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DIY Wedding Bouquet (Actually Easy To Make)

The first thing you should consider is the wedding bouquet design. It should match your style and personality. However, don’t go overboard. A cascading bouquet from orchids and peonies adorned with pearls may be pretty. But it may also be too complicated to bring to life if you don’t have experience. Arranging a bouquet on […]
9 Essential Questions For Your Wedding Photographer

Many couples are confused about what to ask the wedding photographer. Indeed, the subject of questions is more important than their quantity. You must know what matters in a photographer’s work to ask the right things. First, you should outline details of the basics. This includes your payment options, what’s included in the offer, and […]
11 Best Winter Wedding Cake Flavors

Winter wedding cakes aren’t about delicate flavors and light textures. Instead, they manifest with heavy, smooth textures, rich and sweet flavors, and strong aromas. Perhaps, the most popular winter wedding cake flavor is chocolate. Any bride can find a chocolate cake to fit her taste: chocolate-peppermint, chocolate mocha truffle, and black forest cake are only […]

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Best Wedding Dress Style For Your Body Type

The most popular wedding dress style is the ball gown. While this silhouette emphasizes curves and can even create them from nothing, it still isn’t for everyone. Petite brides may seem like drowning in ten layers of chiffon. Another bride’s wedding dress silhouette, beloved by many, is fit-and-flare. However, it only looks as intended on […]
What Does The Father Of The Bride Wear?

The bride’s father should consider numerous points when choosing the attire. These points include event formality, dress code, season, and venue location. For example, an indoor winter wedding has completely different attire requirements than a summer wedding on a beach. Matching father-daughter outfits always look sentimental and stylish. That sounds easier than it is in […]
Do Bridesmaids Need Bouquets?

Bridesmaid bouquets have both pros and cons. They look beautiful in pictures, make your support team stand out, and are the perfect favors. However, floral arrangements are also costly and may be uncomfortable to carry around. While the good outweighs the bad, flower bouquets aren’t your only option; let your creativity flow – there is […]


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How Long Does it Take to Resize a Wedding Ring?

Wedding ring upsizing and downsizing take a different amount of time. The extent to which a ring must be resized also affects the process complexity, which, in turn, affects the time required. The ring’s material plays a significant role in how long a wedding ring takes to resize. Extremely hard or fragile metals require special […]
Why Are Wedding Rings Worn On The Left Hand?

It’s a justifiable concern. Decision on which finger to wear a wedding ring on affects the choice of ring size. It can also serve as a sign of respect to traditions or, on the opposite, to challenge them. Some brides find wearing a wedding ring on the fourth finger of the left hand uncomfortable. Thankfully […]
7 Best Reasons To Get a Wedding Ring Tattoo

Celebrities have been making matching tattoos for their weddings since the late 1990s, and it’s no wonder. Some may argue that the downside of tattoos is their permanency, but The Beckhams would respond it’s the very reason they chose it. Wedding ring tattoos aren’t solely a perfect way to show commitment. They also offer numerous […]

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10 Bridal Shower Ideas (Classic & Original)

A bridal shower is meant to prepare you for married life, whereas bachelorette parties are set to de-stress. Furthermore, bridal showers are often attended by kids and elderly family members. Thus, a bridal shower should be appropriate for guests of all ages. Such events are typically hosted during the day. While this may sound limiting, […]
9 Bachelor Party Ideas (Classic & Original)

Destination bachelor parties are gaining popularity, and that’s no wonder. Why spend a night with friends when you can spend together an entire weekend? A road trip and camping in a national park are the most popular examples. Down-to-earth, easy-going grooms will appreciate a backyard BBQ bachelor party or gaming night. And if you admire […]
10 Engagement Party Ideas (Classic & Original)

An engagement party can be as formal as you wish – you can opt for a sophisticated themed poker night or for a laid-back backyard BBQ party. But in either case, certain etiquette must be observed. Your engagement party should be suitable for guests of all ages, from children to the elderly. Leave your wildest […]