerald, spruce, evergreen, myrtle, and fern green shades look stunning on women with any complexion and hair color but especially striking on redheads and blondes.

If you love to break the rules, consider choosing an unconventional green wedding gown to cause a wow-effect.

10. All White


Weddings and winter are the most popular associations with white color, and yet, all-white winter weddings aren’t common.

Everyone seeks to add a pop of color to their reception. Meanwhile, a total-white color palette can transform your wedding into a real winter wonderland.

Such a brilliantly clean color palette is ideal for weddings held in snowy regions.

However, if you live in Florida or California, not to worry – find an all-white venue and get some artificial snow for a wintery atmosphere.

The goal is to avoid any pops of color, which is easy and tricky simultaneously. Choose white table linen and tableware, a white wedding dress (obviously), an all-white cake, white floral arrangements – you get the idea.

You can go even further and implement a total-white dress code for your guests. In this case, consider getting a colorful wedding gown to stand out!

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